Written by Naughty 'r'

13 Mar 2011

Part of my job as a Retail Manager was to visit our store in London on a regular basis. Usually I stayed in a hotel, but on one occasion I was unable to get a hotel booking and asked my good friend Karen if I could stay at her house. That morning as I was driving down to London Karen phoned to say that she had been called away on business that night, but I could still stay in the house as her husband Steve would be at home. I’d known Steve for longer than Karen so felt fine about it.

At the end of a long hot day in London I headed out for Karen’s house, looking forward to a shower and a cold glass of white wine. When I got there Steve had prepared a lovely meal and had a bottle of pink champagne on ice. Not reading anything else into it, I thought he was just making an effort as I hadn’t seen him for a while. The bubbly was opened and I sat down on the sofa to unwind drinking my champagne. As I stood up I could feel my head slightly fuzzy which wasn’t surprising as I hadn’t eaten anything all day.

I was standing in the shower letting the hot water wash away all the London grime, rubbing myself all over with some delicious scented shower gel, when I saw the door open and in walked Steve holding my glass which he had re-filled. Steve stood outside the shower cubicle watching me wash myself and, starting to feel a bit horny, I decided to tease him by rubbing my fingers over my erect nipples and then down in between my thighs. I then put my hand out of the shower door for my glass and took a few more gulps of the bubbly. Just as I was handing back my glass to Steve he put his arm through the open door, and started to rub my tits. As they always do, my legs automatically moved apart and Steve put his hand in between them sliding his 2 fingers into my smooth shaven pussy.

He then started to fuck me with his fingers thrusting them in and out of my hole making me cling to the side of the shower so that I wouldn’t collapse. He fucked me until my warm juices started to spill out down the insides of my legs.

Steven then quickly stripped all his clothes off and pulled me out of the shower, and led me through to my bedroom. Dripping wet he pushed me down on the bed, put his head between my legs and sucked my clit, sliding his tongue in and out of my pussy. By now I was writhing on the bed and shuddering with the intensity of the spasms that shot through my pussy.

He then moved up me so that I could see his huge dick just before he shoved it into my mouth. I sucked his cock hard as he thrust it in and out of my mouth. Just before he was about to spurt his semen down my throat he withdrew it and pushed it into my wet swollen pussy. I screamed in excitement and delight as he fucked me until I came with a huge orgasm and felt him shudder as he gave a final thrust……

Did I feel guilty about fucking my friend’s husband? A tiny bit………….. Well, only for a minute as he entered my sore but horny pussy again the next morning…………….. Did I book a hotel for my next business trip????