Written by Mr Sexy

24 Sep 2017

My fantasy, I thought I would give a story behind one of my fantasy.

We have chatted about attending a club in the past and this particular story draws a fantasy of attending a London club one hot sat night.

We were told it’s usually crowded, full of single guys and not many couples. We found some new friends and joined them at there table for some drinks.

Drinks started to flow well, and Laura was starting to enjoy the music playing and there were women already on the dance floor enjoying two black guys.

One of them started to pay laura lots of attention and then asks her to dance I said go ahead.

I could tell laura likes him, and through the course of the night I see them engaged in conversation over a drink in the private area. The night starts to come to a close and early morning draws near.

He starts to get ready to leave, when he comes to find me and says can I give you my number if you fancy taking this further.

A number of months later, we decided to have a night out in London. So I booked a hotel room, but didnt tell Laura I have arranged for her BBC gent to turn up at pre determined time.

We had a great night out, laura was flirting all evening teasing me. Showing me she had no knicker on and whispering in my ear all evening. Little did she know what surprise I had install for her.

We headed back to the hotel, I could of come in my pants then. We sat in the bar people watching and downed a couple bottles of wine its now getting near the arranged time, so I told Laura head up to bed and get ready for a dirty night.

I finished my drink, then I called him and said wait 30 mins and head up. When I went up Laura was sat naked playing with herself in a chair waiting for me.

She looked so sexy, i pulled the chair close and I tied her wrists to the chair, this shocked her and turned her on even more and then I blindfolded her.

I start to tease her, with my fingers finding there way to nipples , kissing her neck , her breathing starts to increase all the time I'm teasing her whispers my fantasies in her ear.

I untied her and start to fully undress her, we keep the blindfold on and I then move her to the bed.

I then bent her over and started to lick her wet pussy, she starts to beg me to fuck her. I slowly start to make love to her, I can hardly stop from coming.

Then it happens, there is a knock at the door my heart is coming out of my chest. I can’t believe it’s going to happen I stop and Laura says who's that, I answer door and reply it’s room service. I forgot I ordered another bottle of wine.

No words were spoken, as I opened the door just her BBC saying room service.

We walked in he looks at me and mouths the words wow !

I whispered to him she's yours I want to watch you fuck her so hard.

We both walk over to her she is unaware of any thing. He get behind her and starts licking her pussy. And still no idea, until she feels 2 pairs of hands on her. I can feel her heart pounding, her mouth opens and starts gasping for air as she so turned on.

We both start to take one nipple each between our teeth, my hand goes to her already open legs. But I'm to late our guest had beaten me to it he has fingers in her wet pussy.

Omg it’s so wet, she then try’s to find his belt and starts to pull his trousers down and release his hard cock it’s so big 9” plus. when she finally finds it the deep breath she takes is one of shock. I start to move away and say enjoy her.

I'm going to watch, she starts to pull the blindfold off , looks at me and says thank you. I'm going to enjoy this my first black cock.

I pull up a chair , there sat on the bed , his hard on is in full view. He starts to finger her again 2,3.4. more fingers go in she is panting and moaning like fuck.

I suggest he uses one of our dildos on her he does , she cums and cums he pulls it out she say don’t stop.

I’m seeing all this, it’s about this point I take a picutre of Laura sucking his big black cock for the first time and I'm horny as fuck.

Story to be continued if there is an interest.