Written by Carole

4 Apr 2012

This is the continuing story of how I spent a weekend under orders from my husband John to cheer up his brother Dave who was very down after a messy divorce. I had followed instructions and had a lot of personal satisfaction as a result.

On Sunday morning John awoke, none the worse for his drinking the day before, and spent twenty minutes or so servicing me. He was rampant, bringing me to orgasm twice, moving from missionary to doggy to me on top to finish us both off together and fill me with his spunk. Then he washed, dressed and breakfasted, and left to play in a golf tournament for his work’s team. It was not something that he could put off, considering that the MD, finance director and senior buyer made up the rest of the team, and he was ambitious to progress in the company. He said that it would take until late in the afternoon, and he would call when he was leaving the links which were an hour’s drive away. I told him that I would have a soak in the bath and then find something for Dave and I to do that would help lift Dave’s spirits some more. He suggested taking him to Studland beach where he could get a good eyeful of naked women. I didn’t tell him that I would not need to do that for him to see as much as he wanted of one particular naked woman!

Dave was still in bed when I saw John off. I went upstairs and ran a nice hot bath, added some scented oils and slid in. I was still aroused from the fuck I had just been given. The MP3 was playing gently. I laid back and relaxed with a warm flannel over my eyes. My mind drifted over the lascivious events of the last two days. Not love, not really affection. Just pure animal lust. I was a bitch on heat, and Dave’s situation gave me the perfect excuse for the release of my desires. That my husband was also seeing to me as well was the icing on the cake. I recalled the thrusting of tongues and pricks and tits, the groping and sucking, and especially the cumming. I had begun my path to personal satisfaction. I still loved John and wanted to be with him, but now I had tasted what more could be available to me when I needed it. It didn’t have to only Dave, either. This weekend I was in a state where I would have given myself to any man that asked.

Whilst in my reverie I gently fingered my clit to another strong orgasm. I heard nothing but as came down from my high I suddenly felt the sponge washing my arms and torso. Dave’s voice said “That was very, very sexy.” I lay there a little embarrassed – I had never let anyone see me do that before – enjoying the sensations as my breasts, stomach and groin were given attention by his now bare hands.

Dave stopped what he was doing, took my knees, moved them up and my legs apart, and slipped into the other end of the bath. I removed the flannel and we lay there looking at each other’s bodies. I saw a fit man in his early thirties, muscular without being over-muscled, slight hair on his chest and with a nice tool currently in the half-lob floating in the water. A slightly older version of my husband in fact, but with one big difference – his foreskin was intact, John’s has been removed. That difference made the sensations when the two were fucking me feel a little different, and I still could not decide which I preferred. So I was happy to have both. Dave saw a brunette, not bad-looking I like to think, slim but not skinny with 36D boobs, fairly large nipples and dense light brown pubic hair. After a minute his prick swelled. He slid his groin close to mine and the tip of his knob nudged inside me.

We tried to position ourselves for full penetration but it was not comfortable with the hard sides of the bath pressing in to us. A sort of scissors lock worked fairly well but it was hard work. After a couple of minutes of this I broke off, moved, and rested flat on top of him with my breasts wrapped around his cheeks. I slid back down him and felt his rigid cock nudge my crack. With just a little wriggling of my hips it found my love-hole again, I slipped down a little more and he was buried deep inside me once more. We stayed like this for a while, both of us still except that I was milking him with my cunt-muscles. I started to move up and down but his cock was hitting the back wall of my vagina and not really doing enough for me. So I turned around and lay on my back on top of him. Now it was not so easy to get his manhood back inside me, but by sitting up for a moment and guiding him in we were at it again. I lay back on him, and now the tip of his knob was rubbing my sensitive spot and I soon came. I had two more quick comes, but the position meant that his glans was continually rubbing against me so he soon lost control and came in me yet again. I stayed where I was until his cock deflated and flopped out, along with a good dollop of cum – which prompted us to get out of the bath.

After towelling each other dry we went back to his bed and lay there recovering. He rested his head between my boobs and sucked a nipple, rubbing my pudenda with one hand. I was idly wanking his now flaccid cock. But before long it was no longer flaccid, so I took him in my mouth and sucked him deeply but stopped before he once again ejaculated. I asked him if he would like to shave me before we went to the beach, and could I shave him too? He liked this idea so we went back to the bathroom. With a new disposable razor and some of John’s shaving foam he gently removed all of my hair from the front and then went to work between my legs. Of course he had to move his fingers inside me to hold the flesh taught for the razor, and by the time he’d finished I had come again. I rinsed off and looked in the mirror. Now, instead of my dense mat of hairs I could see about an inch of my slit. Wow, it looked sexy! I then shaved Dave, being very careful to move his cock and balls to ensure a clean finish, rinsed his now erect prick and took it back into my mouth to finish what I had started earlier. He soon came. This time I had no hesitation in savouring it, appreciation the salty taste and strange texture, and then swallowing it down. Then we were sated for the time being.

(Incidentally, after this weekend John was very pleasantly surprised to find that I was willing to give him a full blow-job and swallow his spunk, something I’d refused to do before. Although I worked up to it over a few sessions so that he would not associate it with this weekend.)

It was time to get up and out. I packed water and some snacks, sun oil and towel. It was a good day for the beach but we finally made our way through the traffic at Corfe Castle and parked on the road near the footpath through the nature reserve to the nudist section of the beach. I’d worn my light summer dress again, tiny knickers and no bra. My areolas were quite clearly visible and my full breasts swayed and moved under the thin material. Dave wore John’s shorts and sandals with a T-shirt. Half-way down the path I had removed the dress and Dave walked with me, holding a naked breast. Once through to the dunes I stripped and after some persuasion Dave did the same. I got appreciative stares from a lot of the men, and Dave’s equipment got admiring looks from the other men who were not at all interested in me.

We went to the beach and found a spot just out of the breeze in the dunes nearest the sea.....