Written by tyler

5 Apr 2007

I was round at Vicky’s place waiting for her to return, I had stayed the previous night and she asked me to stay next day, although she did have to pop out to meet up with one of hers mates. She had been gone a good few hours when I received a text from her saying she was nearly home, although rather than just signing the text off with a few kisses she said

“will be back 10 mins, luv horny vix being very naughty”

As you can guess I was intrigued by the message, mostly the bit about being naughty! We had a pretty open relationship (in which I have previously wrote on here about the ‘out of the blue threesome’) so I was thinking of plenty horny things and was looking forward to hearing what she had been up to.

She arrived home a little later than the ten mins, more like 20 mins! She had a naughty smile on her face and looked flustered. She sat down beside me, putting her leg over me and rubbing my crotch with her hand. She went on to tell me she had been very naughty and would I like to here, which I nodded eagerly.

She whispered in my ear to feel up her skirt, I slid my hands up her short denim skirt, touching her pussy through her thong, it was incredibility damp. She said “feels wet doesn’t it? Well its cos I have had a cock inside me this afternoon”

She told me that she met up with her mate, her mate had brought a friend along, who just happened to be in her words “a sex rugby play” She went on to tell me that they all had lunch. The two of them got on well with each other and were flirting. After the lunch he offered to walk her home, that she accepted.

On the walk home the conversion turned horny and so too were both of them. He hinted at her coming back to his flat, she went around to his flat where it was not long before they were at it.

She told me as soon as they were in the flat they were kissing each other and his hand were all over her. They headed straight to the bedroom when they stripped each other naked. She teased and sucked his cock before putting it in her tight and very wet pussy. Vicky told me that he went to put a condom on but she told him not to as she wanted is bare cock inside here

She carried on telling me that it went on to him taking her on her hands and knees and fucking her doggy style. When he said he was going to cum she told him to cum inside here. He told her that she had to go home and have me fuck her after he had been inside her.

My cock was really hard now and she had unzipped my trousers and was wanking my cock while telling me. I asked her if she had sent the text while she was at his flat. She told me that it was sent later on, he walked her home and they had sex down a back street by her flat. She told me that he bent her over pulled up her skirt and thong to one side then proceeded to fuck her open at the risk of being seen. She said it felt so horny knowing they could be seen by any passers by. He told her to text me while he was fucking her.. which she did

By this point I was so horny and my cock was rock solid that lifted up her skirt, took down here spunk filled thong to reveal her pussy. It was so sexy to see her pussy after it had been fucked, it still looked swollen and was fully of cum. I slipped my cock straight inside and didn’t last too long before coming inside her.

Now she has told me that he wants to do it again but this time with me watching and maybe one of his mates joining in. She seems very keen and I gotta say I wouldn’t mind. It turns me on to think of vicky having other cocks inside her and having them cum inside her.