Written by Syburrhound

10 Mar 2010

The ad wanted a 'spare man' to join an older couple for the wife's first threesome. I duly responded and we exchanged several emails and pics before I met the couple at a convenient pub for a chat, drinks and a meal. The wife's name was Anne, a plump, full-breasted blonde and I put her age at 60/62. Her raven black hair had greyed to the extent that it was already turning to that silvery white that contrasted well with her tanned skin. She was an attractive mature woman and I was already fancying our first session together.

Bill, her husband, was about three years older. We got on well and they suggested we meet up at their home for Anne's big event a fortnight hence. The day arrived and I drove to their house in the afternoon. Drinks were offered and we relaxed and chatted awhile before Anne got up and quietly murmured in Bill's ear that she was going upstairs to 'prepare' herself. Bill winked at me as she left the room and told me that she was a bit nervous about the whole thing butr he was sure she would be fine once we had started. He suggested that we also go up to the spare room and get ready.

We undressed casually in the spare room then surreptitiously glanced at each other's nakedness to assess each other's endowment. Bill's was as big as mine and I guessed that Anne would be well pleased to have two cocks at her disposal for the first time. Bill led the way along the landing to the main bedroom. It contained a very large double bed which had been stripped of its coverings to provide a spacious, comfortable place for the forthcoming event.

i went to the window to await Anne's appearance and looked out at the neat garden. She entered the bedroom wearing a bathrobe and saw us standing there totally naked. I was sure that she blushed as she stared briefly at my equipment before going to the bed and sitting on it. Bill went to her side and put his arm around her. "OK, love?" he said and gave her a peck on the cheek as he slipped a hand inside the top of her robe. I stood quietly in the corner watching as he fondled her hidden breast. Anne sighed softly as his hand did its work on her breast and I saw her hand reach instinctively for his soft dick. The minutes passed and Bill's erection grew as he slid his hand under the hem of her robe and moved it upwards along her fine thigh towards his target. More minutes passed and Anne's robe now gaped revealingly open. I saw her full big breasts exposed, each soft mound hanging long and rounded from her chest and tipped with dark circles and firm nipples the size of my little finger tip. As Bill continued his stroking of his wife, her robe parted completely and I saw the trimmed triangle of her 'lady garden' under his hand as he slid a finger between her thick outer pussy lips.

Bill dragged his mouth from his wife's and briefly kissed her breasts before sliding his mouth down her bare body . He persuaded her legs to part enough for his tongue to slide the length of her slit and up again. as she lay back and closed her eyes he began to lick around her pussy and finger her clit. after a while he raised his head and loked across at me. I was idly stroking my cock as he muttered, "Come on, John! Come here and let Anne get to know you !" I stood by the bed as Anne turned her head to find the tip of my erect cock close to her face. Moments later she was cautiously licking the tip before taking half its length into her warm wet mouth. The room was quiet as the three older lovers gently pleasured each other then Bill lifted his head from between his wife's thighs and knelt between them to stroke his cock into her moistened slit. Anne released my hard cock from her mouth and groaned loudly as Bill pushed his cock into his wife's cunt. I stood back to watch as he began to fuck her hard. She moaned as he rammed his thick shaft in and out of her. I got the impression that they were both highly excited by the knowledge that I was watching as they each glanced at me from time to time. After five minutes or so Bill pulle dout of his wife and turned to me. "Now then, John! The time has come!!" he grinned "Take over here and give my wife a good seeing-to!" we swapped places and Anne stared at my stiff cock as I climbed between her legs and stroked the tip up and down her wet slit. I pushed carefully forwards into her soft slippery pussy and slowly eased the full length of my shaft into her. "OK?" I murmured. To my delight she smiled and answered, "Mmmm! Couldn't be better! Oh Bill! This is wonderful! Look, my love, he's got his big cock right up me!" Bill chuckled and said, "That's it! Enjoy yourself!" I set about giving Anne a satisfactory first time with another man, fucking her gently as she fingered herself to a strong orgasm. I decided to pull out before I shot my load so that we could all maybe have a break before trying out some other exciting action as a fully participating threesome.

Bill and Anne agreed and we returned downstairs for some refreshments, all of us sitting around totally naked but unembarrassed. Anne murmured that it had been very enjoyable so far, hinting that she hoped we could continue upstairs again. We both agreed and it wasn't long before we were climbing the stairs again and I was eyeing Anne's superb arse as she climbed the stairs ahead of me.

Once on the bed again we all became entwined, Bill and I each taking a plump breast of Anne's to lick and suck between kissing her soft mouth and sucking her lips and tongue. I had two fingers in her willing cunt as she seized my cock and rubbed hard. I noticed that Bill had his thumb buried in her arse, working it in and out without a protest from Anne. I reckoned it was time for some down and dirty sex to take place.

We settled to long kisses and stroking and I was sucking at her full breasts. Her nipples were sensitive and she moaned softly all the while my tongue swirled around the fat, hard points. I began to venture lower, eager to seek the warmth of her furry nest. She let me kiss and lick her belly then my nose was in the forest, smelling her perfume and the scent she had worn to enhance her natural smell. Anne willingly spread her legs for me for the first time and I wiped my tongue up and down the length of her very wet slit. Her surprisingly long, glistening clit stood stiffly as I sucked and nibbled it. She let herself shudder into a fierce orgasm and I climbed between her legs to take my reward at last. I needed to fuck long and steadily after the earlier excitements and so I fucked her slowly for a good ten minutes, giving her one or two more orgasms. She seemed to be enjoying herself immensely and her fingers massaged my swinging balls and explored my ass as I fucked her.

Anne was greedy now for endless cock once she had had me as a firstimer. The three of us settled down to play and Bill soon had his cock in her mouth. She sucked it greedily and massaged his balls. When he grunted I guessed that she had a finger up his arse. I rested awhile with my cock fully buried in her cunt feeling her inner muscles grip and squeeze my hard shaft as she sucked hard on Bill's stiff dick.

Before long we changed places and Bill took over with his cock in his wife's cunt once more. I explored her from behind. She lost herself between the two of us, happy to be entertained by two horny men. I played with her arse and tried a finger in her hollow. She didn't protest as I pushed it into her arsehole. But she was dry so I slid down and pressed her cheeks apart to lick some saliva into her arsehole. Bill's cock was still filling her cunt but she had gushed a flow of juice and I spread it around with my finger and took some onto the knob of my cock. Bending once more I licked slowly around Anne's anus before easing my pointed tongue inside her hole. I heard her gasp, "Oh Bill! He's got his tongue up my arse! Ohhhh!"

I eased myself up behind her again and pushed my cock at her back door. My knob slipped surprisingly easily inside her arse. She gasped as she felt it. I pressed on. She cried out as my thick cock reamed her open then whimpered as she felt my shaft slide further and further into her back passage. She was now being fucked in both holes for the first time...... and judging by her moans and sighs, enjoying it immensely. "How is it?" Bill muttered in his wife's ear. "Oh Bill!" she moaned. "Oh it's fucking lovely!" I was surprised to hear her dirty talk. "I've got two big cocks fucking me at once! One's in my cunt, the other in my arse!" and she moaned again as her words excited Bill and me and we began thrusting harder in and out of her holes. The bed was creaking rhythmically now as the three of us writhed and thrusted, panting and groaning as Bill and i fucked the sweating woman sandwiched between us. We lasted a few minutes more before Bill grunted that he was cumming. I felt his cock pumping in his wife's cunt as I kept mine thrusting back and forth in her arse, then I too cried out that I was about to cum. Anne was moaning continuously all the while we were fucking her until we all slumped to a panting, gasping heap on the rumpled bed before finally rolling apart, totally satisfied with the pleasures of the past few hours.