20 Jan 2019

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Callela 3 (Exhibitionism)

The lads in the toilet said they would get her into the corner to the side of the toilet and have a gang bang with her, a stocky fat one said he was first and would make her scream.

He said their last night here would be one to remember when they got home.

I left the male toilet and the girls were wanting to go to the toilet as Paula and Jane had cum seeping out of their vaginas and it was wetting their bikini bottoms which were now back in place but they still had their tops off.

Before they went I warned them about the gang of British Lads and what the fat lad had said about the gang bang, Jane said “did they we’ll see about that the bastards” then they giggled as they were walking off, they were scheming something.

They returned from the toilet and we chatted for a while, they told me the DJ was only here tonight and Saturday and he had the dancers carry out sex acts which drew the youngsters in.

Saturday was worse as the did a special for the 18 to 20 groups.

Then they told me we would be leaving soon and to wait by the door with their things, then all three giggled and walked off to the dance floor.

Within minutes the British lads were on the floor with them moving to some wrap music and feeling the girls tits as they did.

Claire was shouting something in the fat ones ear and he responded by telling the others who moved away, then the girls took him to the corner by the toilets and Claire glanced back at me and smiled.

I took this as my time to move to the door, as I did I watched the girls through the crowded dance floor.

Jane was taking the lead and started removing his clothes as he was feeling up Paula’s tits, the next thing I saw was him naked as Jane wanking his stubby little cock.

They made him lay on the floor on his back as Claire picked up his clothes then an ice bucket appeared from somewhere and they emptied the ice and water all over his cock and balls making him scream and his cock to shrink nearly out of site.

That’s when the crowed laughed and the girls disappeared in the crowd to me at the door, still carrying his clothes, which they give to the checkout girl telling her to hold onto them for half an hour before returning them, all laughing as we left.

They then put their tops and wraps on as we walked away from the club doors heading for the hotel, it was then the girls told me they were stopping in the same hotel.

We stopped in a bar and sat at a table with our drinks, Paula sitting opposite me between the two girls, Jane asked me if I minded Paula getting fucked in the club, Paula looked at me with a begging look, so I made up a reason saying that we play bit when we are away from the family and abroad.

Paula grabbed at the answer and said that I could fuck women too if I wanted, that’s when Claire said she might take Paula up on that and gave me a smile and a wink.

We had a few more drinks and returned to the hotel, it turned out the girls were on our floor but in the other wing at right angles to our room.

We said goodnight and went to our room where we had a long talk about the night and Paula’s sexual acts.

Paula apologised saying as soon as we arrived she felt so horny and wanted sex with any man she saw, she couldn’t explain it, was as if she were sex mad and begged forgiveness from me.

I told her I was OK with it and actually got aroused with her showing her nakedness to other men and her getting fucked in the club and told her I had seen her with the black beach bar guy.

She was amazed at my reaction but I said it was only while on holiday abroad, she smiled and agreed, then we had fantastic sex on the bed, on the balcony and in the corridor. The best sex we ever had in our married life.

The next morning I awoke to my cock being sucked by a naked Paula whose vagina was enlarged and soaking, she had been frigging herself before giving me a blow job.

I had to stop her as I needed a pee.

I said I would go for a shower while there and she told me she was going to see the girls and find the time we were going to Barcelona.

I finished my shower and dressed and waited for Paula who eventually returned looking flushed saying we would go on the train after breakfast, returning to the room with the girls she put the yellow Dare to Wear with her old wrap which offered some cover.

We left the train in the Ramblas and the girls started shopping, taking ages in nearly every shop until we got to a square with some restaurants on one side and a large sex shop on the other.

We decided to eat at the Restaurant most of the Bar and then had a few drinks with the girls

giggling most of the time until we came out mid afternoon and headed for the sex shop.

The first part was full of sex toys, videos and other sex items, this led to a corridor with curtains on booths, we peered in one, then I saw Jane going to the counter with a package but she had it in a brown bag when she came back to us.

The corridor was carpeted, it was sticky, probably with cum as the place was full of men, some of the ones in the booths openly wanking to the videos being played.

Then we came to a man who asked which show we wanted in an eastern block accent, I asked him what the shows were and he told us they were live sex with women or women and men, I asked how much and he told us twenty for me and five for the women if we go to the men and women.

The girls were keen so we paid the money and were let past to a bar area, we had some very expensive drinks in plastic cups and Jane and Paula turned their backs and I saw the package being opened and then something being swallowed, they both giggled and turned back to me.

Claire bought another round of drinks and we were shown the entrance to the show, it was quite small with a stage at the end with a black couple naked and fucking doggy style, there were about fifty seats with an isle down the middle.

The place had about fifteen men in there and most stopped and looked as us as we came in, some of them with their cocks out as we passed down the isle.

We sat about half way down, I entered first but Jane came in after me then Paula and Claire on the end but she asked me to move down one, we watched the show with the black guy swapping position with the woman showing us his massive cock which was over a foot long and really thick, it looked more like a dildo but the flexibility and veins proved it wasn’t.

They continued to fuck until he was about to cum, he pulled out as she sat up and he shot cum onto her face and down her massive black tits, dribbling down her chin and off her nipples.

I had a hard on as they were leaving the stage, glancing across I saw the girls had taken their wraps off and caused quite a stir with all eyes on them.

Claire said she was going to the toilet and took Paula with her, Paula looking virtually naked as the room lights were now on and showed her nipples and vaginal lips which were very swollen.

Jane leaned into me and slipped hand down my shorts just as the lights went down and a white couple walked on stage both naked, he was well endowed again but she was slim with very small tits, they began feeling each other up straight away.

Jane now had my shorts partially down and was sucking my cock with her top off and I was feeling her tits, I didn’t seethe others come back but Claire and Paula were kissing and Paula had her top down and her bottoms off completely with Claire fingering her.

Jane moved from my cock and started kissing me with her tongue part way down my throat and pushing my had to her fanny.

I had forgotten about the stage show and the girls as Jane knew how to give a great blow job, then glancing to the side I saw three men all with their cocks out, one in the seat next to Paula with his shorts down fingering her and sucking on her free tit, he was in his fifties and rough looking.

Claire was also being fingered and having her tits felt and the crowd was growing around us both in front and to the rear, with the men leaning over the seats to touch the girls including Jane.

Paula had a cock in her hand and was being stood up and leaned over a seat for a small guy to fuck her when a manager came down the isle and shouted at them in Spanish and they argued but sat back in their seats.

Then he told us to leave the theatre area and kept mumbling in Spanish as the girls put their bikinis in place and grabbed their wraps, Paula still had a breast on show as we left the theatre area.

The manager left us at the theatre door mumbling in Spanish as he walked off, we all laughed as we

moved back to the corridor then Jane grabbed me and pulled me into a cubicle telling me she hadn’t finished with me, Paula and Claire moved away.

She give me a blow job for while using her tongue and taking my cock deep in her throat, then pulled her bikini to one side bent over and took my cock in her soaking cunt, we fucked for ages, she even opened the curtain so men could see us and touch her, feeling her tits and feeling her cunt as I was fucking her, some even feeling my cock and balls.

Finally she came and as she did I came deep in her, we wiped ourselves clean and dressed, the men now moved on as we left the cubicle to look for Paula and Claire.

We soon found them two cubicles down both naked with four men fingering them and feeling their tits as the girls wanked a cock in each hand, again the manager came and stopped the activities as he was loosing money on the videos in the cubicles.

He took me to one side and said to come back at night time and we would be OK.

The girls dressed and we left into the bright sunshine, we decided to catch the train back to the hotel.

Jane sat by me on the train and Paula sat a few seats away with Claire, I asked Jane what she had bought in the shop and given Paula, she just smiled.

Then after a while she leaned to my ear and said it was an aphrodisiac they sell, stronger than Viagra, that last about four hours and totally removes inhibitions and keep women having multiple orgasms.

We reached the hotel and agreed to meet up later.


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