17 Jun 2017

‘Yet another day in the office with nothing but boring orders’ thought Jen as she tapped on the keyboard.

‘I wonder if I can prise Hubby away from the computer to do something else for a change when I get home.’

Jen’s mind wandered and her gaze swept over the office. Not even a chance of flirting with anyone here. Alan in accounts looked like cobwebs would grow on him and the new kid in the post room was so wet behind the ears it looked like he would die if a woman actually spoke to him.

‘I need some proper sex’ she whispered to her best mate Sally at work next to her. All ‘I ever get, is to hear about your exploits’.

Well, said Sally, ‘I did tell you about my date the other night, why don’t I fix you up with him?’

‘Nah’ Doesn’t sound my type, I prefer something a bit more down to earth, a bit more dirty she laughed.

Dirty? You mean going down on me in a cinema isn’t dirty?

No, not like that, the public place sounds fun but I want a bloke with rough hands and stubble and a wicked grin. A bit of rough!

‘Yes, Miss prim and proper I get it’.

‘I’m not prim and proper’ said Jen, and then guiltily looked at her white blouse, black skirt, flats and tights. ‘Well I don’t think so’. ‘I am’ she thought, but secretly she hated the fact Sally may be right.

‘Jenny’, called Mr Stone the boss from his office doorway, ‘could you do me a small favour’.

‘My car is at the garage for its MOT, could you go down and speak to them please, it was meant to be done this morning’.

‘Sure thing, Mr Stone’ Jen replied, glad of an excuse to get out of the office. She winked at Sally, swung her handbag on her shoulder and was out the door before anyone could say a quick ‘Byee’.

The garage was local to the office but in an industrial estate and a quick 5 minute drive later Jen arrived.

‘Why is this place always so dirty and untidy’ she thought, ‘it’s not like the dealer garages.’

She walked into the small office and up to the counter. ‘Bloody Typical’ she thought eyeing the calendars on the back wall, ‘Neanderthals’.

‘That’s a bit surprising’ she thought as one of the calendars showed actual sex rather than the usual topless shots. ‘A bit risque’.

‘Hello’ she called, ‘service!’

‘Come on through’ came a voice from the back, ‘just be careful where you step’.

Gingerly, Jen made her way around the counter into the workshop itself and there was Mr Stone’s Jaguar in the centre, obviously been worked on. There was still no one in sight so she wandered over to the side of the car, avoiding various tools and parts and called out ‘Hello’

‘Be right there’ came the voice again, below her and she looked down to see a man in the pit under the car with grease marks on his face, hands that were almost black with oil and a shave head.

‘Move to the right’ he said.

‘Oh, am I blocking the light’ said Jen.

‘Something like that’ he replied, ‘Be careful you don’t get those nice white panties dirty’.

Shocked, Jen realised that by moving where he had asked, she was giving him an eyeful up her skirt.

‘Getting enough of a look’ she said sarcastically, ‘Maybe it would be better if I took them off’ and she flipped up the edge of her skirt and squatted slightly. ‘There’,seen enough,’ but as she tried to stand up, her leg got caught under her and she tumbled over.

‘Bollocks’ she thought as she eyed the neat rip in her tights and then she was aware of someone there and looked up, only for her eye level to be looking straight at what was obviously the guy under the car’s crotch.

‘Fuck me’ she thought, ‘nice package’ and then she looked up at him. He was quite tall, well built but not too muscular, that ‘Dad bod’ she had read about in a magazine.

‘Sorry about that’ he said, ‘don’t often get as good a view as that’ nodding down at her sprawled legs which quite clearly now showed ripped tights right the way up to he crotch and the panties peeking out from underneath.

Trying to maintain some dignity, Jen mouthed at him, ‘do you mind helping me up’ and he offered her his hand and pulled her quickly up, unbalancing her the other way so she had to put her hands on him and her blouse was pressed up against his overalls.

‘Oops’ he said, obviously not meaning it.

‘Now look at me’ said Jen motioning to grease stains on her tight blouse.

‘I am’ said the man, ‘maybe you should take it off and I’ll clean it’

‘You couldn’t handle me’ said Jen, annoyed that not only was she now dirty but this man wasn’t really apologising and fawning over her. In fact he was daring her. Unconsciously she hadn’t been talked to like this in years, ever since her first boyfriend when he told her what to do and how he liked it.

She looked up into his sky blue eyes and saw a twinkle in there.

‘Oh really’ he said and reaching out he grabbed the blouse and popped the buttons open while pulling her towards him.

Now with her bra on display and a ruined blouse, Jen felt her face heat up. ‘All mouth and no trousers’ Bet you’ve got a small dick and get off on humiliating women’ she snarled.

‘Nope’ he said calmly and spun Jen around, ‘I give women what they want and need’ and with that he popped the cups of Jen’s bra over her breasts and starting rubbing them and pulling the nipples.

Slightly frightened over a stranger pawing her, but turned on by his attitude Jen’s mind whirled. ‘But,but,but……. She whined.

‘Now you just be my good girl and hush now’ he said as his hands roamed down her body and his breath was hot on her neck.

His fingers quested over her stomach and under the band of her skirt into her knickers and roughly starting kneading.

‘You office women are all the same’ he said in her ear, ‘just in need of a good fuck’ as he fingered her quite roughly.

Ashamed at what he said, but turned on by his attitude, Jen’s mind was on fire, but her body was way ahead of her and as his fingers grazed over her clit, she gasped. She couldn’t believe how turned on she was.

‘Nice and wet’ he said coarsely, ‘you want me to fuck you, don’t you?’

‘You want my thick cock in that tight wet cunt pumping in and out while my dirty hands pinch your nipples’

‘Don’t you’ he said taunting her as he pinched her right nipple.

‘Yes’ Jen murmured, ‘Yes’.

Smiling, he turned her around again. ‘Well not yet’. ‘Me first’ and he shrugged his overalls off and hauled out his cock.

Pushing Jen to her knees, he said, ‘well go on then, you know what you want don’t you?’

Lost to her body taking over Jen closed her hand over his cock and realised it wasn’t that long but she was struggling to get her hand round it and it was as hard as an iron bar.

Wanking the foreskin backwards and forwards she opened her mouth and tried to fit it in, eventually having to give up after only a couple of inches. She bobbed her head up and down, licking around the glans and wanking him.

‘Hmm,’ he murmured, ‘ok, but like this’ and with that he grabbed Jen’s hair and pushed her further on to his cock.

‘Now open wide’ he said and moved her head backwards and forwards as he fucked her mouth.

Jen was used to been in charge when doing blowjobs, not for the man to take over and she was bewildered as this man just moved her head back and forth. Saliva was in her mouth and he kept touching the back of her throat making her gag.

‘Not bad’ he said pulling out with a slurp, ‘a quick learner, so you deserve a reward’ and with that he hoisted Jen up onto a nearby bench and pulling her skirt up, he buried his head in her crotch.

His fingers ripped what was left of her tights away and savagely tore her knickers to one side, before he plopped his mouth straight onto her clit and slipped his fingers into her, she realised sopping wet pussy.

‘Oh my god’ moaned Jen. His fingers slipped in and out but with a twisting motion and he kept his tongue firmly on her clit while he rasped it back and forwards. Then he hooked his fingers towards him and rubbed her G-Spot and Jen felt her wetness trickle over his hand. She’d never been so turned on.

‘Mmm’ he breathed into her, ‘so sweet and wet’. ‘You are my little slut aren’t you.’

‘Yes’ panted Jen, all semblance of decorum lost as she pulled her nipples and felt that tightness across her stomach start to build. ‘Oh god,yes!’

‘Good’ he said as he eased another finger into her. ‘I can’t take it’ Jen moaned. ‘Yes, you can’ he said as the three fat fingers disappeared into her wanton hole. His stubble rasped over her cool exposed flesh and he bore down on her clit again sucking the little bud out from under its hood.

‘Oh, my god’ screamed Jen, as her orgasm erupted from the pulsing little bud and she felt wetness she’d not know erupt from her, ‘Oh,Oh,Oh,Oh’.

Without missing a lick, the man stood up from where he was, pulled Jen forward and impaled her on his thick cock.

With her legs over his shoulders, and his cock buried to the balls, he started to move, his thighs slapping hers and his bollocks tapping her arse.

Jen looked down on the obscene scene as he held her ankles and moved her legs out wide and then back to his shoulders. It was like her cunt was sucking his cock and it was so hard she felt the paroxysm from her orgasm continue to build again.

‘Oh fuck, fuck me, fuck me hard’ she gasped as he picked up the pace, sweat dripping down his torso.

‘Cum on my cock’ he said ‘tell me when you are going to cum on my cock’ and he reached round her thigh and stroked her clit.

‘Nowwww, screamed Jen, ‘I’m cumming’ and with a convulsive shudder she pushed herself onto his cock as far as it would go, feeling it pulsing in her.

‘Good girl’ he said as he slipped his length out of her and wanked the shaft. ‘Now hold still’ and with a few jerks of his hand and a roar, he came across her thighs and belly.

‘Looks like Mr Stone was right’ he said ‘it’s always the innocent ones who really need it’

‘Bet he will love knowing that for when its your appraisal.’