Written by Philip

3 Sep 2012

I met my Girlfriend three months ago. Emma and I got on brilliantly together. We never did anything improper. I was not very forward; perhaps it was a case of not trying anything on in case she slapped my face. However one day my parents were called to a family emergency and had to dash down to Portsmouth which meant they would be away at least one night.

I phoned Emma and told her what had happened and she suggested I pick her up on my way home from work. She had bought some stuff to make us a quick meal. As I can get a bit dirty with my job I have a shower as soon as I get home. Emma said you go and have your shower while I get the food ready. If I can’t find what I need I’ll shout up and ask you. I sure was naive then.

I went to my bedroom, undressed put my dressing gown on and went to the bathroom. I got in the bath and switched the shower on. I washed my hair then put plenty of soap on my body. Then I heard a tap on the door Emma wanted a word. Here I am stark naked soap dripping off my body and she wanted to see me. I still didn’t catch on. I switched the shower off got out and wrapped a towel around myself and opened the door.

She was wearing just her panties and bra. She came into the bathroom put her arms around me and kissed. I was scared to let the towel go it case it fell to the floor. She asked me to put my arms around her and when I did her hands went down pulling the towel away. I could now feel my cock coming to life, so when her hands held my cock it very quickly hardened. Emma looked at me and asked if it was alright, I told her yes please. I had never felt my cock so stiff. After a minute or two she could tell that rubbing the very top of my prick gave me the greatest pleasure. Her hands were up and down my cock and feeling my balls. I had never known a pleasure like it. I told her you keep doing that and I am going to shoot all over the place.

So she turned around and told me to take her bra off as she wanted to feel my hands on her breasts. This I willingly did I unhooked and slid it off her shoulders my hands went around and felt her tits. They were lovely and firm I found out after a while that her right nipple was the most sensitive. While I was feeling her tits my cock was now rubbing against her arse. I quickly moved my hands down and slid her knickers down and she stepped out of them. She pushed her arse hard against me the bent over and held on to the side of the bath telling me to rub my cock up and down her slit and at the same time finger her. This I did and after a while between her juices and mine it was very slippery down there.

Then I found that with a little pressure with my fingers I could feel my cock trying to enter her. So after a while I slowly pushed it in she said she was on the pill so to push it right in, this I did, right in as far as it would go. I was told to fuck away nice and gently. Emma started getting excited and pushing herself back into me as well. She then told me to stop and take my cock out. I didn’t really want to as I felt I was just about ready to fill her with my spunk.

With that she laid a towel on the toilet seat and made me sit down I was then straddled she faced me and lowered herself onto my cock. It was a fantastic sensation as she slid down my cock. I was able to feel her lovely tits and rub my tongue around the nipples. I could then see that we were both on the verge of coming. Her hands went to my shoulders and she said lets go for it baby. There wasn’t much I could do but sit there watching my cock disappear inside her body. She slid up and down my cock giving me an absolutely sensational feeling. When I did come I felt I was spurting inside her for ages. Fortunately she came soon afterwards

We then both washed each other under the shower. I don’t need to tell you that she stopped the night.