Written by Harry_22

7 Nov 2011

Saturday night out with Anna's friends should have been fun, but I was bored as hell mostly because I was the designated driver! Jill and Darren were feeling frisky it seemed as Anna went to the bar for last orders. Jill was pretty cute and I do not deny enjoyed watching Darren groping her as they snoggedl his hand was firmly on her tit and I figured any longer and he would be trying to get it under her skirt.

“Stop pervin', you!” said Anna as she plonked the three shot glasses (and my coke!) on the table.

Jill and Darren separated and looked at us, giggling. Anna grabbed at my crotch and said, “You weren't that good, guys... Not even a semi!!” And they all laughed.

It as a 20 minute drive back and not surprisingly, it was quiet in the back apart from kissing noises and the rustle of clothes! Anna glanced over periodically and I could tell from her breathing that she was getting turned on.

“Eyes front, naughty girl!” I said and put my hand in her lap. She giggled and wiggled her skirt a little and my hand slid onto her thigh. She was warm and I started to edge my hand further up, “I guess the show got better, if it gets you this warm down there!”

In reply, she slid down the chair a little and eased her legs apart, “hmmm,” she whispered, “Keep going and you will see!”

Keeping my concentration on the road, I walked two fingers up her thigh and then got a surprise as my fingers met with her trimmed hair.

“Fuck, Anna!” I whispered as loud as I dared, “Where are your knickers?” She giggled some more and then grabbed my hand, pushing it onto her wet mound. And there it stayed until it was time to get off the motorway. I could see out the corner of my eye that her own hand took its place and she moaned and breathed genlty. For as best I could, I adjusted myself in the seat, but getting comfortable with a full hard on in jeans is nigh on impossible!

5 minutes later, we parked up on their driver and heading in. There was a distinct smell of pussy as we got out the car and I figured it was both of the women! Stumbling into the house, Jill lead Darren straight to the living room telling Anna, to take me to the kitchen for a well earned drink.

In the kitchen I went to the fridge and topped a bottle of beer, Anna came up behind me and reached around. “Mmmmm,” she said, “I knew you would be hard by now!” My cock was bulging at the denim and rubbed my length through it while the other snaked up under my shirt. I gasped in anticipation of my nipples being pinched and I was not disappointed, her fingers found home and plucked hard on them each in turn.

“Am I a naughty girl?” she asked, “Am I naughty with no knickers?”

“Oh yes!” I answered

“Oh no!” she teased back, “and what do naughty girls get?”

I reached down and moved her hand out of the way so I could release my belt and fly. She moved away and as I turned around, she was already leaning on the worktop, her skirt lifted up showing me her arse. I reached under her, running my finger over her wet crease, her lips opening easily as I probed her.

“You are so wet,” I reported and moved nearer to her, “Does Anna want some cock?”

“Hmmm yes please,” she said pushing back, “yea please!”

I eased into her with no resistance, she has such a nice pussy, tight, but accommodating, just right for my average 6 inches. Her body clenched as I went in to the hilt. I could not believe how turned on she was, but I liked it and I knew I would make her come. I fucked her rapidly right from the start and slipped out a couple of times, so keen was the length of my thrusts.

“Nice and quiet now!” I instructed and I banged into, taking my hands off her hips and reaching round for her tits. Her hard nipples were easy to find and I pulled on them a few times before pushing them firmly into. I knew this would work and she let out a yelp of pleasure.

“Shhh” I reminded her and she put her hand in her mouth and gasped the rest of the way to her climax. I left my cock deep in her as she shuddered to a finish. She rested, panting on the surface as I tucked my cock away.

Anna realised what I was doing and she turned round, her skirt dropping immediately to cover her up, “What about you, honey?” she asked.

“Oh don't worry about me,” I said, swigging on my beer and winking at her, “The night is young and now you owe me for the lift and that orgasm!”

“You are on,” and she leant over to kiss me, “you-are-on!” I took her hand and we headed to the living room, wondering why it was so quiet in there...