21 Aug 2018

After laying next to Anne for a while I sat up then laid on my side with my head resting on my hand I started to study Anne stretched out next to me , she had nice long blonde hair tied back , nice full rounded tits with nice nipples , her legs were slightly open is at up again to see how much of her cunt was on view ,she had lovely suckable cunt lips , I didn't realise I was rubbing my cock while surveying her , my mind was racing , do I lean over and suck a nipple , do I try to finger her cunt or do I just roll over onto her and bury my cock in her cunt , no I couldn't do any of them I its not in my nature, I gently tapped her shoulder , she suddenly sat up , I watched as her tits moved , god they were nice , she looked at me startled at first then realising where she was and with whom she smiled , I said I fancy a drink and a bite to eat so I'm going to have to leave you , she said oh looking dissapointed, I asked what was wrong, she said she was hoping we could stay together on our first day here , okay I replied do you want to join me , please she answered , as we walked to the cafe Anne got a lot of attention, comments from guys hoping to shag her etc , this made her quite tense , I said why are you upset by the comments , she looked at me and said I will explain when we sit down , on reaching the cafe I wondered how can you pay when suddenly seeing a sign which read your key number will be taken on orders , and please pay at reception when leaving the club , I ushered Anne over to a window table and we sat down , eventually a woman came to our table to take our order , she was dark haired nice tits and she had an apron tied around her waist , and nothing else underneath as I noticed when she turned around after taking our order , I looked at Anne and said what is unsettling you , she said I'm going to tell you something now that I haven't told anyone before , as I took a sip of tea that was just delivered she started to tell me her story , she said I be only had sex once if you can call it that , I was asked out by a lad where I worked and we went to the pictures a bit of kissing that's all , then he invited me back to his for a coffee I was a bit wary but thought he was fine at the pictures why not , we reached his flat and went in , I asked him if I could use the loo , he showed me which door it was I went in sat down had a wee , after flushing the toilet and washing my hands , I went out to see my date , but he had three mates with him , they all looked at me , and said to my date you done well there , I started to get worried and made my way to the door that was guarded by one of the guys who grabbed me and carried me into the bedroom and threw me on the bed they stripped me and they all took me one after the other and then bundled up my clothes and said don't dare tell anyone or you will regret it ..... So that's the only sex I've had , I get horny I watch porn and got toys and sexis always on my mind but I'm dubious to go on a date fearing it might happen again , can you help me , in what way I replied let me lead the way without you doing anything until I ask you to , well what do I do I will tell you next time if you are interested