Written by Donjohnmale

7 Sep 2010

I told you about my first gay encounter in my truck the guys cock was to big for my eager arse. I answered an ad in the local paper for a gay guy he sent me his number and we arranged to meet at his house.When I got there it was a big house in its own grounds.He let me in he was around 45 and not bad looking at all we went upstairs the bedroom was huge with mirrors everywhere.We stripped off I was 6ft and weighed 10st with a very smooth body and a cute bum.He stroked me all over playing with my arse I told him I was a virgin and that I had met a guy but his cock was to big and I was afraid it would hurt me to much.He laughed and said you would be suprised what your arse can take.He went into a draw and brought out some satin panties and some suspenders and told me to put them on god it felt so good I was rock hard he sat on the end of the bed and made me bend over with my arse facing him. He then licked my arse sliding the panties to one side then his tongue was in my hole I thought my legs would giveway they were trembling so much Icouldnt hold back and shot my load into the panties he laughed and said you do want a cock in you dont you.He told me to come back the next day at 2pm.

The next day we were in the bedroom me dressed as before he got a small skirt from a draw and helped me on with it just about covered my arse.I bent over and he was tongueing my arse god I felt so horny, after a while he slapped my arse quite hard my eyes shot open with shock and saw 4 naked guys in the room and 1 had a very very big cock the next thing I knew they had picked me up and threw me on the bed and held my cheeks apart while one of them pushed his cock up me he was no sooner in than he was pumping away for england the a cock was pushed into my mouth and I was being face fucked all the time I was being told what a slut I was they took turns and I was dreading the guy with the big cock after the 4 had fucked me it was his turn they held me down and ripped the panties off me and shoved them in my mouth.i wa in shock part of me was loving it and the other was thinking this is rape.The next thing I felt his cock poking my hole god it was big he pushed it in I WANTED TO SCREAM BUT COULDNT COS MY MOUTH WAS FULL he pumped away for an eternity then they sat me up and forced my mouth open and took turns to wank into my mouth when they came they shoved ther cocks in to make sure I swallowed it all they told me to get dressed and get out I got in the bath when I got home to sooth my sore arse.did I go back? that would be telling but Ive still got a cute arse