3 Jan 2019

it all started when my man suggested we go for a drive just the two of us on night during the summer when the nights were warm he was ready to go and i said i was going for a shower and get ready so i went up for my shower and when i got out as i went in to my room on the bed was a new outfit it was a short leather skirt bra and a fishnet t-shirt and a pair of knee high black leather boots it isn't my usual outfit i wear but i thought why not so i got dressed and went down stairs to my waiting hubby as i said how do i look he said take them of i was shocked then he said your panties so i did then we were of as we drove along i asked were are we going and he wouldn't tell me he just said it is a surprise so i said no more then all of a sudden he pulled over and stopped the car and he blindfolded me and said dont take it of and he set of again we drove for about another 15 mins and we parked even though i couldn't see anything i heard lots of voices then my door opened and i was helped out i heard the door close and then a lot of different voices saying stuff like yes she is hot, cant wait to get my hands on her,i was very nervous then all of a sudden i felt a pair of hands on my legs sliding up my leg to my pussy then another pair grabbing my tits then another pair grabbing my ass it felt like an octopus hands all over me then i heard my hubbies voice say on your knees and open your mouth so i did then i got the first of many cocks in my mouth i knew it wasn't my hubby it was bigger so i sucked that and then a hot load of cum shot down my throat normally i spit but it was to fast and with a blindfold i couldn't prepare for it he pulled out and then the next one and the next one till the 7th not all came in my mouth some were saving for the last surprise so back to the 7th cock he was huge and thick i could not take in my mouth so i just sucked the tip then my hubby said stand up and bent over and get ready so i did and then the first guy stood behind me and asked my hubby how hard can he got and hubby said use her so with one hard shove he rammed his cock hard in to my wet pussy and he was like a jack rabbit i didn't like that he wasn't that good then he came in me when i felt it run down my leg i stood up and said i dont wanna do it raw condoms only then my hubby came over to me and whispered is fine he knows all the guys there clean and your on the pills so no problem there so just go with it so i said OK and this time got on all fours then the next guy came along he knelt behind me he whispered something to hubby and then spat on his hand and ass i felt him rub spit on his cock i asked him what are you doing and he said your very dry so just lubing up i knew this was a lie coz the last guy came in my pussy so it was soaking he started rubbing his cock on my asshole i said fuck of your not going in there and he said i know i am just getting in the mood he lined the tip of his cock at my asshole grabbed my hips and with a sharp hard shove rammed his cock in my ass it hurt so bad but he kept fucking and then he came he pulled out and moved then the next went in my pussy then he came then the next then he came it was only a few secs per fuck at this point i was dripping with cum from my ass and pussy i went to stand up and sort myself when i heard my turn it was the guy with the huge cock my hubby was saving him till last he wanted to try something new so he grabbed my ass spread it lifted me and sat me on to his huge cock he was still standing he lifted me up and down on his huge cock my pussy was so stretched that i thought he was going to rip my pussy i was screaming and screaming then he pulled me of his cock and bent me over and the rammed his cock in and fucked my hard then all of a sudden he came deep in my pussy he pulled out his cock and the cum just poured out and ran down both sides of my legs i was completely used and abused and then i felt a hand push my over and then a cock shoved in my pussy and fucked again until i got another load and as the last cock was pulled out my hubby told my to take of the blindfold and there stood 7 men so i asked who came in my mouth 3 put up there hands and i said who fucked my ass and 1 guy put up his hand i didn't need to ask who had the big cock coz i could see it was the big black muscled guy and it was my hubby that went last we all stood around talking then me and hubby started the journey home that is when i asked how did he know them and he said he didn't he just met them there tonight i was shocked but even more turned on cant wait for the next dogging session