Written by fantasy fantastic

21 Jul 2008

There is always one girl in the office who has that certain something. A sex appeal that oozes with every confident step of her sexy strut. Eyes that shine. A dress sense that says I\'m confident, I look good. Sarah was that girl. Large breasts which were never blatantly exposed but enough for every man in the department to want more. Trim, just above the knee length skirts, silky blouses and always heeled court shoes, sometimes almost dangerous 5 inch heels. And hosiery of course.

During the winter months she always wore this very long cashmere brown coat. I have to confess to dreaming wankily of having her in just that coat, her heels and some brightly coloured stockings supported by a suspender belt of course.

However, there was something about her that made me fantasise in a unique way. She was quite plummy and posh, but with all that sex appeal I\'ve already mentioned, I dreamt about her being a complete slut for cock. More than that, I dreamt about controlling her and making her do things with other\'s that I was sure her upper middle class husband wouldn\'t.

In short, I didn\'t just want to have her, I wanted her to take a stranger\'s cock whilst I watched.

My plan was simple.

First ask her what her favourite colour was.

This was an innocent enough question, but would gain her curiousity.

Second, buy her some stockings (not hold-ups) in that colour.

Er well that bit is simple anyway.

Obviously I\'d need to mildly flirt with her to ensure I wouldn\'t get slapped with a sexual harassment case. But she\'d caught me looking at her often enough and didn\'t appear to unduly worried. I\'d even managed to get a lift in Sarah\'s car and blatantly admired her fantastic legs, whilst talking the usual work related nonsense.

But where was this getting me? Step\'s 1 and 2 were easy.

How would I work out whether Sarah was turned on by the same things that turn me on.

I mean it\'s not that easy to just walk up to someone (she\'s obviously married), give them some red or pink stockings and ask them to put them on and meet you in a local pub.

Even if you get that far, what are the chances of getting her to then go to the ladies, remove her skirt, panties, blouse and return in just her brown coat, stockings, suspenders and high heels.

I wanted her to then select any man in the pub who she fancied. To indicate this man to me by standing next to him next time he went to the bar. To then return to a seat opposite this guy when he\'d sat down.

I would then sit down with her chosen fancy.

I would ask him directly (and a little nervously to be honest) if he had noticed Sarah at the bar, whether he liked stocking clad women and to look over my shoulder.

As both of us would turn to look, Sarah would cross/uncross her legs, to reveal some stocking top.

I would then tell him she wasn\'t wearing anything on at all underneath her coat, and we\'d look for a second time. Sarah would then move face on, and carefully and quickly open and close her coat revealing her nakedness.

I would finally tell this lucky man, that he had been selected, and if he wanted her - one more glance would see her get up and leave the table and head towards the disabled toilet. We would join her. I would instruct the guy to pull her coat onto her shoulders, pinning her against the wall. We would in tandem, pull and suck on her nipples as she moaned softly. Our hands would move from kneading her ample breasts to fingering her pussy and arse. Sarah would moan that she was wet and needed cock.

No so fast - she would have to sit on the toilet - and take this guy\'s cock in her mouth, expertly wanking and blowing him. All the time I\'d be suggesting that for a posh bit of totty she was nothing more than a helpless slut, taking some stranger\'s cock in her mouth and loving it. We\'d obviously take turns to fill her mouth - then pussy, but my aim was to gently probe at her arse, by now wet from all her cumming, and to penetrate her whilst stranger man was in her cunt. I\'d be urging her onto his cock, whilst pumping her arse, gently at first, then harder and harder, stiffling her cries as she bites down on my finger in her mouth, and as I pull her head back using her hair as reins, I\'d ask her if this is what she really wants. I\'d ask her to explicitly state what she needed. And as she moaned \"I need my cunt and arse filled\", the two of us would oblige and greedily fill her as we all cum together.

Of course that wouldn\'t be the end of my day\'s work - hard to concentrate in the office that afternoon, but I\'d insist she email me when she was leaving - meet her to her car, and as she sat ready to go, thrust my hand up her skirt, feel her puffy cunt and draw some love seed down onto her cum stained stockings, and inform her that although this wouldn\'t be a regular occurrence, she should be ready to repeat this exercise whenever I told her to.

Now how on earth do you go from a mild flirt to the above fantasy scenario.

I was clueless, but when my contract was terminated, and therefore no problem with work issues, I saw my chance. I could \"accidentally\" bump into her in town, and tell her to log onto swinginheaven.com, and to beware the racy nature of the site, and enter \"Sarah brown coat\" in the story search index. At the same time, I\'d give her a beautifully wrapped present (the red stockings) and my best smile.

I\'ll let you know how I get on, but only if some women out there can provide some comments on whether this makes them wet (I\'m reasonably confident that the blokes will like it), but some reassurance that there are some women out there feeling moist having read this would certainly help...