Written by Harry_22

3 Jun 2014

I got to Anna’s house about on time, but I was surprised there was no answer from the door. I pulled my phone out to ring her and saw she had sent me a text, it explained that she was already in the Jacuzzi and I could let myself in and join her when I was ready. It seemed like an odd way for it to be phrased, but as I neared the patio doors in the kitchen, that lead out towards the summer house where the hot tub was, I heard voices and slowed down to see what was what, I was at a distance where I could remain unannounced. Anna was sat next to Nigel, a mutual friend a similar age to her. Opposite and with there backs to me was what I guessed to be a younger couple, his young broad shoulders just visible at the side of the tub, a thick arm round his female companions shoulder. There were discarded clothes on the patio and I knew instantly that I wanted to join them. I popped up to Emma’s room to shower and ten minutes later I strode out kitchen doors and headed on over.

I walked naked pleased at how may semi hard cock swung as I moved. Nigel stood to greet me with his customary handshake, his nice thick cock hanging heavily between his legs. Anna stayed sitting under the burbling water so I leant in to kiss her as I sat down. She lingered as she always did, her tongue savouring the touch of mine as we slowly drew back form each other.

She introduced Shyguy and Shygirl, new friends she told me who were extremely nervous. The names at least explained why I could see Shyguy’s trunks through the water and Shygirl’s skinny frame similarly clothed albeit in a small bikini. Nigel and I sat either side of Anna, on my other side was Shyguy, his impressive bulk looking like it could fill the tub all on his own. We all talked-small for a while and the Shys settled back down. They were a nice couple and as we reached the bottom of a bottle of wine, we were al relaxed enough that the was plenty of under water touching going on. For Anna, this was a solo affair, her finger pulling her nipples when the bounced into view above the water and I could tell she was frigging herself too. I was stroking her leg watching keenly as Shygirl’s arm drifted over to Nigel. I could picture how her little hands looked on his shaft. Shyguy was maybe thinking the same as I watched him, his eyes glued to his girlfriend’s action. Anna suggested she strip off now and considering her timid nature I was surprised. I was amazed as she stood up, she was tiny, her bikini briefs still in the water as she stood up. She nearly lost her balance lifting a leg to pull them off and as she leant onto Anna, she put her arms round her to stabilise and Anna deftly pulled the string to release her top. Before she sat down again, Anna took Shygirl and lead her to slowly twirl for us. It was like a switch had been flicked and her inhibitions had gone, she wiggled as she rotated and played her hands up and down and over her little titties. She went to sit down and Nigel steered her to land on his lap. She slung her arms around his neck and he cuddled and kissed her as their hands began to wander over each other. Anna told Shyguy to strip as well and he stood much less ceremoniously, pulling his trunks down quickly before sitting back down, but not before I caught a glimpse off his cock, hard yes, but also small which I was sure was exaggerated by his large body. Under the water, Anna leaned over to guide his hand over to me an then vice versa. He was fairly short in length, but fairly thick with it. We wanked each other in the tub while we watched in turn his girlfriend making out wit Nigel and Anna, a self satisfied look on her face as she took it turns to watch us and them as well.

After a while, Nigel roe from the water, lifting Shygirl with him with ease. HE set her on the side of the tub and pointed for her to go the bench bed at the other side of the summer house. We watched he go, she turned and sat with her back to the wall, her feet up the bench, a clear pussy shot of her neatly trimmed snatch. Her mound was swollen and to me seemed to be glowing red. I was surprised that he did not follow her, but instead he turned back to us, his proud 8 inches standing a foot or so from our faces. Anna rose form the water and got out the tub, walking round the back of me and Shyguy she pushed us forwards, and we carried on the motion to start licking at his cock. There is plenty of Nigel to und and so we soon found a rhythm in sucking him and licking him before working our way down the shaft to lick his balls. When Shyguy started taking him all (or as much as he could anyway) into his mouth, I moved back and put my hands back in the water. He lifted his body up in response to my touch and I soon had a grip on his hard on once more. I heard giggles from the girls and looked over to see Anna coming out of the small cupboard, holding up a dildo, placed already into a strapon harness. I turned back to Nigel just in time for him to turn to me, pushing his big dick into my mouth now. By instinct I kept my hand on Shyguy and it soon occurred to me that he was virtually hangin over the edge of the tub now, on all fours with me wanking him and I knew he must be watching his petite Shygirl get split apart by Anna’s toy. His arse presented to me as it was I sunk into the tub and moved forwards to rim him. Above the bubbles I heard him groan and felt him push back. He straightened his legs and I tugged his cock between his legs as lapped at his arse. He really liked the attention there and something occurred to me.

I had not seen Anna’s strapon before and looking over at the bench I smiled massively as I saw her lying back on the bench, one leg high up the wall, with Shygirl’s little arse between them, clearly taking long deep strokes in and out of her. With this revelation fresh in my mind I looked at Nigel who smiled and winked at me. He was rolling a condom down over his shaft and no sooner had he finished than he moved behind Shyguy and put it inside him. The noise he made broke the girls action and they cheered together. Anna got up and knelt on the floor, face to face with Shyguy as he hung still over the edge and Shygirl moved in behind her. Straight away, Anna and Shyguy were groaning and moaning, their lips touching as the two fucked them.

Anna came hard, growling and grunting and calling Shygirl all sorts of names which was hot. Nigel was his usual masterful self and kept a steady rhythm in Shyguy which he was now taking easily in his stride, his moans carried on and he also took to name calling, letting Nigel know how good he was at his task. As Anna pulled off from the dildo she sloped back into the tub and Shygirl slid simply out of the harness, I swear the thing was about the same size as her arm! She came back to the Jacuzzi as well and I was worried I would not see much of her as Nigel and Shyguy were taking up a lot of space. I need not have worried though, she sat straight on my lap, straddling me before lifting her feet up to the seat I rested on. I slipped forwards, reading the situation right as she lowered herself down to my hard cock. She perched on the tip and then kissed me as she lowered herself the final distance. Her tightness was amazing, she sank to the hilt and I kissed her more as I let my hands roam all over her. I could not really get to her tits, but I was distracted with how easily my hands reached round her and I focused instead on cupping and squeezing her cute little as she bobbed up and down on me.

From the side of the room a watch beeped an alarm and Anna reminded the Shys that it was their alarm reminding them when they had to go. On that cue, Shygirl pushed hard down on me, grinding her clit onto me. It felt almost matter of fact as she used my dick to make her come, but I was not complaining. She made the cutest of noises as she came and her muscles gripped me tight inside her. When she finally finished her body was shaking all over. She stayed like that a while then we kissed again before she moved off to reveal Shyguy standing in the middle of the hot tub. His cock was hard still and his hands were by his side as he waited patiently.

I saw Shygirl and Anna swap a look with each other and the Shygirl offered her man his choice of how to come. He smiled and she nodded knowingly and signaled Anna once more. Where he stood she moved forward and took his cock into her mouth, from the outside of the tub, Anna produced the strapon, it harness hanging redundantly now. It was an impressive thing alright, maybe slightly bigger even than Nigel, she moved behind and I shifted too just in time to see the tip push into his arse. I have no idea how he managed it but he stood solid still as she pushed it up him, Shygirl all the while sucking on and off his dick. I reckon he had about eight really thick inches in him when it got to much. His body jerked and twitched and I could just about hear Shygirl gulping his seed down her throat.

After that, he moved off out of the tub and went straight to the door and left. Shygirl lingered, giving us all long good bye kisses and telling us we would all need to do this again. We heartily agreed and the in the following quiet, Anna poured another drink for the three of us and looked at us both in turn, her look definitely asked the question, which one of us was needing to come more and and did WE want to do it!