Written by genevieve

26 Jul 2014

I must have been crazy to go on a safari holiday to Kenya on my own at my advanced age. Relations between me and my husband had soured, I wanted time alone.

It had been a long hot day . I was dressed for bed in a loose fitting shirt when they burst into my beachfront lodge. Three soldiers in combats, with knives and guns. They motioned me to be silent, tied my hands together with a long rope and led me half running out and along the sand into the dark. I was their captive, I obeyed.

They pushed me into a four wheel drive and motored away into the night. The vehicle stopped in front of an isolated block building. They led me inside, across a room with desks, then into a second room. The leader, the soldier in charge, untied my hands. He ripped open my shirt and pulled it off my arms. Behind me a second man pulled down my panties and lifted my feet out of them. The leader took my wrists again and tied them, pulling me across towards a table. He made me lean over , and tied my arms . The other men each tied one of my ankles to a leg of the table. I was spread-eagled, bound, as if to be flogged.

They all were standing behind me, where I could not see them. I heard them talking and laughing.

The leader came back in front of me, he was now naked.I had never before seen a black man naked. He sat on a chair and put his feet up onto the edge of the table, his penis right in front of my face . He was idly playing with it while talking to the others. I felt another soldier behind me, his hands feeling between my legs, stroking my pubic hair. More comments , more laughter. I felt the second man's fingers probing for my vagina, finding the opening then sliding into the dampness. He was preparing me , making my fluids lubricate my vagina. He slid his penis into me, not violently, but forcefully. The leader untied my wrists, then sat on the table in front of me. I pushed my head down onto his belly, my mouth by the end of his penis. It smelt musky and earthy but not dirty. He placed my hand around his scrotum , made me squeeze his testicles, heavy and hard.

I was their prisoner, they could do whatever they liked with me. I was there for their pleasure.

The leader was pushing my mouth over his erection. I am not a virgin, I have had other erections in my mouth,I have tasted mens semen. This is no different. I did what the leader wanted, I pleased him. His penis was now hard, no longer than my husband's, but thicker.

The second man was thrusting into my vagina, his pace quickening, his grip on my hips more firm. I felt his penis jerking as he ejaculated into me. He pulled out and stepped aside. The third soldier was now beside me touching my breasts, his penis erect.

He went behind me and slid in. Another dance, a different rhythm, a different step.

The leader was gently pushing his erection harder into my mouth. I squeezed and released his scrotum, put my hand around his shaft and masturbated him as well as sucking on him.

The third man was jabbing in to me harder and deeper, his rhythm increasing. Faster and faster, deeper , then he pushed hard as I felt him ejaculate long , then a jerk as he ejaculated again.

The third soldier pulled out and stepped aside. The leader stood up pushing my head off his penis. He walked around behind me. His fingers pushed into my vagina, then used my fluids to lubricate my anus. One finger into my anus, then more of my own fluids to ease a passage for two fingers. His erection was pushing against my anus as his hands pulled my buttocks apart.

I have had anal sex before, I know the initial discomfort. I remember how to cooperate , how to relax my muscles. My own husband taught me such things . I am a slave to these soldiers, theirs to do with as they wish. The leader has entered me , he is aware of my pain but wants his pleasure.

The second soldier is now in front of me, his penis wet from my fluids. He sits on the table just as the leader had done. I do as he wishes, I take his penis into my mouth. It has a familiar but different taste, salty and manly. He is not fully erect nor is he flaccid. My touch is making him engorge . His penis is longer than that of the leader, longer but not as thick. I take as much of his length as I can, to please him as I must.

The leader has penetrated my anus , my muscles have adjusted to his girth, there is no pain only discomfort. A discomfort that a woman knows in sex, a feeling she enjoys and often craves. His thrusts are deep and slow, there is a gentleness about him. He does not hurt me, he is using me for his pleasure .

The second man is fully aroused. My female instincts tell me he is close , his penis now harder. I pull my mouth away and use my hand on his shaft and over his tip. That triggers him, his ejaculation spraying onto the side of my face and into my hair. He steps away, the third soldier takes his place. He is younger than the others, his skin much blacker than the others. He pushes his penis towards my mouth, again the salty musky taste. His penis is much the same size as my husbands , I do to him the things that satisfy my husband. Being younger he is quicker to arouse . I sense his ejaculation seconds before he releases, time enough to pull my mouth away. His fluids splash across my body.

The leader is pushing harder, his penis swollen inside me. I fell the warmth as he ejaculates into me, I do as I did for my husband, I use my rectal muscles to squeeze on his shaft and to grip him in me. I hold for as many seconds as I can, then release him to withdraw.

They untie my ankles, they lead me across the room, they are laying me down on a mattress. I can feel a mans body over me.

I hear a strange distant voice . " Wake up, darling you are having a nightmare " . As I partly come out of my confusion I realise and remember, yesterday staying in the sun too long, the dizziness. I had gone to bed, naked with no covers because of the heat. It was my husband who was above me, waking me out of my delirium. I was safe. I pulled him to me and held onto him as if my life depended on him. I pulled him so he was lying on top of me. He must be able to feel the wetness between my legs. He had, his cock was pushing gently against my sex. I lifted and widened my legs, I pushed my self onto his erection. He responded in kind, slowly and gently thrusting his full length into me.

I remembered, this kindly man who has patiently loved me through all my moods and phases. He did not complain when I refused him sex in case the children heard us. When the children grew and left home he made me blossom again, he opened my eyes to sexual sensations I had hardly imagined. On a warm night he had driven us to a quiet spot by the sea and we made love naked on a blanket in the moonlight. For my fiftieth birthday he gave me a vibrator and used it to give my pleasure I had not previously known. He had used that same toy on my clitoris to lift me to an all consuming orgasm , gently massaging and fingering my pussy as he arse fucked me. He had swept away all my tabboos , he satisfied my every desire. And then , for a reason I cannot remember, I slammed the door on him. I rejected every advance, I insulted and humiliated him , sex had become dirty and disgusting.

Now he was in me, bringing me up to orgasm. Patiently, using the knowledge he had of my likes, more forcefully but not brutally, faster , more insistant. The orgasm rolled over me causing me to jerk and thrust my pelvis onto him. At other times that would have signalled the end, I would push him off. But not this time, he persisted, same rhythm, same persuasion. Another orgasm was coming , again I thrust against his cock to feel his full length.

A moment later he lifted off me, he moved me up onto all fours near the edge of the bed. Now I was his slave, his prisoner, to be used for his pleasure. His cock slid in to me from behind allowing me to enjoy its length and girth. His thrusts were deeper, he the master, me the subject. His hands gripping hard on my hips, my juices oozing down my legs. A first , gentle orgasm took me, almost immediately followed by another, then another. Was it a series of small orgasms or parts of one long one, I did not know. It seemed like minutes passed before my husband stopped. I did not move as he pulled out, I was in a trance.

I heard him fumbling in a drawer in the dark. Then he was back by me. His finger was touching on my anus, then the fimiliar feel of lubricant jelly being rubbed in. Perhaps because of my dream or because of my memories, my anal muscles were relaxed and ready to take him. The initial feeling was not even discomfort, it was a gasp of that pleasure a woman knows when being taken. His huge, hard cock was filling my arse just as it used to. He laid me onto my side, his cock still fully in me. H e pulled my legs apart, his hand stroking my pussy. I heard a fimiliar buzzing sound as the vibrator touched onto me the way he knew how to do. All to quickly I was rising to another orgasm. He hesitated for a moment, I felt his spunk flooding into me. That was the trigger, an orgasm erupted in my head, sending me into convulsions of satisfaction and sexual pleasure.

Perhaps I had dozed off, or maybe I was in a trance. I awoke to hear him in the bathroom. he came back, his hand cold and damp. I felt up to his cock, also cold and damp. He had washed himself. He rolled me onto my back, my knees up , my legs apart. His head was between my legs. I felt his lips close to my slit, then the sensation of cold water from his mouth being dribbled onto my clit, then lapped up by his tongue. He took another swig from the glass he had brought, and again dribbled it over my clit. His cold tongue and gentle fingers quickly brought me to yet another orgasm, small but warm .

My tiredness was overpowering. I needed to sleep, I was satiated and exhausted. He pushed me onto my side and lay behind me, his arms around me. He lifted my leg and gently eased his erection into my pussy, the laid his hand on my mound gentle stroking my pubic hairs.

I will fall asleep with the pleasure of his loving cock deep in me. In my sleep. will they come for me again, those three black African soldiers ?