Written by annandpaul4

12 Jul 2012

Having travelled to a business meeting and meal afterwards, I returned to my hotel at around 10pm. It had been a long day. The meeting had gone well, but I still felt that I needed to unwind a little before hitting the sack. I headed for a last drink at the bar.

Most of the hotel diners had finished their meals, leaving just a handful of people scattered around the lounge. A bunch of business guys, a little the worse for wear and noisy. A few middle aged couples, but there were no attractive single ladies to admire from a distance. I always feel a little self conscious whilst drinking alone so I stood against the bar and read through all of the menus, special offers and some of the leaflets for local attractions before checking emails on my phone.

I believe that I can sense when someone is looking at me and so it was that I glanced up and around. Exactly opposite, there was a couple sat on a sofa with their backs to the window, both looking my way, smiling and exchanging a few words between themselves. I glanced away again but formed the impression that the lady might have been trying to make eye contact with me. First impressions - she was late forties, early fifties maybe. Sitting cross legged, she was slim, not unattractive, and had a definite sense of mischief about her expression. The guy had his arm around her and also seemed to be weighing me up. Of course I looked away but felt compelled to steal another look as soon as I was able. When I did, I almost dropped my glass!

No doubt now. She was looking directly at me, and whilst holding my gaze she deliberately opened her legs and raised the skirt of her dress. I was mesmerized! It’s always a treat to catch a glimpse of a shapely leg, stocking tops or a lady’s underwear. On the rare occasion this happens, being a gentleman I’d immediately turn away, but hope to replay the scene to myself at some later point. There was no looking away now, because I was fixed by her gaze. No doubt she’d also followed my own eyes as they dropped to take in the magnificent view. Enough of her thighs were visible to recognise the lightly tanned flesh above her stockings, yet my eyes were drawn yet further, to see the white material of her panties framed against them. I looked away for a moment then closed my eyes as my mind attempted to take in all that was happening here, and the wonderful image that was already burning it’s way into my memory. It doesn’t take much of a stimulus to kick my mind into erotic overdrive, but this was rapidly approaching overload!

The facts: An attractive middle aged lady had fixed my attention; then she’d deliberately revealed her charms to me and was observing my reaction. Her husband was not only aware of this but clearly very much involved. His arm remained around her shoulders whilst the fingers of his other hand were stroking up and down the inside of her thigh. He was smiling and talking into her ear. Was he directing her or asking her about my reaction? Could I be imagining all of this? I shook my head once in silent answer to my own question before allowing my eyes to return to the scene. My head lowered a little, I started at her feet. Nice shoes. The heels weren’t too high. Shapely ankles and calves. Then a movement of his hand made my eyes skip to her suspenders and stocking tops. Good thighs. Full, but not heavy; but all too quickly my eyes were compelled to look at her panty clad crotch. What delights lay beneath? Was she hairy? In an instant I imagined being close enough to see the hint of a dark mass through the material, or better still, a few stray dark hairs escaping the margins of her white panties. Or was she shaven? Would it be possible to make out the shape of vulva? Was she moist? What did she taste like?

I groaned inwardly and checked myself. Was I staring at them open mouthed? Had I managed to retain any kind of composure? What did they make of this suddenly vulnerable guy, the unwitting subject of their little game? At least I’d managed not to fall over or drop my glass.

Those mischievous eyes had dared me to meet them and compelled me to see what they wanted me to see. I’d managed to meet that challenge I guess.

She was smiling at me now. He was still talking into her ear. Her legs remained slightly parted. Yet it was clear that she was no tart. Tastefully dressed, and otherwise entirely respectable looking. She didn’t seem the type to be flirting to a complete stranger in such an entirely obvious manner. And what of her husband? Was I imagining that he enjoyed her exhibitionism. Maybe they were looking forward to a night of passion together, and all of this was an extension of their excitement.

I felt the buzz of my phone in my pocket. A text. I almost welcomed the distraction as an opportunity to compose myself. Just a brief note of thanks from my customer for the meal we’d enjoyed earlier. After answering I looked back towards the couple. The guy had gone but the lady remained. She met my eyes briefly and smiled before looking away. Her legs were crossed and she was much more respectfully composed. I wasn’t going to make her uncomfortable by staring so I returned my attention to my drink and my phone. It seemed that the show was over and I was beginning to wonder if I’d imagined the whole thing. There was no doubt at all about my own state of arousal however. When I returned to my room I would have wonderful visions to replay in my head as I gave myself essential relief. I was looking forward to my bed. I directed one last look towards the lovely lady and drained the last of my beer.

“Can I get you another one?” The guy was at my shoulder at the bar. I was completely surprised and unsure about how to react. He didn’t give me the opportunity to think too much about my answer. “Stella is it?” I hated those oversized wine glasses that came with my favourite lager, but I’d forgotten to ask for a straight glass. “I was just about to turn in thank you” ... I started. I was naturally a little unsure about the situation but the guy seemed more than friendly. I guess I’m always wary when receiving attention from any lady who is in the obvious company of a guy. There always seem to be a few that enjoy making their partners feel jealous when out and about. Ultimately, I guess I was intrigued.

“The Mrs. has gone up to our room but I fancied a last drink and I hate drinking alone” he said. I looked towards the sofa and sure enough the lady had disappeared. Before I could answer properly he’d placed the order and my drink was already being poured. “You staying here too?” “Yes. Business trip” I replied. He looked around to check that no one was within earshot before getting closer and saying “I was hoping to have a word with you about something actually”. He motioned for us to move to the quiet end of the bar. What on earth was he going to say?

“The fact is my wife has taken a bit of a shine to you and we were wondering if you were up for a bit of fun?” I swallowed hard upon my beer and tried not to look too flustered. “What kind of fun?” I asked. I had read about swingers, seen videos of couples joined by a guy, even had fantasies of my own about having that kind of an experience myself, but this was all a bit surreal. The guy looked at me for a moment and smiled, before downing his own glass of wine in two long gulps.

“My wife is waiting, naked in our room, in the hope that I might bring back a handsome fellah to join our lovemaking. I could be wrong, but I think you enjoyed the little show she put on for you earlier. Would you like to see a little more of her up close?” No doubt about it. He was entirely serious and clearly enthusiastic about the idea. “And you don’t mind the idea of that?” I asked. “No it would give us both a big thrill.” He waited a moment, checking my reaction. I don’t think that I looked as if I was going to spoil myself or get overly excited in any uncouth kind of way, but I’m equally sure he knew that he had my rapt attention.

“A few rules” he said. “You don’t get to fuck her. That’s a definite no no. How close she gets to you is her own decision but I’m pretty that she’ll want to make you cum.” I could only raise my eyebrows in answer. “We’re not weirdos. We’re very close. This just serves to add a little excitement to our love life. We enjoy seeing each other enjoying other people. It makes us very excited. We like to be watched too. Do you think you could enjoy that?” “I can think of worse things!” I said. What an understatement! “Splendid!” he said. “Just one more thing I wanted to ask. Would you mind being touched by a guy? Don’t worry. Nothing serious” he said. “I’m entirely straight. It’s just another aspect we would like to explore together.” I just smiled for a moment and glanced around, even more wary of anyone being aware of this strange conversation. What the hell! I get to be up close and personal with that lovely lady. It would be wonderful to see her naked. It had to better than a wank in private. I couldn’t see a problem with the guy touching me if that was a part of their turn on. I’m secure enough in my own sexuality not to be troubled by that.

Ten minutes later I was knocking on the door to their room. The guy (Mike) opened the door wearing just a towel. He ushered me in. Laura, his wife was sitting in a comfortable chair opposite to the bed. She was wearing a satin dressing gown in cream, loosely tied at the waist, sipping at a glass of wine. “Hi” she said. “Glad you could join us.” Mike handed me a glass of wine and did his best to make me at ease. “You’re overdressed” they said almost in unison. I undressed as confidently as I could, leaving just my boxers on. Laura watched the whole time, that mischief still present in her eyes. She made appreciative noises from time to time as I did so. I’m no pinup, but I don’t suppose I’m in such bad shape. I stood in front of her just as I had been asked to earlier by Mike. Feeling just a little self conscious - as I knew what was coming next. With her free hand Laura untied the belt and allowed her gown to fall open. The stockings had gone but the white panties were still there together with matching bra. Her breasts were larger than I had imagined. It was my turn to groan. “Lovely isn’t she?” said Mike. I nodded and sighed my agreement as I took in the view. Her underwear was lacy, but sheer enough to see the outline of good nipples and the hint of her pubic hair. She was attractive, but the expression on her face as her eyes switched between my own and the growing hardness in my boxers made her irresistible .

Mike was close behind me now and I saw her lips open slightly as I felt his hand on my side. Again I knew to expect this, but I stiffened just a little as he gradually reached across with the flat of his hand to press across my hardness through the material of my pants. Taking his time he then opened his fingers either side of my cock to gently stroke the length of it. She groaned again. I found this amazingly erotic. It was as if his hands were those of her own, and so I felt surprisingly comfortable with that. His fingers next curled to cup beneath my balls before tracing back along the length. Then just the tips of his fingers were used to scan around the head of my cock, and I felt the moisture from my precum against my belly. I remained passive, in acute anticipation of what was to come next. His touch was good through my pants, and Laura was biting her lip as he used the thumb of his other hand to draw the waistband of my boxers outwards. Immediately the glistening head of my cock sprung out, released. I think we all groaned at that moment, and Laura leaned forward to within maybe a foot of my cock as Mike reached inside with his other hand and touched me directly for the first time. We remained frozen like that for several moments before Mike pulled my boxers down my legs. “You like him don’t you Love?” She nodded in reply before reaching out and running her hand down my chest to within a few inches of my cock and then to my side. Her face was close and I could feel her breath. It was as if she was breathing me in. I closed my eyes and just savoured the moment. Mike moved to her side and drew her nightgown away as she raised her arms. He then ran his fingers across the fabric of her bra and I was once again aware of those nipples. “Bet you’d like to see more of Laura?” As I smiled in reply he was already unfastening her bra before pulling it free. Her breasts were full and I sensed their weight as he cradled them with his hands. My mouth watered as he trailed his fingers over her nipples. She had barely touched me yet, and as she leaned back a little to enjoy Mike’s hands working her breasts, she alternated her gaze between my eyes and my cock. “I think that he likes the view Laura”. They were both clearly enjoying my own very obvious excitement.

As Mike continued to massage her breasts and shoulders, Laura slumped further back and allowed her thighs to part a little. It was almost too much and I had to settle before her on my knees. I gripped my cock for a moment. It was as hard as I’d ever known it. I couldn’t help but stare as she gently drew fingers of one hand from her knees across her thigh and right up to the crotch of her panties. Her fingertips hovered for a few seconds above what I imagined to be the hood of her clitoris. I was transfixed. A few dark hairs were released from her panties as she squirmed a little in her seat, and I imagined the moist folds of her lips below that mound beneath them. “Be my guest” she said and Mike grunted his approval. I needed no further encouragement. Using both hands I drew her panties down her legs and then clear of her feet. She opened her legs and slumped deeper into the chair so that I could move between her thighs and begin to kiss my way to that gorgeous pussy. She was indeed hairy around her vagina, but her lips were shaven and smooth, and glistening with moisture. My lips nuzzled against those of her own. I was in heaven. At first I just kissed her with my lips slightly parted. She groaned her encouragement. Her scent was good and I relished the warmth and wetness. Gradually I brought my tongue into play, lapping at the moisture and gently teasing her lips apart. After quite a while I sensed from her squirming and moans that she was getting close. I moved back for just a moment to take in the glorious site of her engorged lips and pink wetness, and to fix the location of her now swollen clitoris. Her head was thrown back, eyes closed, lips parted. Mike was kissing her neck whilst looking intently at the action. I then lowered my open mouth over her pussy and drew all of her fleshy mound inside. My tongued flicked inside her and she pressed back hard as I applied heat and pressure to her clit. She trembled intensely for a moment before making that unmistakeable sound of deep orgasm. I kept my mouth over her for some time as her trembling subsided and she gradually relaxed. “Wow that was brilliant!” said Mike. I looked up to see that the towel had now gone and that he was stroking his own cock. “You enjoyed that didn’t you love?” Laura just smiled and groaned dreamily as she looked up at him. They kissed affectionately for a moment and I lay back with my shoulders against the bed. Was this really happening?

“I think it’s his turn now” said Mike. “I think so too” Laura chuckled. “Let’s have you on the bed then. She offered a hand to help me up, then ran her hands across my behind as moved onto, and stretched out on the bed. She sat beside me and rubbed my shoulders and chest for a while before trailing her hands down to my belly. “You have a nice cock” she said matter of factly. I estimated that I was pretty much the same as her husband in that department. He was settling himself into the chair, with one hand on his own cock as he sipped at his wine. She turned to him and grinned before moving to the other side of the bed to afford him a better view as she lay with her head on my chest. He was watching intently and once again I was reminded of how this whole situation was a source of She still hadn’t touched me properly. She reached down and her fingers worked firmly at the muscles in my thighs for a few moments before she deliberately cupped my balls amd lowered her head onto me. I closed my eyes and groaned as I felt an overwhelming sensation of warmth filling me up. Just how good was this going to get?

It seems my first effort is turning into a novel. Maybe readers can let me know if they’d like a further episode.