Written by Karen

28 Apr 2009

Saw a bikini I liked for my forthcoming holiday whilst out shopping,I decided to try it on. I made my way to the changing rooms and my best friend followed me and entered the cubical with me. I started to undress and my best friend stood watching me, i started to get quite horny and i could see she felt the same. She then stood behind me and fastened the bikini top.We both stood facing the mirror she then placed her hands on my shoulders and pulled me close to her and started touching my breasts, my pussy was extremley wet with the excitment and the thought of knowing someone outside the cubical could walk past at anytime was making me that even more horyner.I tilted my head back as she started to kiss around my neck with such passion and then took my bikini straps off one by one,she turned me around facing her and pushed me up against the wall of the cubical and started licking my erected nipples she got on to her knees and removed my bikini bottoms and parted my legs kissing around my pussy and teasing my clit with her tongue the intensity of my pulsating pussy was amazing i didnt want that feeling to end.She then placed her tongue inside me and fucked me and the most intense multiple orgasam i had. My best friend then stood and kissed me passionatly i could taste my pussy on her lips. Then she turned me around and I had my back to her and put her finger inside my pulsating wet pussy and finger fucked me until i came. I turned to look into each others horny eyes and kissed. We then got ourselves together and left with a grin on our faces. Knowing what we did was so wicked and dangerous but amazing and exciting at the sametime.