Written by Jan

13 May 2014

Hi my name is Jan, I’m 24 years old, single, size 12 and I have worked for a city firm for the last three years. John is a senior partner in the company, one of those tall, distinguished men you see on TV adverts and in my mind, I fell for him the first time I saw him. Everything started just like the fairy tale, we would exchange secret smiles and stolen glances with those ”knowing” looks without an ounce of physical contact. I admit I had worked myself off at home on more than one occasion imagining what we could get up to. The first time we touched was in the lift, John was standing behind me and as the lift filled I was pushed back against him. I could feel his warm breath on my neck and then I felt his hand caressing my bum, I couldn’t move even if I had wanted to, which I didn’t, I was so enjoying the moment. That evening I had a real screamer at home. We had a few more touches in the lift and I managed to work out a timetable to be there at the same time as John on most days.

The attraction was obvious and the frustration almost painful. One day I was asked to supervise the preparation of one of our lecture rooms. One of the male staff arranged the tables and chairs then left me to sort out the refreshments in a small kitchen. I was sorting out the cups when John came in; he was apparently giving the lecture and had come in to check that everything was ready. We were soon in a tight embrace and a fair amount of frantic heavy petting, his hand was up my skirt and he made me come quickly with his fingers; I was tugging an enormous cock free from his trousers and wanking him off like mad. Just after my climax I heard him give a couple of heavy sighs and felt his warm sticky sperm in my hand. We both heard the noise at the same time as someone entered the lecture room; John quickly put his cock away and zipped up moving to the far end of the kitchen. Standing there with John’s semen all over the table top and my hand, I quickly grabbed a carton of milk and poured some of it on the table then made the pretence of clearing it up as one of the other partners looked in the door of the kitchen. I made some comment about being clumsy and he just laughed and left, he hadn’t even noticed John. From that day it was inevitable that we would get together properly and within a week John e-mailed me to ask if he could come to my place one evening. I told him I would prefer somewhere else so he suggested a hotel we both knew a good way out of town.

So here I am waiting in the room, I have showered and so as not to be too obvious I have put on a button-through dress, but no underwear! John arrives and suggests a quick shower so I wait by the window overlooking a very nice park with swathes of flower beds tracing lines through the green grass. Then John is standing behind me, just like in the lift, I feel his warm breath on my neck as he gently kisses me and nuzzles under my ear which is very sexy. We stand like that for a while then John reaches in front of me and starts to unbutton my dress, he stands back a little and it falls to the floor. He unties his towelling bathrobe and wraps it around both of us, we are still standing at the window looking across the park. Now I have the wonderful warmth of skin on skin and I can feel something stirring in the small of my back, John is that much taller than me. I gently turn round within his embrace and pushing my arms upwards I wrap them round his neck and pull him down so that I can kiss him. After a long lingering bit of tongue wrestling John pulled himself upright and I just hung tight onto his neck so he lifted me up his body. At this height I could feel his erect cock on the bottom of my belly so I wriggled a bit and got it between my legs. By wrapping my legs around John’s waist I could feel his wonderful cock poised by my very wet entrance and with little more effort I eased it in to me. It seemed to fill me, then keep filling me, I was in heaven.

John had his hands under my bum helping to support me so we were able to establish a rhythm where he pulled me off his cock and I pulled myself back on using my legs. The sensation was mind blowing like nothing I have ever experienced before so it was no surprise that I climaxed very quickly. John sensed the tension of my climax and stopped the movement, just standing there embracing with me impaled on his cock, it was very thoughtful. After a few minutes he carried me to the bed and gently laid me down on my back and removed his bath robe. I made to close my splayed legs but John put a hand gently on each of my knees to keep them open then he knelt at the bottom of the bed and his head disappeared. He started kissing the inside of my legs slowing moving higher till finally he kissed my pussy lips and it was like getting an electric shock. I jumped a bit but he just kept working away, I could feel his tongue licking the outside lips of my pussy then probing inside, it was heaven. John’s hands came up to massage my breasts and tweak my nipples which were already standing pretty proud. He started to establish a rhythm with his tongue and I was soon holding on to the back of his head, grinding my pussy in to his face and then had the most enormous climax, shuddering as I never have before. John was once again very considerate and left me alone for a short while to enjoy the moment.

I felt John’s weight come on to the bed and when I opened my eyes I was looking up at him kneeling there holding his tremendous erection just waiting for me. I turned on my side and took hold of him, it was a wonderful sight a clean, cut purple head, I could smell the soap from his shower then as I closed my lips around it there was the unmistakable taste of pre-cum. I worked very hard on him, it was the least I could do after what he had given me. He was very gently holding the back of my head and helping me with the movement shagging my mouth while I tried to enhance the experience with tongue and suction. I felt him tense up then a hot stream of cum hit the back of my throat, I really didn’t have any option but to swallow it, John just kept the movement going and let out a loud groan. Eventually he pulled it out and I could feel it softening to the touch, he bent and kissed me his tongue probing for the taste of himself.

We nestled together on the bed, me semi-curled up almost in the foetal position and John with has arms around me from behind. I don’t know how long we lay there I guess we must have both drifted off to sleep then I felt John’s fingers probing gently round my bum. I didn’t react just laying there to see what would happen, he was using some sort of lubrication fingering my bum. He inserted one finger and it didn’t bother me too much; as he gently massaged the hole rotating his finger I actually moved a bit so that he had clearer access. When more fingers followed it was a little painful so I groaned a bit and John slowed things down. I have never experienced anal sex before but it was becoming very obvious that I was about to embark on my first mission. After some more massaging I felt John shift his position and then the head of his cock was at the opening pushing slowly in. I tried to relax but I was anticipating that this would be painful so really it was having the opposite effect. John was very gentle as always and eventually his head was almost in me when I decided to bite the bullet and I pushed back against him in one quick thrust. God the pain, but it didn’t last, we just lay there at first not moving as I got used to the sensation. Then John did a wonderful thing, he reached down and started to massage my pussy which combined with the penetration made for a terrific sensation. He started to move in and out, massaging at the same time and before long I could feel the sensation building, John was becoming more vocal and the thrusts became harder as we both reached a crashing orgasm at the same time. We were both sweating terribly so we showered together, dressed and had a room service meal. An unforgettable afternoon that I hope we will be repeating very soon.