Written by cd dreamer

12 Apr 2017

haven't written since last year,just to recap am now 71,still love to crossdress and still shop in chariy shops a lot.Have become a regular at a local charity shop and got friendly with a guy who works there,he is called David aged about 60,he is over weight with a large beer belly,i am skinny.was in the shop last week and bought a really lovely pair of black patent ankle boots,platform soles and 4in chunky heels.whilst paying for them David said,i bet they will look nice,love to see you wearing them.,can I see you dressed up he asked,i know you must dress he smiled,ive seen you buy lots in here.I blushed,but said yes,I wanted to be seen,so invited him to visit me at my flat later.I went home feeling really excited but also apprehensive.I got dressed up ,red panties,then black holdups,a red silky calf length hobble skirt,put on black silky see through blouse,no bra,a wide pvc belt around my waist,put on my new patent ankle boots.Next my full makeup including false eyelashes,lovely red lipstick,mmm gorgeous,I waited for David to arrive,little did I know that tonight I was going to have sex with a guy,my first time.let you know.