11 Oct 2015

Continuing on from BAOR (Pt 1)

Lets hear Sharon's side of the story :

When Chris came home after being away for a while I was feeling horny as hell. I had showered and removed my underwear in preparation of our normal steamy sex. My 40c breasts were tingling and my freshly shaved pussy grew moist in anticipation. So you can imagine how frustrated I felt when he turned up with Dave.

It all changed when Chris had his shower. Dave came into the living room, with a towel round his waist, he asked if he could borrow a pair of my hubbies shorts. He followed me to the bedroom where I handed him some shorts. What I did not expect was him to drop his towel and start dressing.

OMG I had never seen such a massive cock in my life. Chris was big but Dave's cock dwarfed his. I knew I was flushing so dashed back to the living room where I quickly sat and watched TV trying not to make eye contact as he returned to the room. He sat on the settee next to me and asked if I liked what I had seen. I stuttered a positive reply.

Dave turned the TV off and put some soft music on the stereo. Sitting next to me I noticed the bulge of his cock in his shorts. He smiled and took my hand placing it on his cock. God it felt good, throbbing and twitching as I touched it, and his testicles felt huge and heavy. He placed his hand on my Knee and slowly worked his way up my thigh to my pussy. His fingers soon found my clit and automatically I opened my legs wider for him to continue working on my pussy. To my surprise he dropped to his knee's, between my legs, lifted my legs and forcing them towards my breasts my pussy now on full view. His head dipped and he began licking my pussy.

I started to panic. What about Chris? I held Dave's head, trying to push him away, but he started to suck my clitoris. My eye's closed as I fell under his spell. His hands started to massage my breasts through the material of my dress. My nipples grew as he tweaked them. I was wanting cock but felt guilty, without Chris in the room, and also worried about taking such a huge cock so deep inside me.

Hearing Chris in the bedroom Dave leapt up onto the chair and pulled a magazine across his lap in a vain attempt to hide the bulge in his shorts, and I sat up on the settee adjusting my dress and tried not to look too guilty.

How was I going to have my wish granted. I so so much wanted Dave to fuck me.

To be continued.............