Written by jools

26 Jul 2008

Hi Jools here,last sat i was having a nice relaxing massage by my other half.The music was on and the few glasses of wine had gone to my head a little,there was a knock at the front door and dave went to answer it.I could hear voices and laughter and thought it was a cold call or neighbour so i carried on laying their naked.The lounge door opened and dave stood there with Kev and another black guy i hadnt met before,Kev was just passing said dave and he wanted you to meet his mate\"this is the other half of the duo\" siad kev and pointed to this tall cheeky faced guy who was staring at my tits. Hello i said and looked at the growing bulge in his joggers,well im not gonna cover up kev you have seen it all before lol,and dave your not stopping the massage so carry on.Dave carried on massaging me as we chatted about day to day stuff as you do,then i felt two more hands rubbing my inner thighs,still face down i never looked up i just thought here we go then! then another two joined in the feeling of six hands all rubbing oil into my body got me very wet a hand slipped between my legs and started to rub my clit, i couldnt tell who it was but this made it all the more exciting, my legs got parted wide and more fingers probed my pussy i held my hand out and a cock was put in it again i didnt know which one it was,one of the boys climbed on and pushed his cock in me WOW this felt good as it was a very thick cock and it stretched my pussy wide,i could tell it was not daves it was kevs or his mates, it pumped me deep and slow for ages then hot spunk shot up my back only to be replaced by an even bigger cock, this cock was the biggest i have ever had and had me coming in seconds i dont know if it was the fact i couldnt see or it was hitting spots never touched before but it had me shaking with orgasm after orgasm, this carried on for over 20 mins until another shot of thick spunk hit my back

I turned over to se the boys all laughing and saying how sexy that was

Trust me boys I was the one that had all the pleasure