Written by Michelle R

9 Jan 2015

It's night time and i've been to the local night spots with hubby, i'm wearing my corset dress which flatters my big boobs even more and shows off my temporary queen of spades tat even better, i've been dancing all night with everyone and hubby happily drinking and watching from bar as he doesn't dance, i see you across the floor and you look great with your iron flat stomach and tight shirt showing your pecs, you take me by the hand and your dark skin against mine has me all a tingle and i dance with you on and off all night during the slow numbers when you held me close i could feel your semi erect cock pressing against me and i let you gently caress my breast once in a while after the last dance i give you a sweet lingering kiss on the lips, i return to hubby and he said you like him? he was cute and black the way i and i think i could feel his cock pressing against me i replied, as we leave we kiss and he feels my pants, your wet down there he must have done it for you, he pulls out his camera and i bare my breasts as i love the thrill of maybe getting caught doing my pics, you spot us and quietly make your way towards us and during my second set of pics you make your presence known, wow great set Michelle and loving the tat, would you like to join in mate and show how how much you like them ? my husband asks you dont need a second invite and soon the pics have you sucking and playing with my boobs, your cock is now fully erect and rather uncomfortable trapped in your undies,

I pull you into a shop door way way for the real fun to begin i free your cock and you press me against the shutters i drop to my knees and gently tit fuck you for the pics and suck your cock, i stand back up and we kiss for some time as we do you are finger fucking me as i stroke your hard cock, can i have a pic done with my cock rubbing her pussy please? you ask, i quickly say yes before he can reply, your hot cock feels heavenly as we rub together and i place my pussy over your cock head as we kiss and i gently part my pussy lips ever so slightly with your cockhead, it gets too much i tell my husband i love him and i only want to feel your bigger cock in me for a bit, like a wanton slut i lean against the shutter as you play with my boobs and push your cock deeper into my wet but tight pussy, in no time at all i'm cumming and soon you will be too, i grip you tighter as you do and feel the force of your cum as you flood my womb with your seed, i kiss you deeply and thank you and tell hubby you came in me, i then tell him if you get me pregnant i'm keeping it no matter how obvious it is to the world that i've been bred by you, i tell hubby the three of us will be going home together and i wont let you leave until i'm sure you've gotten me pregnant xxx

Michelle x