Written by Tomcovenent

9 Oct 2011

'Well, are you going to answer the door or do you want me to answer it like this?', She looked down at her panties and back up at me. I hesitated,'You mean we are going to let Mr Benson meet Dawn and Steve?'. She nodded.'He asked me to invite them, well, he asked me to invite a couple, so yes thats the idea'. I wondered where this was going, it had significant potential for catastrophic consequences. She was as aware as I was, if I had doubted it her next words would have dispellled them. 'I know what youre thinking, this is crossing a boundary, but its too late to start worrying about that'. It was her decision. I took a deep breath and resolved to go with the flow, to let her take the lead, even though I suspected I was handing the lead to Mr Benson and not to Carol at all. He barely gave me time to open the door before he had stepped into the hall. He seemed unconcerned at the delay and didnt chastise me, the relief I felt was a measure of the level of control this man has on me and though I was not entirely consious of it, I'd capitulated and handed him complete control. He was alone, so I closed the front door and he pushed open the internal door to join Steve and Dawn in the living room before I had the opportunity to introduce him. Carol was coming down the stairs and I waited for her, partly so that we could enter the living room together but also, I admitted to myself, to make sure that she had put on a skirt! She had, it was one of the black skirts she wore to the office. Perfectly respectable, but offset by the blouse failing to conceal her bright pink bra. Damn, I thought, she looks good, and again there was that pang of jealousy. I knew the way she looked was not for my benefit, but again there was a surge of excitement. As we entered the room, Dawn and Steve were introducing themselves to Mr Benson, who introduced himself as a business colleague of mine. There was some small talk and I offered him a glass of wine, but he asked if I would mind making him a cup of tea. Steve raised his eyebrows and glances were exchanged between our friends when I responded with 'how do you like it Mr Benson?'. Only he wanted tea, so it didnt take long before I was back. He asked me to put the tea down somewhere and turned back to Steve and Dawn, with whom he had been deep in conversation. Carol was sipping from a glass of Cava and blackcurrent and listening politely but didnt seem to be included in the conversation. It felt as if Carol and I were there to look after Mr Benson and his friends rather than their being our guests in our home. I suddenly realised that Steve and Dawn had risen from the sofa, had finished their drinks and were shaking hands with Mr Benson and were preparing to leave. 'Oh' I said, 'Your leaving already'? Steve apologised, 'Sorry old chap, Mr Benson here has explained that you he and Carol have some business to discuss, he winked and ushered a confused looking Dawn past Carol, who glanced briefly at our friends and smiled but dropped her gaze to her glass. Before I knew it, Mr Benson had ushered them both out of the room and I heard them talking and laughing like old friends sharing a joke. I looked at Carol, but she didnt look at me, didnt move or say anything and I was so confused that I stood rooted to the spot and waited for him to return. There were goodbyes and the sound of the door closing and he was back in the room pushing the inner door behind him with his foot and it closed with its usual positive click. He seated himself in the only armchair and gestured to me to sit on the sofa, which I did as obedient as a lap dog. Carol had followed his movements, keeping so she faced him and when he sat she had immediately moved over to stand in front of him. She stood with her feet together, her hands slightly behind her, palms flat against her thighs. The re was an erotic charge in the air and I felt myself slipping into arousal. Carols lips were parted slightly and her tongue flicked wetly over them, her nipples were visibly erect, pressing through her bra and blouse.I could not help but be impessed with this mans charisma and almost supernatural ability to control and arouse us. He turned to me and said 'Come here and undress your wife for me'. without hesitation I rose and walked over to Carol who had stepped back obediently without being asked. I slowly and deliberately undid the buttons of her blouse and it parted to expose her bra, when I went to slip it off her shoulders he stopped me, 'No, leave it like that, undo the skirt'. Carol turned away from me so I could unhook and unzip her skirt whcih I slipped down over her buttocks to reveal her panties. She stepped out of the skirt and I stooped and picked it up. She turned back to face Mr Benson, he was looking straight at the front of her panties and leant forward, sliding his hands around the backs of her legs and upward to push his fingers under the lace and grip her buttocks, pulling her thighs toward him. She was force to step forward to keep her balance and he leant forward and slowly deliberately licked the front of her panties, she gasped and moaned. He let her go and sat back leaving her shuddering, thighs thrust forward, knees slightly bent and barely able to maintain her balance. He turned to me. 'I beleive you have some desires of your own? Its alright, I dont need you to tell me. I've met plenty of sissy boys like you'. He grinned maliciously and I felt embarrasment and humiliation that my wife was standing in her underwear in the presence of this man in our own home and that this was because Id undressed her at his bidding and without resistance. I could hardly argue with him. 'Now strip'. The words had a profound effect on me, I realised at once that this is what I had wanted and I didnt even consider not obeying. Watched by my half naked wife and at the command of this man in his smart suit I stripped. Shirt, socks, trousers, underpants, I was soon naked, standing with my hands covering my partially erect cock in an attempt to stop it dripping precum onto the carpet. He was still smiling broadly and he even smiggered a little as he said to Carol 'Do you have them?'. She nodded and went over to the dresser, slid open one of the draws and produced a carrier bag, it was labelled 'La Sensa'. She handed him the bag and he reached in and pulled out a reciept. 'lets see what we have here' he said, and proceeded to read 'Wishfull lace black air boost padded plunge bra, black tutti sequin skirt thong, brief and suspender belt...dreamlegs lace topped stockings...oh yes very nice'. He looked into the bag and pulled up some sexy black lace garments and dropped them back in before throwing the bag to me. He leant forward and pulled Carol toward him again, this time guiding her hands into her panties where she began to feel herself under his fingers, 'Off you go upstairs sissy boy, your wife and I want to get aquainted, tell your sissy boy husband what to do Carol'. She continued to finger herself under the pink panties and looked at me. 'Do as Mr Benson says sissy boy, we want to see you in your lady clothes, I need this real man to fuck me and perhaps after you will be allowed to lick me clean or even lick him clean of you are a good sissy'. So it was that I found myself in our bedroom preparing myself whilst downstairs my slut of a wife was pleasuring another man, a man who I hoped would give me my first sissy slut experience, perhaps even letting me touch him and even take his manhood between my soon to be rich ruby red lips and taste his seed mixed with my own sweet wifes cunt juices.