2 Nov 2017

Our first meeting was innocuous enough. I do a few hours volunteering each week alongside my business, I collect donations for a charity shop. On this particular collection there was an awful lot of bags and boxes to collect from a property on the other side of town from me. I pulled up in my van outside and as I approached the front door it flew open, a man purposely strode out of the house. "move you're effing van" he screamed at me as he slammed his pick up door. I'm professional enough to not take it personally as I move my van out of his way watching him drive away like he has a destiny with a mortician.

After parking up my van I looked towards the house and there she stood, The light behind only helping to accentuate her figure. Her hair shining almost halo-like. The silhouette of her legs under her dress, I had to catch myself before it became apparent I was perving in admiration. She stood backwards and to the side sweeping her hand behind her inviting me in as she apologised for her husbands behaviour. She went on to explain how it was difficult for him as I was there to collect his mothers things and she was recently deceased. Well that stopped the cause of my twitching penis straight away and in a strange way I felt a small relief that my embarrassment may still be spared. I asked if it would help if I came back at a more convenient time. She said "No" as she proceeded to show me through to a double garage with two huge piles of donations. I had to ignore the fact that her mascara started to run as she ushered herself away.

I spent the next twenty minutes to half an hour sorting through the donations as to what we could legally take and loaded the van, all the time replaying that vision in my mind and smiling like the proverbial cat. It was then that she reappeared, Make up touched up and I could swear her skirt changed, she offered me a tea to which I jumped at whilst all the time she continued to apologise. I explained that she had no need to apologise and tried my best to make her at ease.

We sat in the garden drinking the tea just talking nonchalantly about this and that as we drank our tea. She asked about my business (man and van, removals, waste disposal etc.)

which led to me giving her my card, as she explained that they still had lots to do for her husbands belated mother's estate. I offered to help in any way I could.

I stood to continue loading the van and in that moment she must have had a burst of confidence because she stood walked towards me pressed her body against mine. pinning me to the wall looked alluringly into my eyes and kissed me with passion. I caved and wrapped my arms around her pulling her tighter into my body. She could feel the effect it had on me as her fingers outlined my now throbbing member. Our tongues entwine as every nerve ending in my body erupts, causing fireworks in my mind. My fingertips gently igniting her as I trace the contours of her figure.

I snap to and stop her, I push her away and watch her lust filled brown eyes fill with confusion. I gently kiss her cheeks, her forehead whilst my arms hold her tightly. I explain that she's not going to feel any better cheating on her husband because things are stressful right now. I'm going against what every fibre of my being says. I continue to explain that I would be more than happy to give her multiple orgasms with her husbands knowledge. I won't however be a homewrecker. I hate myself for saying it even before the words tumble out of my stupid self sabotaging mouth. Right there in that moment I believed I had blown it. Gone is the extra work and I could pretty safely assume an official complaint from the charity.

There was I expecting a slap to the face whilst thinking I deserve it for being such a twat and passing up on an opportunity like that. She looked deeply into my eyes and smiled. I was confused my mind trying to go through a million different scenario's ultimately working out if I should run for my life or not. The smile turned into a laugh and I really started to worry. She threw her arms around me and whilst kissing my neck kept repeating in a whisper into my ear "thank you". I was stunned. They say in times of emotional danger we go into fight or flight mode. There's another mode, Freeze!

There I was frozen to the spot my hard on pressed tightly against her body, saying no, and she's thanking me for it. I'm ashamed to admit it but a few seconds after the shock of the situation had kicked in I ran to my van and drove away.

I never thought I would hear from her again However two days later.....................