Written by Charlie Smith

8 Dec 2016

It was my birthday on Saturday and you said you a special present for me and you would give me it Saturday night, Saturday night soon came round, the kids were out all night you said to have a shower and get ready, you did the same when we were ready you shouted me upstairs got a bag of sniff out and I said ahh baby thanks is this my special prez, you said no I would have to wait for that, I asked you where we were going you said just wait and see, after about 15 mins we were both feeling really good then there was a knock at the door, you answered it and it was a guy I heard you say come in and you introduced him to me as someone you met through work, I wasn't sure what was going on then because you asked him if he wanted a drink and a line! Then the penny dropped and my heart started beating really fast and my cock started twitching he was about 6' tall tanned and muscley just like the guys in my stories, we had a few drinks then you said we weren't going out anywhere and you put some music on, you said why don't you show him some of our pics, then I knew this was going to be the best birthday prez ever we had another line each and I got my phone out and showed him the pics he really liked them and kept rubbing his cock through his trousers, you asked if we would like you to dance for us we just smiled at each other you sat us down and started dancing you looked really sexy, then your friend said he wanted to see your tits so you started to take off your top then your bra and you were dancing topless in our front room he asked me if he could dance with you, I just nodded, he got up and danced with you then you kissed and he played with your tits and rubbed your pussy through your skinny jeans, by this time I was sat naked on the sofa you never even noticed me getting undressed, when you saw me you said wow baby you must be liking your prez!! Then you got onto knees and took his big hard cock out and started to suck it you told me I could wank but not cum!!! Then he stood you up and you took off your jeans and purple thong you laid down and he got between your legs he lent over and kissed you he was about to put his cock inside you but you stopped him and told me to lick you first I got on the floor beside you as you instructed me to and you told me to lick your pussy from the side you told him to stay where he was as I licked you my face was only inches away from his big cock, when you had had enough and needed fucking you moved me away and told me to guide his big cock into your pussy I hesitated and you said just do it!! So I slowly reached out and guided his cock into into your pussy then you told me to go back and sit down and make sure to not cum he fucked you hard and fast until you both came, as you laid there cum was dripping out of your pussy and you told me to clean you up, I got up to get some tissue but you said no!! With your tongue, I said what!! You said I've done this for you now you do something for me so I got down and slowly licked your well fucked pussy and cleaned you up, you said now it's your turn to cum baby wank over my tits and face, that was the best birthday prez ever