Written by earl77

29 Oct 2009

I have never seen myself as a sissy always a man\'s man if you know what I mean. I guess when your black 6\'4\", 16 ½ stone of toned muscle then the shaven head people have make assumptions and why should i disappoint. Anyway I still pick up d the occasional gig as a stand in bouncer comes naturally. What the hell it\'s all a few bob y pocket. Then there always the fringe benefits always spare pussy to be add well what a guy suppose to do. These little tarts must have an homing beacon cause there always know where to find a stiff dick and I have never been wanting in that department.

It was late when my mate Winston rang me I was just chilling. Then he then drops it on me asking for a favour, He starts laying some crap on me about how I owe him and if I could stand in for him what a brother suppose to do then he goes and drops it on me the gigs is at Clarrissa\'s !! Some fucking Dyke hang out; what the fuck a gig is a gig.

I get there late I am really pissed off it\'s about 10.30pm and the club is just starting to get a few punters in I report dutifully to the security supervisor Clare\'s officer to let her know that Winston\'s stand in has arrived. Now let me tell you about this which she is the scary bitch I ever seen. This bitch is black and I don\'t mean dark brown she is the blackest bitch I ever seen just like that singer Grace what\'s her name anyway this bitch head is shaven and she had a pair shoulders that would not go a amiss on WWF but her tits boy !! you can hang you coat on them nipple were straining against the thin fabric of her blouse. Fuck I felt my dick get hard then and there and she give me a look like i was something she stepped in let it past it\'s just another gig. Anyway. Clare give me the tour as she introduce me to a couple the staff her voice is monotone and dismissive \" Here your radio keep it on at all time you\'re No 4 11.30 - 1.00 front door. 30 minute break then the VIP area any problems\" she March off and i watch that ass go Mmmmm if only what anr ass go for a while then smile check my watch,

The evening passes without incident some of these little dyke are not bad looking pity just a waste of good pussy if you asked me I get a few looks enough to keep it interesting. It about 2.30am when I get the call on the radio can you report to Clare office I am ready to get paid and call it a night I knock on Clare\'s door and a voice from inside tell me to enter as I enter the room sitting behind Clare\'s desk some white bitch I never seen before she talking on the phone she places her hand over the receiver and tell me to help myself to a drink. I take her seat in front of the desk I pour myself a largish Brandy from the decanter on the desk and sip my drink and wait for her to finish her call. I would estimate this bitch to be about 50 she a slim with bright she wearing a black mans style jacket I can still make out the outline of an ample cleavage her manicure nails are painted black. Suddenly she hangs up the phone. \" We did not get a chance to meet early I am Clarrisa. She fixes me with pair of piercing green eyes. I hope Clare was not too hard on you being your first day she laughs\" Can I get you another drinks she takes the decanter from the desk and comes around to my side of the desk and pores me another Brandy into my glass not waiting for an answer. I can see that she were short skirt she as nice legs no tights her legs are smooth and tanned I would say that she is size eight but who care . She half sits on the desk directly in front of me now I can smell her sweet perfume \"She starts asking me about Winston\" as she gentle strokes her thigh I can\'t even remember the mumble replies to her question. My mind gone to mush I am moving uncomfortable in my chair trying to disguises my hard. Anyway she breaks off thanks for helping out tonight she takes envelope from her desk and tosses to me I put then envelope in my pocket don\'t you want your bonus she giggled as she lay back on the desk pulling her skirt up to reveal a light brow strip of pubic hair just above her pussy lips she gentle stroked her lips I could see her pussy lips were glistening the next think I recall is I was I kneeling in front of the desk between her leg I kissed licked and teased her lips and her clit the more attention she moans gently and i can tell you that pussy taste good After a few moments she cums hard shuddered and moaned and rapped her legs tighten around my head I could taste her come running down my chin. She bucked and against my face and cums again.

I stood up and began taking my clothes off she did not stand around on ceremony and quickly slips out own clothes off and went back to her side of the desk and beckon me to come toward her,taking my cock\"Suck it bitch I demanded she leans forward I slapped her tits as she buried face on my cock taking it deep her her mouth is warm and and she goes to work on my entire shaft I lost and close may eyes lost in the moment . Suddenly without warning I felt the hand both my hand cuffed over my head opened my eyes with a start to see that Black bitch standing over me. \"Stand up cunt \" I was more in shocked I did as I was told she as quick as a flash she secured a collar around my neck with choke chain. The slightest resistant and I found myself gagging for air Clare was stood before me and is giggle like a little child I am unable to move my head but can ee from the corner of my eye that the other bitch was now sitting back on the chair smiling taking another drink.. Clare was wearing nothing but black leather thong. \"You liked my Mistress\" she hissed as she secured me to a pillar in her officer I was placed in kneeling position.

The white bitch then walked around from the desk she was completely naked. Her tone was completed different hard and mocking she was much smaller the black bitch. The black was who was now kneeling at her mistress feet like some great pet. That was really well doen she pats her on the head Yes mistress she replied where do you want it Mmy ass mistress she produce think black paddle across her ass \"Ooh!. She cried she struck her with several more times then reached between her legs grabbed her pussy. \"You like that don\'t you Clare \".\"Yes Mistress. She replied. S she slipped a couple of fingers in her and began to finger fuck her hard from behind her fingers dug deep into her sodden wet pussy she moaned. I watch mesmerised then I coups feel my cock getting hard. She monad and backed against her mistress fingers her asshole opened slightly I could see her pussy juice running down her legs against her black thighs.............. too be continued