Written by Voyager3

11 May 2014

We are playing the game we always play. Cat and mouse, hunter and hunted. Knowing it drives you wild enjoying how excited it makes you.

I've been watching you for minutes as you have entered the cave. studying your body, the curves of your breasts in your pink top, your lovely round bum. Seeing you looking around curiously. My thoughts getting darker and more focused as I trace my eyes down the gentle line of your neck. Look at your soft gentle expression, imagine it twisted with raw passion. Remembering the times I’ve seen it.

My hands clench and unclench my nipples hard from the coolness in the cave. My muscles taunt and I feel the animal growing as I study my prey. I imagine tasting your lips and body and I feel my cock thickening between my leg. Each passing second making me more aware of it’s hard insistent presence


I see your eyes catch mine. The single flicker as I see you looking at my body and a brief flash of the thoughts you bury within. In that moment I know I'm going to reach deep inside you and drag them to the surface

I see you turn to run and give chase.The gap closes quickly my body reaching to grab yours.I grab your shoulder and here you shriek with excitement as I pull you back. My arm circles you and is on your breast before you can struggle. My hot breath is on your neck as I hold you very still my other hand goes to your neck and strokes it. "Not fast enough" I whisper in your ear as my fingers momentarily pinch your puckering nipple.

I lick across your neck as you stand still, my hardness pressed between your legs which I feel opening. My two hands go to your collar and swiftly unbuttoned exposes your breasts to the chill of the wall. "You're going to get fucked my girl" I say as I massage your shoulders, feeling your will power melting away.

I spin you in my arms so you face me. I study that look of shock and longing in your eyes as I brush your cheek. One hand on your hip. I lean in for the first kiss. Lingering, feeling the heat between us. I place a heavy hand between your legs and push up , enjoying the power of holding your hot sex within my hand . feeling the hunger of your kisses......knowing soon how good it will feel to invade your very core.

I feel the tension leaving you, pushing you back against the cave wall. Kissing down your neck , my warm mouth engulfing your swollen teat. Hidden proof of the want in this stricken good girl. Listening to the start of the quiet moans as my tongue slickens and plays with your nipple.

My hands holding your waist firm as I feel your hands stroking my shoulders. Their motion erratic as your head swims with waves caused by the motion of my mouth.

Faintly aware of my hand unbuttoning your jeans , and feeling them slide down your legs. Cool air on your knickers taunt across your mound. A thin layer preventing you from total exposure.

An exposure that thrills you and shocks you with the thought of such a bold act.

My cock juts forward. You can feel it brushing your sensitive thighs, causing deep twitches deep within you. A hunger to be filled, which grows as my mouth methodically continues to suck and lick.

My fingers playing with the hem of your knickers, twisting them and pulling.

You hear voices , tourists looking at the caves. My hand clamps over your mouth as you feel your knickers sliding and my fingers opening your sopping pussy. I tut softly under my breath as your secret is exposed, your body revealing you as the cock hungry pleasure seeker you are. "Naughty naughty" I whisper and then lick your ear.

Hand still across your mouth as I feel you tense as my hand massages your own dripping cave. Twisting and pulling so the walls tighten. Mouth sucking and licking across your pale skin.

The noise of chatter reaches your ears as people pass close by unaware of the erotic tableau metres away. But they seem like shadows as your body burns and smoulders and fires build as your assailant continues to take your body. Inch by tingling inch , total control of you.

Slow firm pulses pushing you higher and higher. The naughty thrill of still having your knickers on and the growls escaping from me as your hands casually flick my nipples. Making my eyesburning into yours.

Suddenly my hand is gone from you, leaving you spinning and empty. I twirl you in my arms and you are bent into space, legs pulled apart , knickers pulled down. And something harder and bigger then any fingers is suddenly teasing at your wet warm lips. Slowly opening your core. You feel yourself dragged backwards.

No argument no choice but to feel the heat as you slowly feel yourself open an engulf my cock. Heavy , hot and hard running across your tingling wall.

My hands gripping your upper arms, breasts swinging in space. I feel your warm juices running down my thighs. Gone is that curious good girl. Left behind is this panting,moaning , hungry , sweating slut.......my slut who knows exactly how to control my cock.

Make my balls tighten and tingle as I kneed and massage your buttocks , pulling them apart slightly as you push yourself onto my hard thighs.

Feeling the change of tone in my breathing. The tightness in my body. Hardening deep within you that grows with each hard thrust, quickening.

Something's going to happen...

Moaning increasing , slamming hard against me. The restraints switching off in my mind as I start to hear the roar. Deafening as I reach the point of no return. You can feel what's coming and I feel your cunt suddenly flow with moisture. Wetter than before in a way I thought not possible.

And that confirmation of your need is the last crack that breaks the dam. My body jerks as I start to cum. The first spurt twitches me inside you as you feel sudden heat. My body so tense, noises wrenched from my mouth. Adding to your moans as the second pulse enters your body.

I weaken holding you as I thrust again and again our bodies joined and mixing. I kiss your neck as I hold you firm, heart pounding, bodies tingling .