Written by Tad_bovis

10 Oct 2015

During the eighties I was in the army based in Germany.

Sharon and I lived on an estate, outside the camp called the Hack, in a very nice ground floor flat.

I spent a lot of time away form home but enjoyed a very good sex life on my return.

On one occasion, when returning from a week away, I invited a good friend to mine for a couple of beers before he carried on his journey home. Dave, (not real name ), seemed more than happy with the idea.

Sharon was not happy when we walked into our place but soon turned into the perfect hostess once we had a couple of drinks.

Both Dave and I needed to shower and I agreed to let Dave have a shower first. So whilst he was busy, in the bathroom, I managed to get a cuddle and a kiss with Sharon. I got a little carried away and got my hand in her knickers. Wow, she was soaking wet, obviously wanting my cock, as per normal, when I return home. I had to disappoint her and told her to wait till Dave goes home.

Dave shouted that he had finished his shower and that it was my turn. He was in the bedroom drying himself and as I passed the open door I caught sight of, what I can only describe as a monster cock. Very thick and around 9 inches long. But still not erected. Before he noticed me I locked myself in the bathroom and enjoyed my shower.

After about 10 minutes Sharon tapped on the door and told me to take my time because Dave had to stay a little longer because his wife would not be home till late and he had no key to get in.

I did take my time and after 15 minutes finished and went to our bedroom to dry off and dress.

As i passed the door to the living room I was surprised that the lighting was dimmed and Sharon had putted some quiet music on. Once my eyes grew used to the light I saw an amazing sight. Sharon was sat on the settee, eyes shut, with Dave's head between her thighs, her knees raised to her breast.

Dave had his back to me so neither of them realised I had seen what was going on. I quickly moved into the bedroom and considered my options.

I returned to the doorway and peered into the room. Sharon was sat on the settee as if butter would not melt and Dave was sat on another chair as innocent as hell. They must have heard me in the bedroom.

I was really turned on by what I had seen so far so had to come up with a plan to let them carry on form where they were interupted.

To be continued........