Written by AngiesHubby

27 Mar 2009

My wife Angie had been talking about finding a black couple for us to swing with. We've been occasional swingers for many years, though only once in a while when we felt like some spice. Neither of us were into clubs or dogging.

We were spending some time both working on a multinational contract in Switzerland, around the Geneva area, and Angie started looking for some local talent. Geneva is a very mixed ethnic area, with people from all over the world coming due to the UN and other international organisations, and most cultures are represented.

Eventually, she came across a couple by the names of Paul and Annie. At that time Paul was on the staff of one of the African consulates, doing trade stuff. We met them a couple of times just for drinks and getting to know each other, and we took to them at once.

Some descriptions. Angie and I are both late forties. We've both gained a bit of weight, but still look OK. Angie has shoulder length natural red hair, fair skin with freckles, and a wicked sense of humour. She also has a pretty good figure, with a very decent pair of tits.

Paul and Annie are both very dark skinned, almost true black. He's in his forties, medium build, and she's quite a bit younger, quite slim and very pretty, has amazing thick hair which she braids, and a lovely backside.

So, on to the first real date. We had agreed to meet in the carpark of a local mid-range hotel, more of a business place than a tourist one. Angie was wearing a black evening gown, quite sheer and showing a good cleavage, and with a black robbon in her hair. She was made up to the nines, and was wearing Cinema, her favourite scent.

We spotted Paul and Annie as they got out of their car. Annie was also in a black dress, more of a cocktail frock than Angie's one, and Paul was like me, dressed in a decent suit and tie. All quite formal but not over the top.

We got out and went to meet them, the usual round of kisses as done in Switzerland, though perhaps with a bit more "feeling" in both senses of the word.

Paul suggested that we swap partners there and then, rather than going in as a foursome. Then we would take separate tables in the restaurant and pretend not to know each other. Annie also said she would prefer if we kept this to a "soft swap" for the first time, to which we all agreed.

So, I took Annie's arm and after collecting our keys, I led her into the restaurant. It was fairly empty, and we steered the waiter away from sitting us close to the others. I had my first chance to really chat with Annie, as Paul tends to make most of the conversation. She surprised me by telling me she is just 27, and that Paul was 36. That set me back on my heels. This beautiful lady in front of me was almost twenty years younger than me. Wow. And yet she still seemed to find me attractive. I guess having an older husband, she was already keen on older guys. Lucky old me.

We chatted away and enjoyed the food and wine. Annie was putting quite a bit away, perhaps as dutch courage, and she started to get a bit flirty. Her hands started exploring under the tablecloth, and met mine going the other way. We were both still being very careful, nothing too intimate, but sensual all the same.

At about this time I looked over and saw that Paul and Angie were leaning over the table together and whispering and joking a lot. I could see that Pauls hands were exploring Angie's shoulders and thighs, and she seemed very relaxed. Annie called my attention back, nodded at the others, and grinned.

Eventually we headed out of the restaurant, got a bottle of cheapish champagne from the bar, and headed for the lift. Annie was a little calmer now, and I worried she was getting cold feet. "Don't worry, I'll be fine. I just want us to enjoy every moment" she said.

We got to the room, and Annie at once told me to get comfortable, as she wanted to take a shower. "Shall I join you?" I asked. "No, you wait here" she said, went in and locked the door. Hmm, this didn't look quite so good.

A few minutes later, and the door was unlocked. "Put some music on" came her voice, so I obeyed, a nice slow classical number from my iPod. "Now sit down and enjoy the show." came the command, so I did as I was told.

For the bathroom there emerged the most amazing sight. Annie was wearing just about every towel they had provided, wrapped around her in various ways, including one as a turban.

Moving in front of my she started to gyrate with the music, humming along with it, then she started to drop the towels. First went one from her waist that had covered her tummy (which was flat and lovely). Then one around her shoulders, leaving her breasts and pussy still covered, then she shook her head and lost the turban.

Now she was having some trouble keeping the remaining towels in place, but she managed it, and gave me quick flashes of her titty, then her backside, then a very quick look at her pussy, before covering again. Her skin was amazing, so very dark it looked like polished ebony wood. I know thats a cliche, but it was true.

Then she moved much closer to me, leaned over me, and drew the towel away from her breasts. They were not very big, but well shaped and lovely to see, with large rings around short wide nipples, very dark indeed like a ripe backberry.

She slowly lowered one of her tits to my mouth, and I began to kiss, lick, and suck at it. While I was doing this, she started undoing my tie and the buttons of my shirt. Then she pulled away and began to kiss down my neck and chest to my belt, which she proceeded to undo. Her skin was so warm to the touch, almost hot, and so very soft.

"How far do you want to go?" I asked, as this was getting further than I had expected for a "soft swap". I had thought we would just kiss and cuddle, maybe pet a little. But now she was reaching into my underwear, bringing my little friend out to play.

I didn't get a real answer for a moment, then she said "Lets see how we go". She stepped back again and dropped the last towel, and stood there naked in front of me, moving to the music and running her hands over herself.

I stood and dropped my trousers, and tucked myself back into my boxers. She came to me, and we fell into a deep kiss, standing together and holding each other tightly, skin to skin. It was electric.

Then she pushed me back onto the bed, and reached to pull off my boxers. Out popped Dickie, well and truly standing to attention. Annie reached up and took hold of him, gently rubbing up and down. "Oh I do like a white cock" she said. I could smell the scent of her, a mixture of damp hair, a touch of perfume, and the undefinable fragrance of a black woman's skin.

So she went down on me and gave me a most delicious BJ. It seemed to go on for hours, and she was very skilled not to let me "go early". The contrasts kept striking me. Black and white, young and old. In the end, she wanked me to a pretty decent orgasm which she caught in a tissue, but demurred when I offered to return the favour. We just kissed some more.

When that was over, she told me she just wanted to cuddle together under the sheet. I guessed that was it for the evening, but I wasn't disappointed in it. Maybe another time.

However that wasn't the end. We slept a few hours, then in the middle of the night I woke to an incredible sensation. I was lying on my back, and Annie had slid over on top of me without waking me, and was rubbing herself against my body. What woke me was the sensation of getting hard again, and of slipping gently into a welcoming pussy. The bedside light was on very low, and I had just enough light to see the beauty in front of me.

The mood was different now. Annie was totally in charge, and started riding me like a wild Amazon. It was clear that this was all for her, to feed her need, and I was just going to be a prop for the moment. She rode me, facing me with her tits flying all around, her head back and her mouth open. She came at least twice, from her fingers and mine working at her clitty as she rode me.

Then I had enough, and rolled her over under me. I came out of her, and kneeled over her, one leg each side of her body. "So you want to be fucked properly now do you?" I said, a little tongue in cheek as I'm no Dom. "Yes" she answered, very quietly, but with a certain steel in her voice.

"But we told the others we wouldn't" I countered, to which she responded "Well they dont have to know right away. We'll tell them at the right time."

I wsn't about to let this chance slip away. By heavens she was gorgeous and my cock was just aching to get inside her properly. Every touch was ecstasy, hot and electric.

I moved down the bed a little, and guided her hand to my dick, inviting her to put me into her pussy. In this way I made it clear whose idea this was. My own hand lingered in her bush, enjoying her curly pubes and lovely belly.

Slowly I drive into her cunt, then making a very slow and deliberate rhythm. I could tell she was gagging for it now, wanting me to go faster and finish, but I span it out as long as I could, very gradually building the pace. Faster and deeper, harder and faster, building to a furious finish when I pulled out and shot a huge load all over her belly and tits. She came again, quite noisily, and we both collapsed.

After a while, we both headed to the shower to clean up. It was fun just washing each other down and enjoying the water. Oddly, we neither of us wanted more sex at that point. It was just fun and freedom. We dried off, went back to bed naked, curled up together and slept till morning.

When I woke, Annie was already up, moving around the room and tidying up. I was a little alarmed to see the curtains were fully open, while she was still bare-arse naked and in full view of anyone who happened to look across from the other wing. She didn't seem to mind, and Geneva is pretty relaxed, so I didn't say anything.

We dressed for breakfast and headed down to meet the others. They were already drinking coffee, but seemed subdued. I asked if everything was OK. Angie said "Oh yes, everything is fine. We had a great time." Then she hesitated and looked across at Annie with a very worried expression on her face. "I'm really sorry Annie" she said. "We were having such a great time, and we got a little bit crazy. I'm afraid we might have gone just a teeny bit further than you wanted us to." Paul was looking down into his coffee cup, obviously embarrassed. "I'm afraid I made him fuck me" she finished.

Of all the reactions they were expecting, I suppose the sight of Annie and I giggling and then laughing out loud at the look on their faces wasn't it.