Written by privateste

17 Dec 2007

We pull up at your place and I pay the cab while you go open the door. Out of the corner of my eye I can see you walking away from me up the path to your front door and I can see every movement of your glorious arse as you deliberately work the moment. The cabby catches my eye before he drives away and I can almost feel the envy oozing out of him.

I catch up with you when you have just opened the door and grab you sharply from behind, pulling you close to me as we stand on the threshold, my hands pulling your hips back into my groin so you can feel my cock straining at the leash, gasping to be set free. I slide my hands up your sides and cup a breast in each hand, squeezing them as I bite gently into the back of your neck, then I release you and you turn around to face me, pulling me into the hallway and kicking the door shut behind me.

We kiss hungrily, biting and sucking at each other’s lips, our tongues writhing like snakes and I ease the halter neck to one side so that I can release your tits, my right thumb rubbing over your left nipple, feeling it grow harder and more taught. My left hand reaches around you to knead your arse, the dress riding up so that I can feel the flesh and slide my hand down between your buttocks to feel that you have no knickers on and how wet you have become.

I break away from you, spin you around and push you forward so that you are spreadeagled against the wall. I push your dress right up and run the fingers of my left hand between your legs, stoking along the length of your wet slit, while my right hand frees my cock.

I move forward slightly and start to rub my cock against your slit, feeling how wet you are, your hips grinding back against me, wanting to feel me in you… but I’m not ready to give that to you yet

I kneel down behind you and slide my tongue in between your legs, loving the taste of you. My right hand reaches past my tongue and gently presses on your clit, hardly moving, just letting you know it is there, as my tongue parts your lips slightly as it runs from front to back, back to front.

With my left hand I part your buttocks slightly so that I can lick further up into your crack and brush across your asshole, then back down to your slit and up again, mingling my saliva with your juices, coating your ass and my chin.

My finger starts to rub your clit, feeling how you respond, wanting to get you sooo close to the edge so that the merest touch of my cock in your pussy will make you cum and, when I can sense from your breathing and the motion of your hips that you are ready to explode, I stand up again and press the head of my cock against your lips, pushing slowly and smoothly in, letting you feel every inch.

Then I set up a rhythm, not to fast at first, showing you again the control I had on the dance floor and I feel your legs start to shake as you cum for the first time. Then, when your convulsions have stopped I turn you around and kiss you on the lips again before asking you to lead the way to the living room, where the fun can really start.

You lead me into the living room by the hand and push me down into an armchair, your lips poised over my cock. After a quick kiss on the tip, tasting your own juices, you take hold of my trousers and boxers and peel them off in one movement then settle yourself on your knees in front of me, looking up into my eyes as your tongue lazily circles my bell end.

Your hand reaches beneath my cock and cups my balls, feeling their weight as your mouth forms an O and lowers around the shaft of my cock. Squeezing my balls you start to work your mouth up and down my cock, gripping the sides with your mouth and sliding a finger under my ass to tickle my asshole.

I reach down and fondle your tits as you do so, alternating between gently stroking their full globes and giving the nipples a good hard tweak. The BJ you are giving me feels amazing but I don’t want to come, not yet.

I put my hand under your chin and raise you up to face me then reach down and take hold of the bottom of your dress, pulling it over your head in one motion. When you are naked I remove my shirt and pull you upright so that we can feel our skin touching along the length of our whole bodies. My hand slides between your legs as I kiss you and I slip a finger effortlessly into your wet hole, then another as I work my fingers in and out, kissing you passionately.

Suddenly I step past you and swing my hand back hard on your arse, making you gasp. While you are off balance I push you forward so that you are kneeling again in front of the chair, your head resting on the cushion. I kneel behind you and give you another sharp smack on the arse, seeing the crimson blush forming on your skin.

My hand slides between your legs again, spreading them so that I can easily slide a couple of fingers into your pussy. I twist them round and grind them against each other as I lean forward and begin to tongue your ass.

At first I concentrate on transferring saliva onto your asshole, licking back and forth across the nub then, when it is really wet, I start to press the tip of my tongue into your ass, feeling the muscles relax as I work it in and out. While I am doing this I continue to work my fingers in and out of your pussy then slide a third finger in to join them, enjoying the feel of your pussy expanding to accept them.

When your ass is good and ready I reach into the pocket of my trousers for the 6 inch butt plug that I never leave home without (who does ;o)) and pulling my fingers from your pussy, run the plug along the length of your slit to get it really wet. Placing the tip against your ass I press it in, inch by inch, hearing you grunt as the widest point is reached and then relax as it slides all the way home, filling you up.

After letting you rest for a few seconds I pull it back out again, holding it this time so the thickest part is keeping your ass open wide. Then I slide it back in and repeat a few times until your ass is relaxing nicely around it.

I kneel between your legs and press my cock against your pussy again. You are so wet that I slide easily in and I hear you gasp as you are filled in both holes. Taking hold of your hips I start to slam into you, my balls slapping against your ass. I keep the pace up for five minutes, for ten minutes, listening to you gasping and panting.

Then I pause and ask you what you want me to do next, tell you that you are going to have to beg me to continue.

You look back over your shoulder with lust in your eyes and tell me you want me to fuck you in the arse.

“beg me”, I say, “tell me you want me to treat you like a slut”

You reach back over your shoulder and pull the butt plug roughly from your arse, leaving your hole gaping. “fuck my arse”, you pant, “take me hard like the slut I am”

Smiling at the desire on your beautiful face I pull my cock out of your wet pussy and place the head against your ass hole.

“are you sure this is what you want?” I ask with a leer on my face.

“God yes! Will you just fucking put it in me!!” you snap back with impatience

Taking hold of my cock I press the head into your ass, holding it there so that I can feel your muscles flex around my head. Then I take hold of your hips and push my cock steadily into you until it is buried right up to the hilt. I draw it out a little way and then back in, starting with a slow motion that moves only about an inch or so in and out, keeping most of my cock in you so that you can feel it filling you up.

As I feel your ass start to relax around my cock I increase the depth of my strokes and start to run the whole of my cock in and out of your ass, increasing the pace and strength as I start to drive into your ass, holding tighter onto your hips so that I can really drive it home, slamming my cock into your ass.

I pull my cock out of your ass and turn you over so that you are laid back in the chair with your ass on the edge of the chair. I crouch over you and give you my cock to suck, looking greedily down as I see the eagerness with which you take my cock in your mouth and suck hard on it.

I push you back in the chair and lift your legs so they are on my shoulders as I crouch over you then press the head of my cock against your ass again and push smoothly into your still gaping hole. Your breathing is difficult as your head presses back onto the chair but I can hear you gasping with the sensations ripping through you as I drive down into your ass.

I lower your legs off my shoulders and lean over to hook my hands under your back and lift you in one smooth motion so that you are astride me, my cock still up your ass and your legs wrapped around my back. Pausing for a moment I take one of you nipples in my mouth and tease it with my tongue, drawing it into my mouth and flicking my tongue over it while I hold it in there.

I release your nipple and grip under your thighs with my hands, using the balance in my body to start you riding up and down on my cock, sliding deep in and out of your arse. I use the strength in my legs to work you faster and faster as you ride me hard. Gasping for breath I can feel my legs starting to shake as my orgasm approaches and then I explode into your ass, feeling you tense and then shudder as you come with me.

We collapse onto the chair and lie sticky, sweaty and happy. I start to caress your breasts again and I can feel my cock starting to harden again

….ready for the next round