Written by dreamer

18 Aug 2009

i am in my 60\'s married but love to dress up in girls clothes.My fantasy is to dress up and

go out and meet a man for my first time.I put on red satin panties and matching padded bra,

black seamed stockings a red pvc mini skirt a white silk blouse with wide lacy sleeves and add

a wide black pvc belt pulled really tight.I pull on my thigh high black patent boots with 5 inch heels.I put on my make up, foundation,powder,eyeshadow and liner shape my eyebrows then scarlet lipstick all applied thickly.I put on my short blonde wig,now long dangling earings,lots of wide bangles large rings on all fingers then long scarlet false nails.i put on my black pvc coat pick up my large matching handbag I\'m ready I look in the mirror WOW fantastic.

I drive to a picnic site park my car, a few cars there,i get out and stand in my heels I walk a little it feels great,a man approaches HI he says,Hello I say, he looks at me, you look sexy DARLING,i\'m feeling sexy,he holds my hand sqeezes it,then he puts my hand on his hard cock it feels good,I take out his cock it\'s huge and very hard,I start to wank him he puts his hands on my bottom it feels fantastic i\'m so excited i cum in my panties Ikeep wanking him ifeel him tense then WOW he cums in my hand hot and sticky it\'s fantastic.Thank you DARLING I enjoyed that can I see you again he asked,Isaid of course next time i want to go further I go home and look forward to my next outing.