Written by Suffolk-cpl

22 Feb 2007

If I had known how today was going to turn out, I may have gone to work instead of taking the day off. Well, maybe not. Anyway, Jane, my wife had gone to work without waking me, leaving me to enjoy a well deserved day away from the office. I awoke about 9am, and pottered around the house. It was about an hour later, when a good friend of mine, Ian, rang my mobile asking for some advice.

“I’ve been a bit silly mate” he confessed. “I think I’ve crashed the computer, and it’s got all of Sarah’s work on it!”

Now I’m no computer geek, but compared to Ian, I was Bill Gates! I told him I was off work today, and I’d pop over to see what I could do. Ian and I had grown up together, and had survived many scrapes. He lived about 30 miles away from me, and was married to Sarah. Now Sarah was a pretty girl, but always seemed quite cold and prim to me. I was surprised when he ended up going out with her, as Ian was always quite wild with his women, and Sarah never came across as wild. To be honest, I always though Ian could have done better, but he had opted for looks over personality, and it was his choice. I was greeted by a rather flustered Ian, who quickly ushered me into their study, and sat me down at the PC.

“So what happened?” I asked.

Ian then proceeded to explain how he was just surfing the net, and after visiting a few sites of adult interest, he kept getting pop ups. So he clicked on them to close them down, but the computer just froze. So he turned it off, and went to restart it, but just kept getting a black screen.

I laughed and told him that’s the perils of surfing porn while the wife’s at work!

“Go and make a brew” I told, him, “while I see what I can do.”

I managed to start his pc in safe mode, so started a disc check and virus check. Ian was still flapping about potentially loosing all of Sarah’s work. While the virus checker did its thing and Ian made a pot of tea down in the kitchen I had a little nose around inside. One partition was full of Sarah’s work. Hundreds of excel spread sheets, and word docs. Nothing of interest there. Next stop the interest history, and temp files. This was chocker, and after a few moments I could tell how Ian spent his mornings off before he went to work. What was strange though, was a few of the sites visited were swinger sites, and the time/date stamp on the visit put them when Ian would have been at work. Intrigued I had a quick look in “My pics” but there was nothing interest. Next I did a search, wildcarding the .jpg string on hidden files, and was greeted by a stream of about one hundred files in a folder called “Windows Registry Data” tucked away on the C drive. Before I could check out the files I heard Ian walking up the stairs. I quickly closed down the folders, and waited for the virus checker to finish. He looked relieved when he saw the familiar screen up and running, and as we drank the brews I explained to him as best I could about internet security. I doubt any of it went in, other than the bit about leaving a trail of sites visited to those who know where to look. Ian looked even more panicked at that, so I told him if he didn’t want Sarah to know he surfs porn, how to cover his tracts. As I cleared the spyware and viruses he had let infect his machine, Ian’s phone went. He disappeared downstairs to take the call, and I knew this was my chance to sate my curiosity. I quickly slipped my USB key into the pc, and copied the Windows Registry Data folder to it, along with a copy of the temp files, and a screen dump of the internet history. When Ian returned he was greeted by a pc running windows normally. I showed him how to clear the history, temp files and recent docs, thanked him for the brew, and made my excused to leave.

As I drove home my mind was racing. What were on those jpgs? Why had Sarah attempted to try and hide them so cleverly? After all, it must be Sarah, as Ian wouldn’t have clue about the Windows area on the C drive, in fact if there was one set of files that would scare that technophobe, it would be windows registry files.

Only these weren’t. They were pictures.

And what pictures they were! As I sat at my PC 40 minutes later, I slowly viewed each of the 104 digital photos. Almost every one of them was a photo of Sarah, either naked or dressed to impress, in a hardcore pose, or actually engaged in sex. Only the people she was having sex with were not Ian. Over the set of pictures, Sarah must have been shagged by at least seven different men. In for of the photos she could be clearly seen with two men at once. And in a few others, she was also enjoying the pleasures of another woman as well as another man. This was not the Sarah I thought I knew! My cock was rock hard, so I slowly wanked while I went through the photos again. That afternoon was a blur of horniness and guilt. Clearly Ian knew nothing of his wife’s extra activities, and I did. I didn’t know what to do.

Jane got home from work at about 5, and all afternoon I was in a state of arousal. As soon as she walked through the door I grabbed her and planted a big kiss on her. Not sure why, but not wasting the opportunity, Jane responded. My hands were tugging furiously at her blouse, pulling it from the waist band of her skirt, so I could slide a hand under and onto her fleshy tits. Still kissing, I unzipped her skirt letting it drop to the floor. As I tried to easy my fingers under the elastic of her knickers she released my straining cock from my trousers as I cupped her pussy with my other hand. We dropped to the floor, high on passion, as my fingers probed her ever increasing wetness, and my mouth clamped hard onto her exposed nipple. He moaned, and begged me to fuck her. No foreplay, no sweet nothings, no respect, just hard and wanton sex. I didn’t make love to my wife on the floor of our hallway. I fucked her. I fucker hard with no interest in making her come. This was so unlike our usual lovemaking, that the feralness of the assault on her body must have sent her over the edge, because she was soaked with sweat and her pussy was dripping wet as I felt my orgasm approach. Jane screamed, partly in pain, but totally in pleasure as I came, pumping my spunk into her sopping cunt, clenching my fist on her shoulders, and digging in my fingers into her soft flesh.

I collapsed onto my wife’s used body. Our tangle of clothes, sweat and juices holding us together.

“Wow, what bought that on” Jane eventually asked.

“You won’t believe what I found today” I muttered into her ear…….