Written by Scarlett_Heart

17 Mar 2012

You are already in the room when I arrive, lying naked, face down on the bed. Quietly slipping off my clothes I pick up the massage oil and warm some on my hands. I start to massage you, slowly, slowly from the feet I travel up your legs. It’s sensuous and gentle. Without saying a word I fondle your buttocks, using a swirling motion to tease between your butt cheeks. You sigh.

I start your shoulders and move down your back. When I again reach your sweet cheeks I massage deep between your legs. You spread them allowing me in.

You turn over, and you can at last see the lust in my eyes, until I gently cover them. You’re already rock hard, but I’m playing the slow game.

Again I start from the feet and work upwards. Avoiding your delicious looking cock, I massage up your body, my fingers fluttering over your sensitive nipples.

At last I’m ready for the sweetest part. I swirl my hands closer and closer to your gorgeous balls. I gently rub them and play my hands around the base of your cock. Without a word, and without touching you in any other place, I then take the very tip of your cock in my mouth, my tongue echoing the swirling motions my hands were making earlier.

As you groan in lust I take the rest of you in my mouth swooping down then up again and flicking my tongue around the tip until you can take no more and deliver your sweet nectar into my mouth.

This hasn’t happened. Yet. I’m hoping it will, very, very soon.