Written by The Storyteller

12 Aug 2017

Gary and Jo are an ordinary couple in their early 50’s who describe themselves as definitely not super-models, but they manage to stay reasonably trim. When asked if they regard themselves as attractive, they will say we don’t know because we live for each other, so it doesn’t matter what other people think of us, but they always look ‘well turned out’.

They became friendly with a guy who lives in their village who is confined to a wheelchair. He was involved in a car accident at the age of 12 when his parents were killed and he suffered injuries which left him paralysed from the waist down. Stephen also seems to have suffered some sort of brain damage, as he has a bit of a speech impediment. He is now 25 years of age and, apart from his speech impediment, he is as sharp as a tack. Gary says that, after all the trauma of his early years, he seems to be a well-balanced, pleasant person.

They first met in the local pub shortly after he moved to the village, some of the local lads were taking the piss out of the way he spoke and Gary said he felt he should step up in his defence. The way Jo tore into the local lads accusing them of “lacking humanity” made Gary feel quite proud of her, and I think the lads felt suitably belittled as they quietly slunk away.

I assume Stephen received compensation from the accident, as he has been able to buy a sizeable bungalow, have it converted for his needs, with various grab handles and hoists, and seems to live fairly comfortably. One of the smaller bedrooms is set up as a gym because he likes to exercise regularly, he has developed his upper body to a strong muscular frame, and he can now live largely without the need for regular nursing care. After the incident in the pub, they became friends and Jo offered to do a bit of cleaning for him a couple of times a week, for which Stephen insisted he paid her. He wanted to do the same for Gary when he offered to look after Stephen’s garden, but Gary drew the line there, as he is a jobbing gardener and it was really no imposition. He says their means are modest, but everything doesn’t have to be about money.

Jo’s particular feature is her large 36DD tits, which she loves Gary to maul with his strong calloused hands. Gary says that, during the early years of their marriage, she used to be addicted to sex, she wanted him at least once a day and on some days it would be several times. He says she has calmed down a bit since the menopause, but they still manage 3 or 4 times a week. I suspect many men would die for a wife like her! Their children have now grown up and moved away, so they say their lives are very much for each other nowadays. I imagine this is a typical picture of many middle-aged couples.

When Jo was doing Stephen’s cleaning one day, she walked past the open study door and saw the screen of his laptop, where he was watching a woman being vigorously fucked by a black guy with an enormous cock. Jo thought she should have felt surprised or even shocked, but she realised she would not have had these thoughts in relation to an able-bodied person, so why should she think them towards Stephen. She had, after all, watched porn films with Gary from time to time in the past, and she had read somewhere that the best sex is the bit that takes place between the ears. When she mentioned the incident to Gary, his response was “so what, good for him”, so she knew that, as usual, she was on the same wavelength as her husband.

A couple of weeks later, when Gary was doing a bit of tidying up in the garden, Stephen asked him if he would like a cup of tea, which he gratefully accepted and they sat in the kitchen to drink it. After chatting for a while, Stephen asked if Gary thought they were friends, to which he responded “yes, definitely”, and he went on to add that both Gary and Jo thought of him as a good friend. Stephen asked if that meant they could speak openly and honestly to each other, Gary wasn’t sure where this was leading, but he replied “yes, of course, what’s worrying you?”

After a pause, he said “well, you probably don’t realise that I watch porn on the internet”. Gary wasn’t sure whether Stephen was expecting him to say ‘shock, horror, gasp’ but he said “yes, we all watch porn from time to time don’t we, even Jo does sometimes”. Stephen seemed surprised at Gary’s response, but he appeared to relax a little. He went on to explain that the biggest disappointment of his life was his inability to have a ‘normal’ sex life, so he had taken to watching porn in an effort to fill this void but he found it rather ‘sterile’, and it didn’t turn him on at all.

He went on to ask again whether Gary thought they were friends, and Gary replied that he and Jo thought of him as a good friend. After a long pause, he said “well could I watch you and Jo making love”. That really knocked Gary sideways as he didn’t see it coming, and he was silent initially. Stephen obviously felt obliged to fill the silence between them and he started saying “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said that, I didn’t think this through properly, I’m really sorry”. Gary stopped him and told him not to feel embarrassed, the sign of a good friendship is when people can talk openly, it was just not something he had thought about. He said he would talk to Jo and let Stephen know what she said.

When Gary told Jo about his conversation with Stephen during ‘pillow talk’ that evening, her initial response was “wow, we’ve never thought of having a voyeur join us before”, but they talked about it and agreed it would be for Stephen’s benefit rather than theirs. The discussion was having an effect on both of them and they both realised they wanted sex. Gary’s usual routine of arousing her orally happened only briefly as Jo wanted him to fuck her, and she quickly wanted to take over the dominant role, turning him over onto his back and satisfying herself by grinding her clit against the base of his cock until he exploded inside her.

As they lay side by side recovering their composure, Gary said “I take it from your response that you might consider what Stephen wants”. Jo said she had never considered having a voyeur watch them making love, but the thought of it really turned her on. Cut to the chase, Gary phoned Stephen and told him that Jo was prepared to consider it; he decided not to sound too positive in case Jo changed her mind, but the thought of being watched turned him on too.

They arranged to go round to Stephen’s house one evening the following week. Stephen had a bottle of wine ready to open and three glasses, and they sat in his lounge sipping their drinks, slightly nervously Gary thought. Jo broke the ice by saying they had not considered someone watching them before but, when Gary had mentioned his conversation with Stephen, she found it quite a turn on. Stephen then replayed his conversation with Gary to her, and Jo said “it all sounds rather exciting”.

Jo suggested using Stephen’s spare bedroom rather than his room, she didn’t say why but Gary assumed it was because it would be them that would be making love there. Stephen wheeled his wheelchair through and positioned himself to the side of the bed a few feet away. Jo insisted they should be ‘slow and sensuous’ to start with as this was for Stephen’s benefit, so they proceeded to undress each other bit by bit, with lots of kissing and fondling. When they were totally naked, she pushed her husband onto the bed and gave him a good sucking, before he flipped her over to eat out her pussy. Knowing that Stephen was just a few feet away felt very erotic to them, and they eventually fucked in the missionary position for some time before Gary exploded inside his lustful wife.

As they recovered their breath, they both looked over towards Stephen for the first time, to see him with his trousers open stroking his cock gently. The thing that amazed them was that he seemed to have some sort of erection, not much but it was definitely standing up. When he noticed they were watching him, Stephen became embarrassed and hurredly put his cock away and zipped up. “I’m sorry” he said, “I got carried away, I really shouldn’t have done that”. They assured him they were fine with what he had done, it was after all the natural thing to do.

After Jo had gone off to the bathroom to clean up, Gary said to Stephen he had noticed he had a bit of an erection, Stephen said yes, but it wasn’t enough to “do any damage” as he put it, he couldn’t even make himself cum. Gary suggested he talk to his GP about it, but Stephen said he felt embarrassed and thought he could not even broach the subject with his doctor. Gary said he had managed to ask about arranging this evening, so talking to his GP was a very small step.

Stephen duly plucked up the courage to speak to his GP, who prescribed some ‘little blue pills’. When Gary was round to tidy up his garden the following week, Stephen told him of his visit to the GP and said he had ‘tried out’ one of the pills a few days later, but was not impressed. Gary said he was sorry he had sent him on a ‘fool’s errand’. He seemed a bit down, so Gary told him that he and Jo had enjoyed the last occasion at his house enormously, which they did, and he wondered whether Stephen wanted to watch them again, which he agreed to, albeit with some reluctance.

They went round to Stephen’s house a few days later in the evening, and sat in the lounge with a bottle of wine. Stephen said he had taken one of the pills the doctor had prescribed, but he was not optimistic. Jo suggested to Stephen that, if he wanted to try masturbating again, which they were quite happy with, he should remove his clothes first to avoid making a mess if he succeeded. Stephen went through to his bedroom in his wheelchair and returned about 15 minutes later clad in his dressing gown. He suggested Gary and Jo should use his bedroom this time as he found it more comfortable there.

They went through to his room, Stephen positioned his wheelchair to one side of the bed against the wall, and Gary and Jo began undressing each other. They quickly adopted the attitude that this was an enjoyable occasion, with lots of giggles and laughter, rather than one when they wanted to lead to passion, but they still enjoyed the usual kissing and fondling. By the time they were ready to climb onto the bed, they looked over at Stephen, he had opened the front of his dressing gown, and was sporting the most amazing erection. Although not much more than average in length, his girth was certainly bigger than average and Jo said “oh wow”.

They climbed onto the bed and Jo sucked Gary’s cock until he had to stop her before she went too far. He rolled her onto her back to eat out her pussy, and she was gushing profusely, although much of her arousal seemed to be from watching Stephen stroking his very stiff cock. She grabbed hold of Gary’s head and sat up to whisper in his ear “I want him to fuck me”, there was no sense of asking his permission, she wanted it and, as far as she was concerned, it was going to happen. Gary initially felt panic, as this would go much further than they had discussed, and he felt he had lost control of the situation. He remembered in the early days of their marriage, he had harboured thoughts of seeing Jo with another man, but these were quickly forgotten when Gary realised the passion Jo had for him. Without much further thought, Gary whispered back “go for it”.

Jo turned to Stephen and said “that’s impressive, would you like to bring it over here”. Stephen wheeled his wheelchair over to the bed and, using the grab handle that hung from the ceiling, lifted himself easily onto the bed beside Jo, leaving his dressing gown in the chair. Jo rolled onto her side to grasp his very stiff cock and he grabbed hold of her head to kiss her on the lips, which Jo found quite arousing. As she continued to stroke his cock, he began stroking her breast and tweaking her nipple …… which she found very arousing, as she started to sigh softly. They had forgotten all about Gary lying on the bed beside them, watching the little tableau next to him, which he found very erotic.

Jo whispered to Stephen “I want this inside me, can I fuck you” to which he replied nervously “yes …… please”. She climbed astride him and slowly lowered herself onto his erection. At first, she wondered whether she would be able take his large girth when she pressed her lips against his knob, but she was so aroused and she felt her lips spread as she pressed down and her pussy simply enveloped him. Gary watched with awe as he saw his wife’s ever-faithful pussy stretch to accommodate Stephen’s size, and then slide all the way in as she fully impaled herself on him. She bent forward to kiss him on the lips and said “that’s lovely” before she started to slide up and down on his shaft. He mauled her tits with both hands, which quickly got her gasping and it wasn’t more than about 30 seconds before Stephen gasped “I think I’m going to cum”. Jo planted herself firmly down on his cock, he grasped her hips to hold her there, and he pumped his sperm inside her.

After they calmed down, Jo bent forward to kiss him passionately, and he seemed lost for words. She rolled off him and lay between the two men, equally lost for words, with sperm starting to dribble from her stretched cunt. She closed her legs in an effort to stem the flow, but Gary had read about ‘sloppy seconds’ and he wanted some. He rolled on top of his wife, pushing her legs apart and, with little ceremony, thrust his very erect cock into his wife’s sodden pussy. Ordinarily, he would concentrate on controlling himself to prolong his wife’s pleasure, but this was different, he wanted to flood his wife’s unfaithful cunt with his seed, and he fucked her vigorously right from the start. Jo wanted him too, she shouted out her encouragement, and it wasn’t too long before he added his sperm to Stephen’s inside her.

Afterwards, Gary rolled off her, with Jo between the two men, and she turned to kiss both of them passionately, before saying “I’m lost for words”. Jo got up to go to the wet-room, while Stephen and Gary were left to clean up with the box of tissues on the bedside cabinet. They heard the shower running in the wet-room, Gary said he thought they must have made a ‘bit of a mess’, which they both chuckled about, and they were left to talk about what had happened, mainly about the size of Stephen’s erection and that he had achieved an orgasm.

When Jo returned from her shower with a towel wrapped round her, she crawled onto the bed between them and kissed them both on the lips. Gary got up to dispose of their tissues down the toilet in the wet-room and, when he returned to the bedroom, Jo had her hand round Stephen’s cock, which was rapidly rising to erection. She turned to Gary and said “oh look darling, Stephen says his little blue pill will keep it up for hours if he’s stimulated, so I thought I’d find out how long” and she continued to wank Stephen gently, while Gary climbed onto the bed beside them..

When he was fully erect again, Jo started to lick and suck Stephen’s erection, which he clearly enjoyed as he stroked the back of her head. Jo suggested she could teach Stephen how to pleasure a lady with his tongue, if he wanted her to and, conscious that he might be able to enjoy some sort of sex life after all, he accepted, albeit with some trepidation. Jo threw aside her towel and climbed astride Stephen’s muscular chest, so he was staring straight at her shaven pussy. “There” she said “you can see where my clitoris is, you have to start by licking it”. Stephen knew enough about human anatomy to understand her, so he did as he was told.

Jo had thought this would be like any lesson, such as teaching a child to write which would not be very good initially, she did not realise the surge that went through her pussy when his tongue touched her clit, and she gasped. “Oh my god, that’s nice” she said, and he continued to lick and suck her clit to her obvious pleasure. Gary realised that she had Stephen’s arms pinned down, so he could barely reach her pussy, so he knelt up beside them and began to maul his wife’s tits with his strong hands, which quickly got Jo panting. Having watched Gary arousing his wife, Stephen felt that he understood what he was supposed to do, and he plunged his tongue deeply into Jo’s cunt, which had the desired effect as she began to orgasm noisily.

Jo wanted his fat cock inside her again, he probably wasn’t much longer than her husband but his girth made her feel more stretched than she had ever felt before. She shuffled down off his chest, until she was astride his hips, raised herself and even had to rest her weight on one foot to locate his cock at the entrance to her pussy, and then slowly slid him inside her. Gary again watched in awe as his wife’s pussy stretched over Stephen’s girth, he wondered whether it would be painful but she was so wet that he simply slid inside. Gary moved away from them a little to give them some space.

Jo’s hands roamed over Stephen’s muscular shoulders and chest, they were not unlike her husband’s but they just felt ‘different’. She tweaked his nipples, which he quickly learned to enjoy, saying “Mmmm” repeatedly. I’m not sure how to describe their coupling. As a man, I am inclined to say he fucked her, but it was Jo who made all the running as she bounced up and down on his cock, occasionally grinding her clit against the base of his cock, so I suppose it was more a case of her fucking him. Jo was orgasming repeatedly, as she began to calm after one ‘high’, she would grind her clitoris against his cock to start another one. Occasionally, he grabbed her head to pull her down so he could kiss her on the lips, and she said “oh you are a quick learner”.

Lying beside them, Gary wondered whether he should feel jealousy, his wife was giving herself to another man for the first time in over 25 years of marriage but it just felt so erotic seeing her orgasming as she pumped his cock inside her. What had started out as him watching them making love had moved way beyond that, but it didn’t matter because it would change Stephen’s life forever. Gary had not really considered it fully, but Stephen was truly a very good friend.

They seemed to have been fucking for ages, when Stephen said “I think I’m going to cum again” just as Jo was working herself towards another orgasm, and she planted herself firmly down on his cock, gripping him firmly with her vaginal muscles. He grabbed hold of her head again to kiss her even more passionately as he pumped his seed inside her. Jo broke the kiss so she could continue her noisy orgasm, and they both continued to tell each other (and possibly the whole village) how much they enjoyed each other. Gary lay a few feet from them enjoying his wife’s pleasure, again he felt no jealousy, just pleasure at their mutual enjoyment.

Jo collapsed onto Stephen’s chest and they lay there gasping for some time. Eventually, Jo climbed off and, noticing that Stephen was still erect, she kneeled beside him to lick his cock and ‘clean him up’. Seeing his wife’s arse in the air facing towards him was too much temptation for Gary, he kneeled up behind her, raised her hips and thrust his very stiff cock into her sodden pussy. She gasped at the abrupt way he had entered her, but she quickly returned to slurping Stephen’s cock as her husband fucked her from behind. Gary built up a steady rhythm of thrusting into his wife’s cunt, whilst trying not to disturb her attention to Stephen’s cock. He reached round to stimulate his wife’s clit with his fingers, and Stephen found he could just about reach one of her tits to increase the pleasure they were giving to her.

Gary did not think it necessary to announce he was about to ejaculate inside his wife’s cunt, but Jo felt it building, she stopped sucking Stephen’s cock and thrust her hips back to impale herself on her husband’s cock to meet his roar of appreciation with her own noisy orgasm ………………

As they lay on the bed recovering their breath, Jo said she thought she needed another shower …… or possibly Gary would prefer her to take it home for him to have sloppy seconds later. Having thought for a moment, Gary rolled her onto her back, spread her legs wide so the sperm began to leak out of her sodden pussy, and dived in with his tongue. Jo wasn’t quite expecting that, so she gasped as Gary’s tongue slid between her lips and he began swallowing all that leaked from her. Jo grabbed hold of his head to grind her cunt against his mouth and Stephen watched in wonder at the enjoyment they both had from this very personal contact.

By the time they had finished, it looked as though it would be Gary who needed the shower, his face was covered in the various secretions that had leaked from Jo’s pussy, but he said he would make do with a ‘wash and brush up’ in the wet-room for now. Jo kissed both the men passionately and thanked them for making the evening special for her, although not specifically voiced, she seemed to be saying “until the next time”.

Gary and Jo walked home with their arms round each other, agreeing they were too tired to make love again when they got there. Jo wanted him again first thing the following morning, however, and it seemed to Gary that Jo was just like she had been when they were first married.

One day the following week, when Gary was doing a large job remodelling part of a customer’s garden, he left his phone in his van as he did not want to be disturbed. He had forgotten that Jo would be at Stephen’s bungalow that morning to do his cleaning and, when he returned to the van towards the end of the afternoon, he found a series of texts from Jo. The first, timed at just after mid-day said “I want to fuck Stephen again …… please?” The second, timed at 12.30pm, said “I assume you have no signal, and you would not begrudge me anyway”. The third, timed at 3.10pm said “I’m bringing you something nice for your tea”.

So the change in their sex life was established, usually about once a week, Jo would fuck Stephen, Gary made love to her probably 5 times a week, and a couple of times a month, she took both of them to bed to give her all the passion she wanted. Privately, Jo would admit it was more sex than a lady of her age should need, but when she had two passionate men lusting after her, she didn’t feel she could refuse them.