Written by AJ1959

11 May 2014

At the end of part 1 madam had instructed me to follow her to the powder room, where she locked the doors behind us and pushed me towards the row of sinks. “Bend forward and open your legs sub” she demanded. She pulled my skirt up around my waist, walked to the sink next to me and washed her hands – but she didn’t dry them. She walked back behind me and the air was filled with a loud crack as she slapped my bare arse cheeks. I didn’t cry out as I knew better. As she was standing behind me, she leaned forward and grabbed both my breasts, concentrating on the nipples, she gripped and twisted each one painfully – she was fully intent on inflicting pain on me, of that I was certain. “Next time you will not cum until you are given permission. I understood from Master N that you had been trained better than that. Now place your hand between your legs and rub your clit” She stood behind me and watched as I rubbed my bald pussy and clit. Although I was becoming very moist, I was very careful not to cum. “Enough, now turn around and open your blouse – I want to look at those magnificent breasts”. I did as instructed and madam placed a hand inside my bra cup, took hold of one of my breasts and pulled it out of the cup whilst tweaking the nipple quite hard. She commented on how she would love to see them pierced – possibly even pierce them herself, so she could enjoy the pain as well. She then bit down very hard on the nipple. Already being aroused, I couldn’t prevent the small moan of pleasure escaping from my lips. Instead of the spank I was expecting, she only laughed – almost cruelly. “You think you would like my pain do you slut? We shall see just how much you CAN take. Adjust your clothing and come back to join us at the dinner table. Do NOT tarry and keep us waiting”.

With that she unlocked the door and left the ladies room. I ducked into a cubicle, adjusted my clothing and dried my pussy. Washed my hands and returned to the dining table.

I sat down next to Master N. “Madam was very pleased with you sub, and your reward will be given to you when we go back to my room later. I wish to taste that shaved pussy of yours. Well done, and we shall discuss this more later”.

We had dessert and coffee, and madam stood to leave. I waited for her to exit the restaurant before turning to look at master. “We’re leaving now, so go and wait for me in the vestibule”. As I entered the vestibule I noticed a very good looking young man looking at me. He approached me and asked if I would like to have a drink with him. I declined, but he smiled and said it was ok, he knew who I was, why I was there and whom I was with. I was shocked he should know so much about me, and it wasn’t until I looked past him, I noticed madam standing there watching us.

Just then Master N joined me. I asked if we were going back to his room now, but master simply said he had other plans first. Madam nodded and smiled at master, and I was instructed by master to follow madam out of the restaurant. We were joined by the young man. A large car pulled up outside the restaurant and we all got in as passengers. As we sat in the back, madam unzipped the young man’s trousers and pulled out his cock. He was already semi erect and was of a good length. Madam allowed him to suck her breasts and instructed him to suck her pussy juices. He knelt down between madam’s legs, pulled up her dress, pulled her panties to one side, and started to pleasure her orally. It was the first time I had ever been present at such an event, and was a little shy, embarrassed and nervous. Madam caught sight of my face and smiled at me. I looked to master for confirmation that all was ok – but master was looking out of the vehicle window – almost bored, as though he’d witnessed all this before. Just then madam called my name and ordered me to watch her and the young man. Master nodded his assent, and I knew then this had also been planned. What I couldn’t have been prepared for was what was going to happen next. Madam grabbed the young mans’ hair, pulled him away from her pussy and slapped him hard across the face. “Lazy, pathetic and useless, that is what you are”, she said very sternly to the young man, “my pussy and clit need much more attention, and you didn’t even make me cum once. Why do I allow you to have the pleasure of my cunt juices. Remove my panties now and I want you to lick my ass clean. Make sure you push your tongue in and fuck it too”. He did as she instructed, and madam appeared to be enjoying herself. I was feeling pretty disgusted that she should have somebody do that THERE. “Stop now, sit back on the seat, and what do you think about his cock sub”, she asked me. I was so embarrassed I could only look from him to her and the size of the fully erect penis now protruding from this young man’s trousers. “Open the cabinet next to you and pass me what you find in there” she said to me. As I opened the door a leather strap fell out with a latex cone attached to it. It wasn’t a very big or long strap and I couldn’t work out what it was or what it was for. Once again she laughed at me, “N has this sub of yours never seen a cock strap before? I am going to enjoy showing her what to do with it, and hopefully you’ll allow me to use the female equivalent on her one of these days darling”. Master N just looked at her, smiled and just said “Maybe, maybe my dear. For now though, why don’t you just show her what that is for”.

Madam took the strap from me and in no time at all, she had the young mans’ trousers around his ankles and he was told to raise himself up from the seat. She then inserted the rubber cone on the strap into the young man’s anus. He winced as she had not used any lubrication. Then she had him sit back down whilst she wound the strap tightly around his balls securing them at the root of his cock. She pulled it even tighter until the young man begged her for mercy. “You will not fail me again, will you? The next time I tell you to suck my cunt out and make me cum, you will, won’t you?” She relaxed the strap just enough for the young man to bend down and retrieve his trousers, pull them up and fasten the zip. “Now my dear sub, sit back down next to me, and let the pleasure of the butt plug run through you as we continue to N’s hotel to drop him and his sub off.

We finished the journey in quiet and the young man seemed to be trying to relax to accommodate the rubber protrusion up his ass.

The car pulled to a halt and after bidding farewell to madam Master N and I exited the vehicle. “Well sub I hope that was an education for you, now let us continue where we left off in the restaurant”. Master N and I got in the lift and went back to master’s room.

To be continued …………….