Written by fuckbutt

17 Jul 2008

Alex had arranged to pick me up at eight, we were going to a club....

so here i was waiting for him dressed to thrill in a little black skirt that barely covered my pussy with a zip that ran the full length at the front, a tiny red thong. knee length boots and a white lycra top and no bra to cover my large 34E titties,bright red lipstick i looked like a real slut. I had covered the whole outfit with a long black coat becausee i didnt want my neighbours to see me dressed in this way

Beep Beep Alex was here i opened the door and went out the bastard had turned up in his scruffy red clapped out van

I see you came in style i said sarcastically them i looked He was dressed in an evening suit i thought you said we were going clubbing?

No we are going to a club

We pulled up outside an exclusive Gentlemans club were Alex was a member we went inside to the dining room were all the diners were all dressed appropriatly, the few ladies that were there was dressed in evening dress and were all ancient

We were shown to our table

Can i take your coat mam the waiter said


Alex ordered Give him your coat

I took off my coat and there were audiable gasps in the room all males eyes were on me and there were tuts of dissaprovement from the women

Alex grinned You have dressed to impress tonight babe your so fuckin sexy

The room soon carried on as normal

Alex picked up the thick handled soup spoon from the table,

I bet you would love me to put this up your cunt right now

Alex no

Undo your zip on that skirt and open your legs wide

Alex that couple can see

So what just do it

I did as he asked me and he got under the table on his knees He opened my legs wide and pushed the thick handle of the spoon up my pussy and started to fuck my with it his tongue every so often flicking at my clit

i couldnt help myself and started to wimper it felt so good, My nipples became erect and i had to pinch them it was so erotic i opened my eyes to see that a the man across from the other table was watching me he must have been in his seventies and was sat with his wife, i could see his hands on his cock

Everything all right Madam

The waiter who had took my coat was stood over me gazing at my erect nipples

Allex came from under the table- I just lost my spoon

The spoon was glistening with my juice

Let me get you another Sir- If you drop it again i will get it for you

He took the spoon from Alex and as he walked away i saw him lick all the juices from the spoon he knew what Alex had ben doing

The old man got up and walked past the table on his way to the toilet

Alex said his wife is such a dried up prune i bet Bill hasnt had his cock sucked for years

Follow him into the toilet and do him the honour

But Alex.....

You are my slut and will do as your told

Go and bring me back some proof that you have carried out my order

I dutifully got up and walked across the club my skirt was still undone and diners were flashed my panties

I entered the gents Bill was having a pee in the urinal i watched the gold liquid hit the back, i waited till he had finished and walked over to where he was, he felt my prescence and turned around i fell to my knees and took a hold of his cock, for an old man it was beautiful a good 8 inches , i licked the rim tasting his pee,i looked up into his eyes and started to suck

My your a good girl, Give it a good suck for me

He pulled down my lycra top to expose my tits, his cock grew hard and he started to fuck my mouth, i took it to the back of my throat opening wide to accomodate him

I heard someone come into the gents it was the waiter from the table

Well here you are- dont mind if i join you Bill but this one is in need of a good thrashing

He knealt behind me and groped my tits, and pushed his hand up my skirt and into my wet pussy

He grabbed my hair with his other hand and held my head as Bill fucked my mouth hard It was too much for Bill and he shot his load into my mouth, there was loads and it dribbled out

The waiter held my head until Bill was spent, he pulled his cock from his pants and ordered me to lean onto the urinal, he pushed my legs open wide and pulled my knickers to just above my knees, i felt trapped but horny as hell exposed to anyone who may come in he pushed his cock slowly but deliberatley into my juicy cunt and started to ride me calling me a dirty cock sucker, Bill had got to his knees and was playing with my clit, he was like a kid in a candy shop let loose he was groping me all over, the thought of these two strangers fucking me like this sent me over the edge

im coming i screamed

The waiter emptied his seed right up my pussy He pulled out i could feel his spunk oozing down my thighs

Un benown to me another diner had come in and was wanking his cock watching the action

BILL you should feel this pussy its so tight for a dirty bitch

Bills cock was now hard again the waiter and the other guy picked me up and spread my legs wide so Bill could enter my sopping cunt , they prised my legs so faar i felt i was being torn in two Bill was grunting and groaning and with a few thrusts filled my cunt with his sperm

Put your mark on the dirty bitch Bill show everyone you had her Bill bit the top of my left tit leaving a huge bite

I was put on the floor and manhandled on my hands and knees the waiter came around the front and grabbed a handful of my hair ,i took hold of his cock and started to suck on it , the other diner pushed his cock into my pussy to lubricate it then proceeded to fuck me in the arse Bill was playing with my tit with one hand and the other was up my pussy which was squelching from all the cum, he was fisting me

God it felt so good, me a normally respected buisness woman being used and abused in a toilet by strangers and loving every second

Cock was everyhwere in my mouth in my arse and in my hand, i felt myself coming again, but i couldnt scream because of the dick in my mouth, i felt him twitch he pulled out and shot his load all over my face, the dick in my arse twitched and shot his load up me, hot liquid oozing out of my arse and into my fanny

Lick us clean so i dutifully licked the dicks and Balls of the diner and waiter and Bill till they were all clean

The waiter and the diner also marked my tits with bites and then told me to pull up my panties and go back to my table.

I walked back to the table through the resteraunt with cum running down my legs and bites visible on my ample tits

I sat down to Alex and he asked what had happened, i told him and he got under the table to inspect my pussy, it was red and puffy from the severe fucking i had had and dripping with cum,

Yoou are a disobediant cum slut, i didnt tell you to fuck anyone and now you will be punished severely for your action

Get outside........