Written by John

12 Oct 2008

I knew she had heard the door open and close, because her head swivelled towards the sound, but she did not know who it was that had entered. I might have been her husband returning, but in her blindfolded state, and having to rely on her other senses I could have been anybody he had sent to use her or even just an opportunistic passer-by taking advantage of her helpless state.

She whispered “John?” questioningly and, receiving only silence in reply, an expression of anxiety passed over her face.

How beautiful and vulnerable she looked, lying there, tethered hand and foot, slightly spread, exposing every secret to the casual watcher. How vulnerable she was, unable to resist anything that I wished to do to her beautiful body, and I felt my erection beginning as I admired her.

I walked slowly around the bed, as she sought to hear where I was, and lowered my mouth to hers, kissing her gently on the lips and licking gently around her closed mouth until she opened her lips slightly and she began to return my kiss. Still teasing her lips I let my fingers trace the line of her body starting from the neck, and with the lightest of touches tracing down the outside of her body, down to her hips before returning upwards, my fingers running between her breasts, tracing round the outline of both before running downwards over the soft mounds. My finger nails just gently scraped over the nipples of each in turn and I felt her chest rise as she tried to increase the touch. Cupping one beast at a time, I acceded to her requirements and began to tease each nipple in turn with first the palm of my hand and then as she began to push upward against my hand, took the nipples between my finger and thumb and began to work them harder, pulling them and rubbing my finger tip over the very tips. As they began to engorge in my fingers, I increased the pressure until I could feel her beginning to squirm beneath my hand.

I lowered my head and touched the nipple with my lips, pulling it gently as I kissed it before drawing it into my mouth and sucking on the hardened flesh. Her chest rose as if offering me to take it deeper and suck harder, and as I did so, I was rewarded by a gasp from her as she began again to pull against her bonds.

“Who are you?” she gasped, but only silence and an extra suck on her nipple was my reply. She tried to shake her head free of the blindfold but to no avail. The bonds held firm as she tried to free her hands and she realized that she would just have to accept the pleasure that was being given to her. Whoever it was providing it!

As I sucked on her nipple my hands traced patterns on her body, over her belly, around her hips, onto the soft insides of her thighs and down to her knees before slowly tracing the gentlest of paths upwards. Just the very tips of my fingers trailed over the pouting and still slightly damp lips between her thighs, passing right over them before slowly sliding back over them a little harder, teasing the outer lips gently apart as they travelled and followed by one finger that dipped between them sliding along the slippery inner folds with a light and teasing touch.

I raised myself so that I could admire her exposed inner sanctum and was pleased to see that as I continued to stroke she raised her hips slightly, offering herself to me.

I let my fingers continue their ministrations as I noticed the small trickle of juice begin to form at her opening and with the very tip of my finger worked this juice over the whole inner area making it sloppier and allowing my fingers to slide easily along the sensitive lips until, finding the hard bud of her clitoris, my finger circled it, teasing it to greater hardness before trapping it between two fingers whilst a third rubbed over it …. The effect was wonderful as her hips bucked up from the bed in shock at the sensation this produced.

I licked my lips as I played here for a few seconds, watching her face contort as she fought to control her body before my finger left its prize and dipped downwards, slowly sliding into the tight entrance and continuing in until the palm of my hand covered the whole of her open pussy before sliding out to the very tip and sinking in again, drawing out the juices within and lubricating my hand as it slid over her clitoris at each thrust of the finger. I added a second finger, widening the opening and continuing the slide in and out whilst my palm spread the lubrication over the whole area and rubbed insistently over the clitoris.

Her hips now bucked in time to the thrusts of my fingers, her hips rising to meet them as they drove into her. Her hands fought again to be free, and her feet pulled at the bonds that held them as she tried to pull up her knees and increase the depth of the penetration.

But I maintained a steady rhythm, letting the sensations build up slowly within her as I lowered my head between her thighs, breathing in the musky smell of her as my eyes drank in the sight before me. I shifted my position so that my fingers continued to drive into her, now occasionally catching on the sensitive spot just inside her tunnel, and lowered my mouth so that my tongue could trace the path vacated by my palm.

The effect was electric, as my tongue flicked over her clitoris she pushed up hard against me and my lips closed around it as I sucked it hard into my mouth, while my tongue continued to flick over it. I had to wrap my free arm over her thighs in order to maintain my contact as she contrived to increase the pressure of my lips and fingers, which still drove rhythmically into her, and then it happened.

Her whole body rose off the bed in an overwhelming spasm and I could feel the shivers run through her as a torrent of juices suddenly flowed from her, soaking my hand and face and as I drank them down I knew that her orgasm was upon her and forgetting all finesse knew that I wanted more than anything to be deep inside her, taking my pleasure as she came.

In one short movement I drew my hands and mouth away and kneeling between her thighs I gripped my erection and guided it to her pulsing opening, pushing it into her and stretching her open as it slid easily deep into her. As her body started to subside from the first orgasm I began to withdraw and then drive into her again, taking my weight on my hands at first to plunge in as deep as I could, wishing my whole body could drive inside her I began to build a rhythm, withdrawing to the very tip before driving in to the very hilt, and as I started to drive hard into her felt her body beginning to rise again as she pushed up at me, as she had done to my fingers, drawing me in to the very limit, her rhythm matching mine as I sensed that even though she had just cum, she was building again, writhing against her bonds and grinding her hips against me as I thrust into her. As my speed increased so too did hers, our bodies moulded together as one machine driving us to the very heights of pleasure.

I lowered my body to hers as I drove time and again into her, feeling my cum building deep inside me, and gratified to feel her body racing with me to that ultimate pleasure. My lips found hers and kissed her deeply while my hand found her breasts and my thumb and finger teased her engorged nipples. and all the while I drove deeper and faster into her.

I felt as if my whole body was being drawn down to my thrusting organ and knew that I was about to come like never before, my whole being striving to shoot my seed as deep into her as I could imagine and as my whole body spasmed in ecstatic pleasure and the first jet began to spurt from me, she shuddered beneath me and as I pushed deep into her she locked her body to mine and I felt the insides of her tunnel grip my hardness and seemingly suck out my very soul as she too came with me and welcomed my seed inside her ….

It seemed an age before the feelings subsided. Our bodies clung together, bathed in sweat, our combined juices gluing us together at the hips, as we fought to lower our ragged breathing and regain some semblance of control of our bodies. My hips still moved gently against her as my hardness softened slightly but remained sensitive to the sensations surrounding it.

I kissed her again as we unwound our bodies, a long, sensual kiss intended to convey the feelings coursing through me, and as she accepted and returned the kiss a warm glow passed through me as I realized she was as contented as I was.

As my lips withdrew from her she turned her head towards me and whispered “Who are you?”

I smiled to myself, only I and her husband will ever know……….