Written by mandyb1965

27 Aug 2010

I had been on here a few weeks and my ultimate fantasy was to be fucked on a train. so I left an advert and put, I will be on the Birmingham to Sheffield train on Friday 19th August at 7.50 am, if you want to fuck me make sure you are on the train, And I left it at that.

That morning, I had a shower shaved my pussy so that it was ultimately smooth, dressed in red basque, red thong and black hold ups I put on a rain mac and nothing else. I was so excited as I drove to the train station, wondering if anyone would turn up.!!! In my bag I had my vibrator just in case I had no offers.

The train pulled up and I got onto the train and sat down, As it was a long haul journey the hostess came around with offers of teas, coffees and any snacks. I took a coffee and sat there drinking it wondering who or if anyone was going to fuck me. I looked around and it was full of business men, after a short time, I made my way to the toilets, it was engaged, so I waited outside. At that moment a man in his late 30's approached me and asked if I was MandyB I looked him up and down, he was very handsome, about 6ft 4 dark hair and slim. I said yes and we both had that horny sparkle in our eyes. at that moment the door became vacant and we made our way into the toilet. With that he locked the door and grabbed me firmly and started to kiss me hard. his hands roamed around my body, he pulled my hair aside and kissed my neck and undid the belt of my coat.He groaned as he took in my outfit and ran his hands all over me, The rain coat fell to the floor and he grabbed my arse, our kisses became harder and he pulled my breasts out of the top of my basque and started to suck them, I was getting even wetter at this point and impatient, I needed his cock and I wanted it there and then. He though, had other ideas and just played with me and teased me. I started to undo his zip of his trousers but he stopped me, and said all in good time. he was teasing me so much now as his fingers were almost touching my clit but not quite. I thrust my hips foward and could feel my juices saturating my red thong. with that there was a knock on the door, I jumped, but then the knock was three more times and then two.with that he put his fingers to his lips and said shush.I was in a dream like state as I was so horny but a little scared as to what was going on.

with that he opened the door and two men entered. One was smaller than the first man a little plumper with slightly balding head and the other was around the same height as the first man but not as good looking and much older. I was trembling from all of the emotions going on but I could see all three men were rock hard.

The door was once again locked and the second man came over and kissed me, the third man dropped to his knees pulled my thong to the side, and started to lap up my juices. The first man pulled out his cock and started wanking while he watched. I was dripping now but still needed to be fucked, these men were really teasing me, did no one want to fuck me. I was told to be patient. My thong was taken off, pulled down my legs and I stepped out of it, now I had some fingers inside me, that felt so good and I shuddered as I came again and again, still being kissed and now my nipples were being squeased and played with. I wanted to suck a cock so moved over to the first man but he pulled away, he just wanted to watch. I was a little annoyed but I now didnt care, I just wanted to be fucked hard.

With that I was bent over the toilet and the second man got out his cock and shoved it in my mouth. I made my mouth soaking wet so he could slide it in easily, and then the third man took me from behind. He put his cock in me for about two thrusts then took it out, then teased me so that I was begging for more. With that he rammed it hard inside me and began to fuck me, the same rythm as the train, god it felt good, my legs were trembling from me cuming and then I felt his hot cum inside me. Just before the second man came he swapped places and he started to fuck me too. I must have come at least 10 times now and felt light headed. with that, the two men zipped up unlocked the door and left. Leaving me alone with man number two.

with that, he sat on the toilet seat and pulled me onto him and began fucking me hard and fast god, this felt good I was screaming with pleasure and he had to put his hand over my mouth to keep me quiet. After at least half an hour he shot his load in me and I felt all that hot cum in me. He pulled me off and licked all three loads out of me. God this was heaven. after he had finished, he kissed me passionately and we got dressed, opened the door and went out seperate ways.

When I got back to my seat, the hostess was on her way back with more drinks, so I had another coffee. With that I needed to use the loo, so I got up, went to the toilets and a young man said, hi, are you Mandy B :)