Written by randyr

23 Nov 2012

My husband has been trying for years to get me to have sex with another bloke. Recently I was performing in a local show after which there was a party in the nearby pub. My husband said he would stay at home and look after our 2 children whilst I went along to the party.

I arrived at about 10.30 and found a group of about 8 people in one corner of the pub. A couple were from the show but the rest I hadn’t met before. Because we hadn’t had time for anything to eat before the show my first drink went straight to my head and I, along with the others from the show, very quickly got pissed. My husband had told me before he left that I was to make sure I enjoyed myself at the party. Remembering what he had said in the past about fucking another bloke I decided to go the toilet and take off my bra and knickers. I was wearing a black t-shirt and black skirt with black stockings and suspenders and some killer black heels. As I walked back into the pub I was aware that my nipples were sticking out through my t-shirt. I started chatting to one of the blokes in the group who then offered to buy me a drink. Realising that this bloke was quite drunk aswell I turned and faced him and started to snog him. As I was kissing him I could feel someone else’s hand up under my skirt feeling around my bare ass.

The first bloke then leaned over to me and told me to follow him through a door into a side room. By this time my pussy was very wet and aching and to my delight the other bloke followed us through to the room. I was pushed up against the wall by the first bloke who then unzipped his trousers and pulled them down to his knees along with his pants and started wanking his erect prick. The other bloke started mauling my tits with one hand and pushed my legs apart with his other. He then slid his fingers up my soaking wet pussy and thrust them in and other with me moaning with lust. The first bloke stopped wanking himself and pushed me down so that I could get his cock in his mouth. It tasted of his cum. He thrust it in and out of my mouth until I was gagging. He then pulled my skirt off exposing my naked bum. He threw the skirt onto the floor and turned me round so that I was standing face to the wall.

I was then pushed down onto a table in the room and I felt a large hard prick enter me from behind. I was fucked until I could take no more and burst my juices all over the floor. The cock slid out me but straight away another cock entered my pussy and started fucking me all over again. One of the blokes came round the front and pulled my t-shirt off leaving my tits dangling out whilst I was moving back and forward with the intense fucking. When he had finished fucking me and pulled his cock out I could feel the sloppy liquid dribbling down my legs. He turned me over and lay me back on the table, pushed my legs apart and stuck his head in between. I felt his tongue all over my pussy licking up all the juices. He then pushed his fingers back up my pussy and fucked them in and out whilst at the same time playing with my clit with his other hand. I was screaming in ecstasy not sure how much more I could take but still spurting out liquid all over his hand. Eventually he stopped and they handed my back my clothes. I put them back on and we returned through to the bar to find my husband standing at the bar waiting for me. He had decided to come and walk me home. It was only too obvious that he realised what I’d been up to but he smiled at me and took my hand and led me out the pub.

As soon as we got outside he pulled me round the side of the pub, pulled up my skirt revealing my naked pussy and gave me the best fucking I’ve ever had.