Written by NICE1EASY

15 Feb 2018

Once again please forgive my grammar.Continuing on , Xmas and the new year had gone no packets for H&S, I've been wanking away every day thinking of the things H was doing to herself with her new toy and those i had seen in the bedside draw, did she need me any longer had she found a new bull for herself to cuckold S? After a few days a packet arrived no note on the door but H was in she took the packet and closed the door on me as i left the entrance she opened the door and winked be here at three i was back dead on three she said she was rude earlier because S mum had come to visit her house for tea then bring kid home about 7,i told her she could be as rude as she liked to me as long it was sexual she laughed took my hand and took me to the bedroom laid out on the bed were the toys and lube i asked if S was making an appearance she said no but i want him to see us in action with that she lined up her phone beside the bed and place her tablet at the end of the bed standing upright she wanted to record us playing together i said fine as long as i get a copy to which she agreed we had some small talk while undressing as we had become comfortable with each other no love connection just knowing we were using each other for lust and hot sex she left her knickers on i always found this lovely, we started to kiss after she had set the devices to record on to the bed we climbed touching each other all over she reached down the bed and picked up the bullet it was small but powerful she gave it to me and told me to use it i pressed it against her nipples went round her breast down to her vagina not directly just around it no closer than her lips and over her knickers back up and down all the time H stroking my cock to stiffness after a few minutes H asked me what i had done for new years eve i said i just stayed in watched Jools Holland with a few cans you i asked she said S and the neighbour A had gone to the pub she and M had stayed in because they couldn't get a sitter for the kid they had a couple of bottles of wine together while watching a movie, I'm now listening intensely there was a love scene in the movie and she said they gave each other a look and giggled like school girls i wouldn't mind him said M i wouldn't mind him or her said H they both laughed again H said not to many good looking guys around here is there M agreed H then said the postman quite fit for an older guy M looked at her and said yeah he is something about an older man that looks after himself isn't there she then told M that i flirt with her all the time and she said he does the same with me i like it it makes me feel a little tingle inside my stomach H said i get that as well just here she placed her hand an M stomach and made a circular rubbing motion H said it also makes my nipples hard and laughed M said what here and placed her hand on H tit and squeezed it by now I'm wanting to burst inside H but she just tells me to let her finish telling me what happened back to new years eve H grabs M by the tit and says she is getting that feeling now she puts down her glass of wine and holds M other breast M tells H the feeling is now in her stomach again she moves her hand below and M says lower still H begins to put her hand inside the waistline of M pj's they look at each other with drunk glazed eyes knowing the are going to fool about M moves her hands towards H neck and pulls her to her soft pink lips they kiss M squeezing the back of H neck and putting her other hand up her top H slips her hand under M knickers and begins to stroke her M places her hand on to H and pushes it hard against herself, now we are lying on the bed and H says to me to lube her arse before she continues the story so i do as she asks and lube her now put the beads into my arsehole slowly the beads grow in size the further the go up H tells me to move them in and out now lying horizontal to her she is sucking my cock when she isn't giving me orders she then tells me to put some lube on the dildo i tell her she is soaking but she insists i lube up this black dildo and place it at the entrance of her cunt she tell me to push the beads all the way in and leave them hanging out which i do then she eases back onto the dildo she withdraws to much to soon she says put the suction onto the wooden frame at the end of the bed and then sit in front of me again i do as I'm told she tells me to wank in her face slap her with my cock and call her names i ask what else happened NYE H picks up where she left off M puts her hand into H knickers and they both rub each other with one hand holding a tit each squeezing each others nipples H takes her hand out of M panties M says please don't stop H licks her fingers and puts one in M mouth i just wanted to taste you and its fucking great M moans and returns the action to H hands back inside each others knickers H tells M that she is going to fuck the postman when she gets the chance M shouts yes yes fuck him fuck him for me and tell me about it both panting and getting close to climax H inserts her fingers into M and H does like wise fingering each other with there thumbs rubbing clits they start to kiss again but soon are just flicking each others tongues together a Squeal from M lets H know she is cumming and soon floods her panties followed closely by H who is squirting everywhere they brake away from each other M looks at H and says that was fucking great i haven't been fingered like that since i was at Uni H says it was fantastic the boys will have to go out more often, now I'm sat in front of this dirty cow of a woman telling me a filthy story by now H has managed to Gage the dildo and is thrusting herself back onto it like a total whore sucking my cock and licking my balls she makes me lift my legs over my head and begins to rim me i then feel this buzzing around my anus its the bullet its not in me but its heaven she takes my cock back in her mouth and starts to gag herself taking as much as she can i cant stop and shoot streams of jizz down her dirty bitch throat she returns the bullet to her pussy and tells me take out the beads and fuck her arse i didn't need to be asked twice and was around like a shot i hadn't stayed hard for years after cumming but it was still a tent pole i put the tip at her arse and H groaned as i fed it into her she was in pain but also pleasure i could feel the dildo in her fanny as i entered and thought this is what a DP would feel like H started talking dirty fuck my arse spunk up my arse you postie bastard would you like to fuck M next door? you would wouldn't you, i said id love to as long as you were both together she kept repeating fuck my arse look at that big black cock in my pussy would you share me with a real one i said fuck yeah she screamed like a banshee she was dripping and began to cum with short breathes in between the screams and collapsed on the bed she told me to find her knickers so S could smell them later after a little chat H asked if i had a black friend with a big cock we could arrange something as it had been a fantasy of hers for some time i got changed and said i'll see what i can do TBC