Written by AJ1959

20 May 2014

We rode in the lift in silence and I followed Master out of the lift, along the corridor and to his room. Master N opened the door and I noticed instantly that this was not just a room – it was a suite. It was the first time Master and I had been in a suite. Master always treats me very well, and the hotel rooms we usually stay in are very smart, but this was a suite! “Over there on the right is the bathroom, and if you go through the door on the other side of the bathroom, you will find your room sub. I have laid out on the bed what I wish you to wear for me tonight. Go and prepare yourself, you may shower, dress and return to me in 40 minutes – is that clear Anne?” I nodded at Master as it was obvious he was not expecting a verbal reply – he had already turned on his heel and was approaching the drinks bar.

I went into the bathroom – it was huge, and there was a beautiful double shower in there as well. I carried on walking through the bathroom as instructed, opened the other door and entered into another room – this was obviously my bedroom as laid out on the bed were some items of clothing. I walked to the bed to look at what was there. Laid out upon the bed was thigh length boots with a small heel, black and red lace basque, black lacy panties, black hold up stockings with a lace edging around the top of the leg and Master had brought me a present! Also on the bed was a collar studded with diamante – I was indeed very honoured and privileged that Master considered me worthy of such a gift.

I stripped off the clothes I had been wearing and went back to the bathroom. I slid open the shower doors and stepped into the shower – the feeling of the water running over my body made me feel so aroused and my mind started to wander. I was thinking about how wonderful it would be to have Master in this shower with me, bending me over, fucking me hard, fast and deep as he held onto my tits. I was starting to enjoy this daydream when suddenly I remembered Master had said 40 minutes – and I knew that is EXACTLY what he had meant. Not one minute more or one minute less. I climbed out of the shower and slipped into one of the soft, fluffy white gowns hanging in the bathroom. After checking myself in the mirror to ensure that all traces of the make-up had been washed away, I entered the bedroom and set about dressing for Master’s pleasure. Fortunately I had not dallied too long in the shower, and the timing was just right. I made one final check in the mirror to ensure Master would be satisfied and crossed to the bedroom door that led into the suite.

As I entered the room, Master was sitting on the sofa in his trousers, shoes and socks and his shirt. He had removed his jacket and his tie was hanging loosely around his shirt collar as he relaxed with a brandy. He looked over at me and beckoned me forward – “come closer sub, I wish to see”. I walked over to Master and stood before him in my outfit. “I see you are wearing my gift sub – I do hope you appreciate quite how honoured you are that I should purchase such a gift for you. You have pleased me very well of late, and I felt I would like to reward you, now what do you say?”. “Thank you so much Master, it is such a beautiful gift and I do feel honoured that you would think me worthy to reward me so generously”. Then he indicated the armchair opposite where he was sitting. I walked forward and sat on the armchair. Master continued to drink his brandy and looked me over. Then he instructed me to place one leg on each arm of the chair so that he could look at my pussy, which was barely covered by the panties, even less so as he had me open my legs as wide as I could so the fabric slipped in between my pussy lips. He left me sitting like that for about 10 minutes before rising from the sofa. “Come here sub”, he commanded me, “stand up with your legs apart and face the mirror. Do you like what you see there sub – you may answer”. As I looked at my image in the mirror, I was aware that Master was standing very closely behind me. “Yes Master and I feel certain my appearance pleases master”. “You have no right to second guess me, how dare you think that you do! Bend forward and place your hands on the console table in front of you.” I knew I had angered Master and that to apologise would only inflame his anger further, so I said nothing. As I leaned forward my breasts were almost falling out of the basque. Then I felt Master’s hands on my buttocks as he grabbed my panties and litere them off of me. Then he commenced my punishment as he took the leather belt from his trousers and started to thrash my bottom with the leather, each strike sounding like a pistol shot. The pain was so bad that tears welled in my eyes, but I bit my lip and did not cry out. After about 10 lashes Master stopped, stood back and admired his work. I was instructed to stand upright, walk to the bed and lay face down with my legs spread apart.

Then he applied some sweet smelling, cooling liquid to my ass cheeks. It stung at first, but the stinging soon passed. I felt Masters’ fingers between my legs as he probed my pussy. Just as suddenly as he had started to probe my bald pussy he stopped and I felt him undoing my basque from behind. He instructed me to remove the basque and to lie on my back. I was now laying naked upon the bed apart from the thigh length boots and hold up stockings. Master said no words, he just looked at me laying there and very gently opened my legs, lowered his head between my thighs and started to lap at my pussy lips. Master had not afforded me this pleasure before – I was enraptured with the sensations Master was causing to rise up inside me. I didn’t dare cum but I was just so close all the time. Then Master stopped, rose from the bed, walked over to his dressing table and picked up a blindfold. He returned to the bed and blindfolded my eyes. Then he secured my hands above my head and secured my legs at the ankles – keeping my legs apart. A ball gag was placed in my mouth and I wondered what was going to happen next. All was quiet but when I felt the heat hit my nipples I let out a cry – well I would have had my mouth not been gagged. The other breast was slapped hard – then I felt the heat on that nipple too. “Hot wax”, said Master N. More wax was dripped on my breasts and I no longer noticed the pain – just the pleasure I was feeling. I was so horny I desperately wanted Master to fuck my cunt – deep and hard, making me suffer as he only he knows how, making me beg him for the pain and the pleasure. Suddenly my mind was racing as the hot wax was dripped onto my bald pussy lips. I screamed but Master did not stop. “If you cry out again sub, I’ll stuff a dildo up your ass whilst I carry on here – is that what you want?” I shook my head, and Master dripped more hot wax on my open lips. The heat was making me wet. After a few more minutes, Master stopped dripping the wax on my pussy, and I felt him leave the bed. I was left laying there spread eagled with wax on my body. However, I was not prepared for what came next as I felt him return to the bed, and ice was applied to my open pussy – the cube was shoved inside my cunt whilst another piece was rubbed over my clit. I writhed and wriggled, but couldn’t escape. This made Master angry and before I had chance to control myself, he had left the bed again. I was to find out in no time at all that he had returned with a dildo which he shoved in my ass. “Next time I tell you something sub, listen and obey!!” Master stopped with the ice cube and left me laying there for what felt like an eternity. Then just when I thought I was to be left there alone, I smelled his aftershave as he came nearer the bed. “You did please me tonight sub when we were in the restaurant, and madam would very much like to have you attend one of her dinner parties. She wants to fuck you – she also wants her favourite toy to fuck you as well, but as you know, I will NEVER allow another man to fuck you. As for madam she is very cruel but she may be the right one to introduce you to female sex – but I shall have to consider this very carefully. Now I wish to have my pleasure. Because you angered me, I will not be removing the dildo from your ass whilst I fuck you tonight. This is going to be painful for you – but you must learn to obey me and do as you are told. I do not give my rewards out lightly sub – I hope you understand that this is all part of your continued training”. I knew very well that Master was not sadistic and would only dish out any punishment when it was deserved - all of which would enhance my training.

With that Master untied my legs, removed my blindfold and gag and I saw he was naked. Master was very well endowed anyway, but tonight’s training seemed to have ignited his ardour more than usual and he seemed larger than ever. Master pulled my cunt lips open, looked at my open cunt for a few seconds then plunged his massive manhood deep inside my cunt. This time I did not moan or even allow a sound to escape from my lips. My cunt felt stretched to the limits and my ass was burning as he fucked me so hard and deep, screwing me, stretching my pussy lips even tighter. It felt like Master was never going to stop, but even more than this, I was worried that I would cum without his permission as the pain was now turning into insurmountable pleasure and I so wanted to cum. He knew this, I could tell by the look on his face. “Do you want to cum sub – I know you do. I am going to count to 5 and on the count of 5 you may cum, but when I reach 10 you are to stop – clear?” I nodded as Master commenced the count. I could barely wait for him to say 5 but when he did the orgasm that hit me was so strong and deep I wasn’t sure I’d EVER stop cumming. Number 10 came all too quickly and I had to stop myself from cumming any more. That was so hard to do. Master carried on fucking me and I felt him growing inside me again. Then with a deep growl of pleasure he exploded his cum deep inside my cunt. He carried on pumping himself into me as he instructed me to cum for him immediately. I needed no further instruction or invitation and I lost no time at all in cumming again. Finally master had emptied himself into me and he gently undid my wrists, helped me to sit up, unzipped my boots, took my stockings off, took me by the hand and led me into the bathroom. “Now I know you’d like me to share the shower with you, we may do that tomorrow, but I wish you to shower yourself and retire for the night. By the way, the collar you are wearing is yours to keep – it will remind you that I, and I alone, am your Master, that you please me and I have given you a gift. However you will only wear it in future when you are with me and when I give you permission. Now shower, and then straight into bed. Good night my dear – sleep well”.

With that Master N kissed me gently on the lips, closed the shower doors behind me and left the bathroom. I showered, making sure I had removed all the wax that was left on my body, then went through the bathroom to my bedroom where I noticed master had been in to turn my bed down and had left me a small rose on my pillow. He is such a thoughtful, caring and loving master – why would I ever want to look anywhere else?

What would tomorrow bring I wondered, as I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep, tired, exhausted, sexually sated and pleasured and very, very happy.