Written by kinky boots

16 Aug 2009

There were a few things I needed to go to the Trafford Centre for but I’d been putting it off for days. I wanted a couple of accessories to a new outfit I had and I needed to make a quick visit to the bank. Needless to say, the thought of having to make the trip out on a warm summer’s afternoon was less than ideal.

I tried to pick something from the wardrobe that’d be comfortable in the conditions. That said, I always love going shopping dressed to impress as I like watching those rubber necking men as I walk down the boulevard.

This time I opted for a short skirt, perfect for the warm conditions. It was pleated and had a slit up the thigh which I loved. I had also picked my favourite pair of stiletto courts, black and white they are with a fantastic 5 inch heel that make an amazing clicking noise on the marble floors. These, together with a revealing top were going to get some attention and given how hot it was, I thought I’d leave the panties at home and try and catch a breeze.

As I pulled up in my little sports car, I was already catching attention. Being so low down it’s perfect when I crawl along in the car park as guys can look down on me. Anyway, I found a good spot and headed into the shops.

As always I couldn’t help but browse some of the shoe shops, I have such a soft spot for them. Not to mention the high street sex shop we all know well which can have some nice surprises.

The trip seemed to take a turn though as I was waiting in the bank. I’d had a phone call and was dealing with that before joining the queue for the cashier. Unbeknown to me, in the course of the conversation I must have passed my mobile number which was overheard and quickly written down by an interested observer.

I did my business in the bank, and then left to continue my browsing. As I walked out I received a text message. It was from an un known number but said “Hi, how are you? Excuse the rudeness of this but I just saw you sat in the bank and think you look stunning, I love those shoes of yours and I’d love to kneel between them and tend to you.” Well, I was shocked, here was a message from someone I didn’t know, didn’t know what he looked like but he fancied me, what should I do?

I thought for a quick moment, and came to the assumption that here I was, in a busy space. What could go wrong? So I replied, made it clear what I thought of his suggestion and said how I’d love the attention of a good tongue. A prompt reply came back with even more suggestions and I was beginning to get aroused by this stranger. He seemed to be keeping a watchful eye on me as I went about my shopping but I had no idea who he was, I just loved the sheer naughty aspect of it.

I had to find out who he was and told him to identify himself. He said ok, he’d approach me and say hello. Well, I was on tenterhooks as to who this was. From out of a crowd though approached this tall, handsome, younger man. He was very polite in his initial exchanges and apologised for being so outright in sending me the message.

We agreed to go for a coffee, where, given how I knew how much he fancied me, I teased the hell out of him. It became apparent he was quite the man, evident by his toned physique and ample bulge in his soft trousers.

He began to touch me and there was a short exchange of kisses. We left one another under no illusion as to what we would like. Before too long, I had to leave to get the evening meal ready. I said I’d be in touch.

I left it a couple of days before sending him a message but when I did, the reply was very clear cut. He told me how much he fancied me, and was quite descriptive in what he wanted to get up.. Well, as I thought when we first met, he was quite the gentleman, despite his initial cheeky message, and so we met for coffee another time. This time I had a bigger game plan, and he ended up back at mine for an afternoon of wild sex, Suffice to say, this horny housewife had found another younger man and in the process had certainly bagged a bargain from the shopping trip.