Written by Kate

20 May 2018

I have added this as fiction as it hasn't happened....yet. Towards the end of this week it will..

I am sat at a hotel bar in a town in Dorset. The hotel is old in the centre of town but very nice. I am here with my husband but he is on business and has gone to a meeting. I have shoulder length blonde hair, I'm about a size 14 and have quite large boobs. I am wearing a short black skirt and red chiffon blouse, holdups and heels, and no underwear.

The bar is empty but after a couple of glasses of wine a man walks in and orders a drink. He says hello and I smile and say hello back. He is about 60, nothing special to look at, quite tall and a little overweight.

He makes small talk about the hotel and then asks if I'd like to join him at a table. We retreat to the corner and I can see him staring at my boobs as the chiffon blouse is a little see through. Nothing too overt, but he can make out the outline of my boobs through the material. I listen to his talk about his job, how he travels around the country and is always meeting good looking women in hotel bars. Stories I think....

He asks why I am there and I tell him my husband is at a meeting but i came with him to see the area and explore a little. He says he is staying at a large hotel in the country but the bar was empty so he tried this one as he likes to have company.

We talked about the hotel and the rooms and he asked what the rooms were like in this hotel. I said just a typical country hotel and he said he would like to see it.

I knew what he wanted, but so did I. I had decided that I would go with whoever asked me that night as I love the excitement of being 'picked up in a bar'. We carried our drinks to the stairs and went to my room. I knew my husband wasn't back until about 10 pm and it was only 7. He started giving me compliments as we walked and I giggled and let him put his hand on my back and on my bum as we walked. In the room he looked around the room and then laid on the bed. I sat next to him knowing that he wanted me.

We started to kiss and his hands were inside my blouse and then straight away between my legs. I loved the dirtiness of it and allowed him to touch and finger me. I grabbed his cock though his trousers and rubbed it hard and unbuttoned him.

It was a nice size, and I sucked it and felt his balls. He undid my blouse and pulled my skirt up and got on top of me and just thrust into me.

It felt nice as I held onto him and I was getting very close to an orgasm as he just thrust hard into me. He suddenly said he was cumming and I rubbed hard against him and I came intensely as he groaned loudly and I felt his hot cum shoot into me.

We lay quietly for a few seconds and then he said he had better go. I thought perfect, exactly what i wanted him to do. He dressed as I lay watching him and then just said bye and left.

I felt like a complete slut and slowly got dressed and returned to the bar.

There was another man sat at the bar and he said hello as I ordered my drink...........