Written by Carole

13 Mar 2012

When John’s brother Dave came to stay with us for a weekend after his marriage broke up he put on a brave face, but has times when he was very sad.

John asked me if I could give him a cuddle when these moods took him, to cheer him up a bit and to comfort him because he was missing his wife despite the fact that she had been a real cow from the time they married. He also said another time that Dave had told him that he had not had sex for months.

So when Dave sat on the settee that evening with our last can of beer & looking sorrowful I sat next to him and put my arm around him. He leaned towards me and rested his head on my shoulder.

After a short while John said that he was off to get a takeout from the pub, and did anyone want to come? Dave said “no thanks, I’ll just sit quietly” so I said I’d stay with Dave to keep him company. John took the dog so I knew that he would be gone for a while as the dog likes to have a drink at the pub and be fussed by the regulars.

No sooner had he left than Dave’s hand went to my boob. I didn’t stop him as I had already thought how I could cheer him and had taken my bra off earlier. So when he started playing with my tit and then slid his hand under my blouse to get the feel of naked flesh and hard nipple I put my hand on the bulge that had developed in his trousers. Very quickly he had undone my buttons and was suckling on me. I love that! Meanwhile I had found his zip and managed to slide it down and extract his cock. It was about the same size as John’s but uncircumcised.

I lay there, enjoying my boobs being sucked and fondled, wanking his cock, then he went for my snatch. He moved my knickers aside and easily slid his fingers into my soaking slit. We moved, I slipped off by blouse then skirt and pants while he undressed. I lay on the settee and he knelt in front of me with the tip of his knob pushing against my cunt. We both pushed towards each other at the same time and he slipped into me up to the hilt. I hugged him to me and he started pumping, but before I could come – in fact, almost as soon as he started the action, I felt him stiffen and he unloaded a great stream of spunk into me.

He was so apologetic! I told him that I didn’t mind at all, as we had the whole weekend for him to make up for it and in any case it wasn’t surprising if he had been without for so long. He also apologised for not using protection, but I told him not to worry as John and I had been trying for a baby for a couple of years but I did not seem capable of conceiving.

We lay there and he played with my clit, very soon I came, then I took his prick in my mouth and brought it back to full erection. This time he lasted much longer, enough for me to come a couple more times before he shot his load again while taking me doggy fashion. After this we cleaned up and got dressed, then John came back with the beer and we spent the evening chatting and watching TV.

As we went to bed that night John said how pleased he was that my company had done such a good job of cheering up his brother. I thought to myself “Yes, and there’s the rest of the weekend to carry on the good work.”