Written by poolman

24 Jul 2009

Ann and I were waiting for Jane. It was late and Jane was locking up the swimming baths and gym. The last person had left five minuets earlier.

Jane returned and asked “Would you a swim?”

“We do not have our swim gear.” I reply.

“There is no need, we are the only ones here.” said Jane pulling her t-shirt over her small tight little breasts.

Ann started walking towards the pool, “Why not?”

I followed, by the time we got to the pool doors Jane and Ann were topless. Jane was first in and turned to look at us. Ann was next in, turned to face me her two large tits floating high in the water. I was pulling my socks off.

“Do you like swimming?” asked Ann. Looking at my rod. I was looking at Jane’s dark triangle, the water was very clear.

We took some lengths and stopped in the shallow end. Ann broke the silence, “I do like the water running between my legs and hair.” She had thick dark hair between her legs. “Do you like the water running over your cock?” Ann asked.

“It is still hard” said Ann, she pulled me to her and kissed me.

Jane asked, “Do you want to fuck her? Don’t mind me.” Ann swam off down the pool.

Ann needed no more asking, she sank down on to my cock. Wet inside and out I started to move, unable to stop I was banging away. I felt a hand running up my leg. Bursting out of the water, Jane’s face pasted my face, then her little tits. With that I came. I reached for Jane, pulled her to us.

I kissed her, inside Ann and kissing Jane. Ann slipped off, “Fuck her, fuck Jane, I want to see Jane get fucked. Fuck her.”

Jane took my cock in her hand, lowered her self beneath the water and sucked. Breathless she came back to face me. Ann moved behind Jane cupped Jane’s tits, supported Jane as I slipped into Jane’s wet pussy. Jane locked her legs behind me. I started to fuck Jane, looking over her to Ann’s smiling face. Jane wet but tight. Gravity gone, the water around us all I hammered away at Jane. Jane pulled Ann’s face to her own, they kissed, a long lasting kiss. Jane quivered, once then again and them I came into her. Her legs letting go, I looked down at Jane’s pussy as my cock slipped out. A string of spunk congealed in the water and tangled in her black hair.

Exhausted we made our way to the edge and pulled ourselves on to the side of the pool. Ann started to suck my cum from Jane’s hairy cunt. Then she went deeper. I rolled over and sucked on Jane’s tit. Jane took us to the judo mats in the next room, and we started all over again.

That was not the last time we went for a swim. Sometimes Jane and Ann went on their own. Sometimes we go to the beach.