Written by Harry_22

14 Jun 2013

It was my boss Steve who booked our rooms so he said he would check us in while I got the drinks in at the bar. It was all charged to the room so it was no bother to me. He joined me a little while later, he had taken his time and had a shower so I took the liberty of being two drinks in by the time he got there.

“There was a mix up with the rooms,” he told me, “but it is all straightened out.”

Dinner with a couple of other colleagues was a little strained, all of us I think wanting to enjoy a drink rather then be talking shop. I had lost track of time when Steve suggested everyone head up to bed, my colleagues went and Steve signed the bill at the bar and returned with a couple of whiskies for us.

“Bedtime,” he told me soon after and it was only when I stood that I realised how wobbly on my feet I was. He laughed and guided me to the door and then up in the lift.

Something did not add up in the room, but I got my washbag and brushed my teeth deciding to shower before I hit the bed. My head was spinning in the shower and as I toweled myself dry I could hear sex noises coming from the bedroom. Surprised as I could not remember putting any on, I walked back out to see Steve in the only bed in the room, a kingsize bed, illuminated only by the tv which he had hooked up to his laptop and was watching porn on.

I asked him what was going on, but could only hear slurry noises come out of my mouth. I could hear him saying something about it being fine, the bed was plenty big enough. He pulled the duvet down on my side and I felt myself saying, ‘fuck it,’ I needed to sleep! I got in and lay on my side, smiling as I could hear Steve ‘thwapping’ under the covers to the all too familiar noises of porn.

I remember waking up and being quite disorientated. I could sex happening and I turned over to see the tv lit up with a sex scene. Pink pounding flesh filled the screen to the tune or orgasms and I dozed back off with naughty images to keep me company. The next time I woke up, the room was completely dark and the only sound was heavy breathing come snoring. I stumbled to the bathroom and drank a load of water, I could feel a headache coming on! Back in bed, the sheet was warm and I drifted back off in no time.

Now when I woke, I experience a whole new sensation. I am on my side with an arm reaching over the top of me and resting a hand on my chest. A hot body is pressed to my back and long deep breaths blow over the back of my neck. Instantly I understand that it is Steve, but rather than protest I find that I am evaluating his large frame as it nearly cradles me in his grasp; he is taller and broader than me and in great shape for his age which is about mid 60s. Rather than being uncomfortable by the surprising situation I relax. As if Steve senses this, his hand slowly moves over my chest, I am trying to stay quiet and be ‘asleep’ so I curse a little inside as I gasp when his fingers brush my nipples. I am sure he realizes that I am awake, but he is seemingly happy to go with it. I realize that his other arm is under my neck as he bends it down, letting him put his other hand on my chest as well. He pulls me to him slightly and I feel his hardness press into my lower back. I had not considered this obvious contact during the last few seconds of him caressing my body and even though it has been a while since I have fooled around like this, my body reacts with a swelling to my cock. Gently and with a shallow stroke he rubs his shaft on my back. Physically I can tell I am aroused, my cock flinching as it stands pointing forwards and I am getting more and more turned on. I go to move my hand, but his grip of me prevents me from moving it.

“Steve,” I whisper, not trying to make it sound too much like a question. My heart skips a neat as his hand shift form my chest to clasp over my mouth.

“Shhhhh,” I hear by my ear and he squeezes my body, pushing his stiff member into my back. Harder, I am sure.

My cock throbs now, my keenness for cock rekindled, I want to get a hold of his. I feel warmth as he dry humps my back now and I finally understand that mine is not the only desire that is rising. A delicate kiss touches the nape of my neck and then he pulls away. A coldness fills the gap where his body was and I reel feeling like I was dreaming. At last I am free to move, but I stay locked still wondering if he will return. I hear some noises behind me and then I almost jump as a hand takes hold of my shoulder.

One hand on my shoulder and one hand on my side as I lay there, but now he is further down the bed and I feel the hot shaft pressing downwards on my bum cheek.

“What..?” I start to ask, but quick as anything, his hand leaves my side and covers my mouth once more.

“Time to put it in you,” he whispers and my pulse races and my body reacts in excitement. He moves against me and my mind races not really realising that what is about to happen is actually about to happen. He is grinding against me and is managing to get his cock to my arse crack, but the position is all wrong for him to line up.

“Wait,” I whisper, but the hand reclasps to my face.

“No,” he responds quietly with a softness to his voice that belies what follows, “it’s time to fuck!”

I breath hard into his fingers and using my free arm, I reach down, my heart beating hard as I take hold of my bum cheek and gently pull, separating them for him.

“That’s it,” he whispers and with a renewed effort, he moves gently in behind me again. I left my leg slightly and I am quite surprised that his hard cock touches my balls. Only htne do I notice that it is slippery there and I am relieved to know that he there is lube already in place! But in no way did that prepare for the feeling I got next, his helmet made contact with my hole and I wondered straight away if he would be able to get it in or more to the point, if my arse would be able to take him!

I buzzed at the pressure on my ring and I breathed out long and hard doing my best to relax. He pushed at me and I cried out, a muffled noise that got lost in his hand. It hurt, but I found that I could not even flinch as his vice like grip some how had hold of me again. I had never had anything this thick in me before wishing that it would stop. Even under this barrage I wonder how my arse is accepting him and with what feels like a pop he slips into me proper.

Steve grunts into my ear and all I can do is moan pleasurably into his hand; in the instant that he broke into me, the feelings in my body change and now I feel a beautiful sensation of his big fat helmet filling me and the tantalizing touch of his meaty shaft as he continues in; the hefty girth massaging the entrance that it had just violated.

“Oh god,” I whimper and this time I am free to let out my sounds, “oh god, oh god!” Still he pushes in and my own hard on twitches at his probing. Then as slowly as he is pushing it in, he stops and gradually returns. My body moves with him and I find no way to explain the joyous feeling as I seem to push him out and hold him in at the same time. His tip reaches my hole and I feel it tug on me and so triggers his plunge back in and so he repeats, again and again, driving me wild.

I fight the urge to grab my cock, knowing that it will blow at the slightest touch. I focus instead on Steve’s breathing and grunting as he slowly fucks me in an out. Desire is taking over my body and so I ask him,

“Give me all of it!”

“Hmmmm,” he half grunts, half moans back and I get the feeling he is contemplating it. I start to push back a little with my hips as he gets as deep in me as he is going meaning that I get yet more of him into him. It feels great, but it makes my cock rub on the last bit of duvet hanging over us. Electric jolts seem to shoot through me as I am reminded that I can come at any time!

“Oh fuck!” I say and I know that my body twitches on him, I push back on his thrust again and I get ready to come.

Once again, as if Steve can sense what I am doing, he ceases all movement and for a while all I can hear is my heart beating.

“So you want it all?” he whispers and before I can answer he repeats, “… you want it all, eh!” I am taken by surprise by a simple move on his part that rolls me onto my front, but the feeling that hits me most is that of his cock pulling out of my arse. Without any kind of hesitation, I wanted it back in and so as I Steve moves to get between my legs, I lift my groin up, feeing my cock form the confines of being between me and the bed and offer him acces to me once more. I am ready to be taken, but instead I am treated to his finger tips playing over my cheeks and the upper part of the back of my thighs. Then, his touch drifts round my sides and his hands have hold me, coaxing me up onto my knees. With his hands on my bum, he uses his thumbs to part my cheeks and with no ceremony at all, he pushes his large dick back into me. I control my cry and make it a whimper, delighted to have him back in me!

“Show me then,” he tells me, “let me see you take it…”

I bite my lip knowing that I now have to rise to the challenge. His big tip fills me once more and I bounce everso lightly on it, gradullay getting more and more of his length inside. Pain strikes me and I slow right down, wriggling on him to shift slightly his angle of entry, my sphincter is pinching on him like crazy and I am fighting the natural suggestion to stop this big thing form fucking me. But at the same time, I look forward to achieving it, to getting all of this monster into me. I feel my soft cock dangle between my legs, no less sensitive from its deflations and I let out a long soft moan of victory as I feel my bum cheeks press into his wiry pubes.

“Oh yes” he groans and it takes him only a few seconds to pull back on mall my hard work to have his tip pulling at my hole before sinking it straight back in. The sensations of his magnificent member sliding in and out make me go dizzy, he fucks me long and slow like this for some time, his cock staying strong and rock like while mine seems to fluctuate between states! The pleasure is starting to get too much for me and I wonder if I will come or not at all. I can’t wait to measure him, I think to myself as he dives back in in the same slick motion, though faster this time, I think. I am not wrong with this assumption as he leans down on top of me to whisper close to my ear again,

“This is the best bit…”

He picks up his pace and I recognize the tell tale signs that he is going to come. After three or four long slow stroked he is no plunging In and out nearly all the way each time much quicker. Sometimes when he is all he holds position and I feel his legs tremble against mine. After once such hold, he pulls back sharply and then a much quicker pace still, fucking my arse with maybe half of his cock. His fingers grab on my arse cheeks and soon he is grunting, his cock swells inside me and on top of the feelings already inside, a new one of intense heat as I feel him pump his come into me. He is nearly silent as he comes and he holds his breath until his last pump bangs an already softening cock in to me.

He is breathing hard though and I feel like I am on fire, the sordidness of being fucked like this suddenly feeling even dirtier knowing that he has spunked up me. Again as if reading my mind, he breaks the silence,

“I can’t believe you took it all,” he breathed heavily, “Who would have known you would be such a good fuck!” He pushes me forwards and I lie on the bed, my head in the pillow for a moment, a dizziness taking me over once again. My cock is soft and I realise that I am lying in a patch of cold wetness, I must have spunked as well and I had not even noticed! The warmth in my arsehole seems to spread across my body and I find myself drifting off to sleep sure that I can hear the words, ‘dirty little fuck’ as I go.

The next time I wake up I am confused. My head hurts and the tv is on, running the loop of the porn channel. Morning light is shining through the curtains. I see it is nearly 8 o’clock and I roll over to wake up… but no one is there. I look around the room and there is nothing there, nothing to tell me that I have had company that night. And yet I feel, I feel something. A grin appears on my face, my head still pounding, I touch my cock, small, soft and uninterested, thought clammy I notice. I grin more as my fingers probe between my open legs. There are signs of activity and as my fingertips find my tender hole, wet as it is I realize how I feel. I feel fucked!

My alarm makes me jump and I reach to my phone to turn it off or at least hit snooze. It is no my alarm though, but a text, from my boss, Steve.

‘Morning,’ it reads, ‘pop to my room before anything to day so you can prep for today.’ And when I scroll the phone down to show the rest of the message, the biggest smile appears, ‘you dirty little fuck!’