Written by Andrea

7 Jul 2017

Andrea was 21 and still lived at home. Her best friend had gone to university which left her with no particularly close friends for her to share her problems with. The main problem being her parents who still treated her like a child, and Andrea was no child.

She was told often enough that she was pretty and although she could have her choice of boyfriends there was no one that she was attracted to enough to bother with. That, and the fact that all the boys of her age were immature plus she had a ‘thing’ for older guys. She would catch herself looking at her figure in the mirror, touching herself and imagining some older, good looking powerful man placing his hands on her more than ample breasts. She looked after herself and it showed. Her breasts were firm despite being slightly out of proportion for her 5’5” height. Her stomach was flat and her arms and legs were showing a nice amount of muscle which they bloody should so considering the amount of time she spent in the gym, more to keep her out of the house than for health reasons.

In the end, the petty comments from her parents became too much and after a phone call to her best friend during which she poured out her frustrations it was decided. Andrea would move in, temporarily, with her friend’s parents. Paul and Susan were more like a remote aunt and uncle that strangers. Andrea had spent hours at their house growing up so it was a natural choice. Andreas parents thought it would show her what an ‘easy life’ she had at home because they were sure Paul and Susan would have her doing chores and not just come home from work and lay around.

The day came and Andrea moved her stuff into her new home. Paul and Susan sat her down and told her how welcome she was and that she could stay as long as she liked. However, there was one proviso. Andrea had to promise that she was not to tell anyone and they meant anyone about anything she may hear or see. To sat that Andrea was confused is an understatement. Were these people who she had grown up knowing bank robbers or spies. They could tell by the look on her face that she was concerned but they tried to re assure her and told her that her stay with them would be a good test of whether or her parents were right to treat her like a child of whether she was actually a woman now. After drilling into her the importance of confidentiality they confided in Andrea that they sometime had ‘friends’ come to stay and that she was welcome to stay when they were here but that they would like her to stay in her room and try not to listen.

Andrea was pissed that they were treating her like a child just like her parents but this was better than living at home at the moment. The friends came and Andrea did as she was told, she stayed in her room and watched TV or went out. But one visit was different, there was laughter and ‘noises’. She new what she thought she could hear but thought that Paul, Susan and friends were watching a film on TV. After a little while curiosity got too much for her and Andrea crept out of her room and started down the stairs. Desperate not to be seen and therefore cause her departure back to her parents’ house Andrea was careful not to make a sound. The door to the living room was half open and the sight caused her to gasp so loudly she was sure she had been seen.

Susan was on the floor, on her back naked, the ‘friend’ who was a huge muscular guy, bald and tanned had one of her breasts in his mouth. Andrea sat there terrified that she would be seen but too shocked to move. The bald man then starts kissing Susan’s neck before he took his cock in his hand and ‘helped’ it into Susan’s pussy. Andrea sat there and watched his body thrust as he fucked her friend’s mother. Andrea lay back on the stairs to try and get a better view and in doing so saw a woman’s head bouncing forward and back whilst leaning over the edge of the settee. Andrea wasn’t stupid, it was obvious that her Uncle Paul was fucking this woman doggy style.

Andrea watched for as long as she dared, listening to the grunts and squeals, watching her ‘Aunt’ Susan’s legs wrap around this man’s back as he fucked her. The sight was giving Andrea pleasure as well as those taking part and she found herself massaging her own breasts thinking of the bald mans cock. She wasn’t exactly a virgin but the only cock Andrea had ever has inside her belonged to an ‘acquaintance’ and it was skinny and long but the bald man, well she thought that it must have hurt Susan on the way in.

Then she saw that Susan was looking at her, not saying anything, not shouting for her to get to her room but just looking at Andrea who realised that her had opened her top and was touching herself.

Andrea put buttoned her top back and rushed to her room expecting to be thrown out for breaking a promise. But there was nothing but groaning and squealing and the occasional deep grunt coming from down stairs and after what seemed like ages loud roars and squeals. By now Andrea and had her own orgasm, pleasuring herself at the thought of the Bald man.

In the morning, she expected a lecture and was reluctant to get up. It was Saturday so a good excuse to have a lay in and avoid the ‘talk’. At 9:30 she decided it was better get it over with rather than lay there worrying but as she was about to swing her legs out of bed the door opened and in walked Paul & Susan. Andrea’s mouth dried up at the thought of a blocking from the two of them but instead of a row the two of them sat on her bed, one on each side. Andrea sat up and waited for it to start but it didn’t.

Susan asked her if she had any questions about what she saw but Andrea couldn’t think of anything, her mind was racing. Susan explained that they had friends who they had fun with and that Paul and her shared the experiences. All Andrea could do was smile.

Paul asked if she enjoyed what she saw. Andrea replied saying it was ‘nice’ and immediately regretted suck a pathetic answer. She could’ exactly tell them that she masturbated most of the night and had more than one orgasm at the site of a bald guy fucking Susan and Paul banging a woman from behind so ‘nice’ was all she could come up with.

Susan said that if she wanted to be treated as an adult then she had to act like an adult and told her that she saw her touching herself. Andrea went red but Susan put her hand on her shoulder and said it was fine and it was only right that she enjoyed her body. Susan asked her if what she saw made her feel good. Andrea nodded.

Susan told Andrea that she was woman now with an amazing body and that she should explore new things but she was disappointed that Paul hadn’t seen what she had. Susan asked Andrea if she could open her top for Paul. It wasn’t’ a question that required an answer, Susan was already popping the buttons and pulling the top open to expose Andreas impressive chest and equally impressive dark red nipples. Susan said that one of the beautiful things about their lifestyle is that they can always say no or stop, you can always say no or stop can’t you. Andrea nodded as Susan leaned down and licked Andreas hard nipple before taking it in her mouth and gently sucking.

Paul pulled the sheet back and kissed Andreas tummy before joining his wife. The pleasure Andrea was feeling was new to her, she was shocked but didn’t want it to stop. She looked down at the two of them sucking her breasts and the quivers started.

Susan stepped back, pulled the sheet off the bed and helped Andrea slide down onto her back before pulling at her shorts and in seconds Andrea was naked on her back. Whilst Susan touched and kissed Andrea naked figure Paul undressed exposing a tight body with an ample cock. Paul slid between Andreas legs pushing them apart as his tongue entered her pussy. He had only just started when Susan was also naked, her equally firm figure with tiny breasts lay next to Andrea in just the right position as to allow Susan to press her breasts into Andreas mouth, ‘ suck me’ Andrea was told.

Paul moved up and in a seamless move his cock slipped into Andreas pussy. For over an hour Andrea was fucked first by Paul then Susan then Paul again then the two of them exploring every part of Andreas skin. Pauls cock went from pussy to mouth before she was pulled onto her tummy and Andrea had her first Anal fucking before her backside was lifted and he pounded her doggy style whilst Susan lay underneath her. Andrea though men could only cum one but Paul cam in her pussy twice and again during a frantic titty fuck splashing cum on her face which Susan happily cleaned with her tongue. Then Paul left and Andrea had another first as her and Susan fucked or should I say as Susan fucked her and touch Andrea was sex with a woman should be like.

Andrea came again and again during her new experience. She came with Paul inside her and with Susan grinding her wet shaved pussy against Andreas wet unshaved cunt whilst her tits her squeezed and sucked and bitten.

In the end the two of them lay exhausted. That night they fucked again and the night after that. For the next 6 nights Andrea would come home from work have food and the three of them would rush up to bed and enjoy each others bodies. But on Friday it was different.

Paul, Susan the bald man and his wife all tool Andrea in turns and at one point all together, hands moved her onto her knees and with the bald man inside her cunt and Paul on her mouth the two girls lay underneath her sucking one breast each. And each time Andrea climaxed and her knees collapsed the powerful bald man lifted her up and continued his pounding until he poured cum into her which set Paul off and he held onto her head and came in her mouth. Another first for Andrea and she gagged before the bald mans wife grabbed her hair and pulled her down and sucked Andreas mouth and tongue free of cum. And when the two men had their fun the three girls fucked and fought, each trying to grind pussy with fingers and hands disappearing amid screams of pleasure.

The night ended with Andrea sat on the chair sticky and sore watching the others wind down with a short fuck or two but mainly kissing and touching. Then they left and Andrea showered with Susan and went to bed.

Andrea eventually bought her own place were Paul and Susan were frequent visitors along with the bald man and his wife and numerous other ‘friends’.