22 Sep 2018

Friday had arrived. Tonight was to be the night. Hubby had swapped several e mails with Dave to set this up and our first meeting was to be tonight. Hubby knew I was reluctant but had gone ahead and organised this anyway, convinced once started I would enjoy it. After all I deserved it. I had tried so hard to please him and arouse him sufficiently to penetrate but it didn’t always work, I ended up frustrated again. Tonight I was to get my reward.

Dave had sent a pic, quite slim, longer hair than I normally like, quite a pleasant

face . His body appeared to be covered in greying hair. His cock average length, cut,

But attached to round heavy balls that I couldn’t help but be impressed by.

He said he was a widower and had no regular lady friends as he had thrown himself into work since his wife died.

I wasn’t sure I wanted this but had agreed to go ahead with conditions. I would be blindfolded, stop meant stop, no anal and definitely no water sports. Conditions had been agreed and we were to meet in a hotel room half way. I really didn’t want the awkwardness of a meeting. What if I didn’t like him, how could I then say no.

It’s 8.25 I have bathed, shaved my pussy, and prepared myself. Hubby had dressed me in black see through lingerie with stockings and suspenders. The extra high heels made me look a little slutty. I hoped I would be attractive enough to excite him and get it over quickly. He was excited telling me how sexy I was and how they were both going to enjoy me. There was a knock on the door, time for my blindfold! I heard a muffled conversation and the the door close. I strained to hear what they were saying. Hubby introduced Dave, I held out my hand but felt hands on my shoulders as he kissed me on both cheeks.

“You really are very beautiful” he told me, “your pictures don’t do you justice”.

His voice was very masculine deep but soft at the same time. His hands were still on my shoulders.

I felt warm breath in my ears as he whispered, “please relax, all of us can really enjoy this”.

His aftershave was really nice , I tried to picture his face again......but my mind could only see his cock and balls.

Was he getting hard? Did my body really arouse him?

Time for both of them to get undressed. The plan was for us to start by “jacking”, one female dancing with 2 males one in front one behind. It was more moving together than dancing but it gave all of us a chance to begin to explore our bodies. We planned to keep conversation to a minimum and let bodies do the talking.

Then I felt hands on my shoulders, and another pair on my hips as we started to move together. The goosebumps started to cover my skin, I could feel my nipples start to harden. At this point I really didn’t know who was were.Dave was at the front as his soft fingers slid over my skin. Hubby had begun to kiss my neck and nibble at my ears, he knew how sexy I get when he does that.

“She has wonderful breasts” Dave said to my husband.

“I know, would you like a closer look?”

With that I could feel his fingers slowly undo the clasp as he slid the bra straps down and off my body. His hands held my breasts forward as if offering them to Dave. I felt a wet tongue suckle at the nipple, it wasn’t hubby this mouth pulled the nipple out as it sucked and sent sensations down to my clit......Oh I wasn’t expecting this! The mouth was removed from the nipple and I felt a calloused hand hold my breast as if weighing it. I felt strange lips on mine as he kissed me slowly at first, his hand massaging my breast as his tongue began to play with mine.My excitement was building so almost automatically my hand moved down towards his cock. But hubby got there first and moved my hand back towards him. I knew it was his cock, fat not very long, but hard round balls. My fingers held him, I could feel Pre-cum already. Whilst hubby kissed my neck Dave had his tongue in my mouth and he was feeling my breasts more roughly now, squeezing , while his fingers pulled on the nipples.

They had my body between them, I felt wanted and excited and nervous all at the same time

Dave now took my other hand and guided it down......but he still had shorts on so I could only feel the outline of his cock.

Here I was blindfolded in a hotel room with a cock in each hand. I felt Daves cock harden as he again took my nipple in his mouth..... I could feel the dampness in my pussy.

I could wait no longer hand inside his shorts I wanted to explore. His cock, definitely harder than hubby.......(thank you!), definitely longer but not as fat. Wow......those balls did not disappoint. Round , heavy , obviously full I could hardly fit them in my hand. Meanwhile, hubbys hands were now rubbing my arse, with fingers sliding up between, seeing how wet I had become.

Daves hands had left my tits as his mouth covered each nipple in turn. Both men had their hands in my panties, Dave to the front, hubby to the rear. How erotic to feel 2 men sharing the job of getting my panties off me. It was so erotic feeling two very different hands sliding my panties down my legs and off! Their hands went towards my pussy.....the first sign of tension,.....who was to get their first?

We moved back and they laid me on the bed. Hubby won the race.....or was he allowed to win. His head went between my legs as his tongue began to explore my wet pussy, opening up the lips and seeking out my clit. Dave had moved to my head, his hands massaging my now heavy tits as his mouth kissed me much harder now, displaying the excitement we were both feeling. Then it happened, my hand got its first feel of a fully erect penis. This one was cut and it’s mushroom head felt very different. I could feel hubbys still soft penis rubbing along my slit .....but I needed it inside. Dave had returned to sucking my nipples and has pushed his cock towards my mouth. But I wanted to explore more,this was my first cut cock. My fingers explored the longer shaft the veins, the head, wet with pre cum. The tip of my tongue tasted it , then he slid the head into my mouth. Mmmm this tasted very different.

Hubby was watching this and in his excitement had shot his load on my can I have a hard cock ?

He got up and walked to the bathroom. I knew he would not want to see what was about to happen.

Dave replaced my husband between my legs , I could feel him rubbing that mushroom head along my slit.

My arms went around him for the first time. Definitely slimmer buttocks harder, all the better for thrusting!

I could feel him begin to enter as my pussy lips folded back . He slid into me , then withdrew till he entered again , this time a little more of his length gained access.......mmm a rhythm developed. This cock was definitely longer it took its time to full y enter but when it did what a feeling. The different shaped head, the veins on the longer shaft all stimulated parts that hadn’t been reached before. I could feel my climax building. Dave had now began to grunt even louder and the thrusts came faster and deeper. I could feel his balls slapping at my he bent forward and took a nipple in his mouth again, and with a loud roar, his balls exploded, the pent up seed shot its way deep inside my pussy. That warm wet shooting feeling as he unloaded was enough to send me over the edge. My climax came in waves, with each jerk of his cock another wave enveloped me.

His cock stopped jerking inside me, but it seemed to stay hard for some time. I had forgotten what this moment of bliss had felt like ......the afterglow. Dave kissed me gently this time as he lay on top of me, exhausted. “Thank you” he said, “ No, thank you” I replied.

We had used each other.......and it felt fantastic!