Written by Syburrhound

25 Mar 2010

Two months passed before I met up with Bill and Anne again. In the meantime Bill and I had emailed each other, exchanging news and views and sometimes referring to the first meeting we'd had as a threesome with his wife, Anne. He told me that she had become much more open-minded since our threesome and thoroughly enjoyed doing things that he had only fantasised about before. He was sure it had broadened both their horizons and had done them both a world of good sexually. I was pleased when Bill told me that she wanted us to repeat the occasion again. I readily agreed and looked forward to a meeting which we planned for the next weekend.

When I arrived at their front door Bill opened it and let me enter. Anne was standing there looking gorgeous in a slinky dress which clung to her fine body and outlined her generous curves. Bill shook my hand and Anne stepped up for a greeting kiss. As our lips met I slipped my hand around her waist and craftily let one slide down over her soft swelling arse. I couldn't feel that she was wearing any underwear. Maybe a thong? At her age? She must have altered in her outlook since we last met! I was also acutely aware that her dress had a remarkably low-cut neckline and the material clung closely to her breasts exposing the upper curves and outlining the sharply defined points of her nipples.

Bill had opened a bottle of wine and we settled to drinking and chatting until eventually it was Anne who stood up and announced that she was ready "to go upstairs for some long-awaited fun and pleasure". Glasses were drained and we all proceeded upstairs. In the bedroom Bill and I began to slip out of our clothes. Anne stayed in the room, unlike before when she had demurely retired to the bathroom to undress. Bill and I were soon naked, watched closely by Anne who was slowly undoing the back of her dress. As we looked she let the dress slide off her shoulders to drop around her ankles. She was totally naked.

I gazed at her fine body as she walked slowly to the bed and sat on the edge leaning back on her elbows as Bill and I moved towards her. I stood close to her as she reached out and cupped a hand under my balls and massaged them gently before sliding a circled finger and thumb up the length of my still soft dick. "Ahh!" she breathed softly. "Welcome, old friend!" I grinned and muttered, "Not so much of the old!" Bill laughed and any possible nervous tension was immediately dispelled.

Bill knelt on the bed beside his wife and stroked his soft dick against her cheek. She turned her head and took his tip into her mouth. She released my dick and concentrated on sucking her husband's cock to erection. I watched, slowly masturbating as they became immersed in their foreplay. Bill and his wife fell onto their sides, quickly slipping into a 69 position and losing themselves in an intimate oral embrace. They greedily sucked and licked each other, fingering and stroking cock and cunt. They were too engrossed in each other to bother about me but told me later that my presence had turned them on more. It wasn't long before Bill had mounted his wife who lay on her back, legs spread wide to receive his hard pulsing cock into her well lubricated hairy pussy. Still stroking my stiff cock I moved to get a better view of Bill fucking his wife, his stiff wet shaft sliding relentlessly in and out of his wife's aroused cunt. They were strangely silent as they fucked, concentrating their efforts on maintaining their pleasure for as long as possible.

After some minutes I decided to approach the creaking bed and knelt at the head watching down the length of Anne's naked body as her husband rose and fell in his thrusting. Anne opened her eyes and saw me kneeling at the side of her head. She reached out a hand and grasped my thigh urging me to move around so that I was astride her head.

Bill was watching and grinned as I took up position straddling Anne's face. "She loves her tits fucked now," he muttered, still thrusting in and out of her cunt. I leaned forward and gladly gathered her heavy breasts together, lifting them and pressing them into an impressive cleavage. She hurriedly licked my cock then moaned softly as I let it slide slowly between her bunched up breasts. I began to fuck them slowly as I pinched her pouting nipples between thumbs and fingers. I gripped each nipple tight and heard her squeal with pleasure pain as I tugged at them.

The delightful game continued for a while until I suddenly felt a warm wet probing behind my swinging balls and realised with a stab of lust that Anne was actually licking my arse. Bill and I were both thrusting comfortably as Anne moaned again and began breathing faster. I was getting excited myself now and when I felt Anne's hot wet tongue stab at my arsehole I knew that I wouldn't be able to hold off much longer. She proceeded to push her long middle finger deep into my arse and massaged it as I fought hard to control my growing climax. It was not to be. I gave a long husky growl as I felt my throbbing cock pumping relentlessly as Anne analised me with her finger and tongue. My hot jets of cum spurted between her breasts and nearly splashed Bill who saw the whole action and promptly lost his control too. Anne gasped, writhed and sobbed as she felt two horny men fire off their hot loads of cum over and into her body. The inevitable rest break was needed and we rolled apart, recovering from our efforts and grinning happily at each other.

We were back in the bedroom again after nearly an hour, refreshed and totally at ease together, looking forward to more exciting sexual fun. Bill and I devoted ourselves to pleasuring Anne, kissing her soft mouth, tasting her taut nipples, licking her creases and crevices as we stroked her soft body and teased her openings. She seemed to drift into a near constant state of orgasm, finishing one and instantly urging us on to giving her the next. I got hard enough again to fuck her steadily in her well oiled cunt while Bill fucked her mouth. He used her still slippery tits to slide his cock back and forth between them as I had done. Eventually Bill and I both withdrew from her to let her recover after a particularly frantic orgasm. When she was calm again I urged her to roll over onto her front and leaned down to press her luscious arse cheeks apart. Anne sighed happily before Bill lay down at her head and eased his cock into her mouth. Meanwhile I was eyeing her dark hair-fringed arsehole, the next target of my growing desire. I lowered my head to her swelling butocks and murmured, "Ahhh! Now it's my turn to welcome and old friend!" Anne gave a muffled giggle as I slowly licked around her arsehole and lightly stroked her adjacent pussy. The minutes passed as three of us devoted ourselves to our respective tasks.

Anne was sucking strongly on Bill's hard cock. Bill lay back lazily watching me with my head buried in Anne's delicious arse, slowly licking at her hole and finger-fucking her cunt. As I stroked her swollen clit I felt her cunt quiver and twitch with another approaching shudder. Then I was sliding my pointed tongue inside her arsehole to lubricate it with my saliva knowing that the time to fuck her arse was fast approaching as well. She knew it too and released her husband's cock long enough to groan, "Oh yes! Yes! Give my arse a good licking then, if it's what you want, give it a good hard fucking with that big cock of yours!" Her dirty talk excited me as ever and Bill moaned softly as well as his wife resumed her fierce cock sucking and massaging of his balls.

Satisfied that she was wet enough I moved up over her body and stroked my ready cock between her soft swelling arse cheeks. After some slow, careful stroking and probing at her arsehole I eased forwards, pressed harder and was rewarded with a surprisingly smooth entry into her arse. Anne gave a muffled moan as she felt my thick shaft push relentlessly into her arse then I set about giving it a long steady fucking while Bill began actively to fuck her mouth.

The time passed by until at last we were all at that climactic stage when the floodgates would open to satisfy each of us. Bill and I both fired off our loads into Anne's lovely, well-used, orgasming body and we all rolled apart for the last time that day.