Written by cheeky-charmer

8 Jul 2013

You wake up still naked with the taste of cum in your mouth. Your recognize the taste of mine and yours, but can't place the other taste. As your mind clears you remember the events that unfolded just a few hours ago. You get up and look around the house only to discover we are alone. As you get back into my bedroom you see that I am still asleep and give me a kiss on the cheek. It is then you notice the ropes are still around the bed. You see me softly breathing and know it will take a lot of work to make me conscious. It's then you come up with a plan for revenge!

Gently you tie my hands to the corners of the bed. I am still out cold, hardly stirring as you tied me up. Very carefully you lift your leg over my head and lower your pussy, leaving it a few inches above my face. This alone is starting to get you wet, and with a slight twitch of my penis you know my unconscious body obviously recognizes your sent. Slowly you lean forward, gently your tits graze against my abbs. You lower your head further until you are only an inch above your target. Lightly you blow on the tip, making my cock twitch again. Lightly you plant a kiss on the base of my cock. This is too much contact and I begin to stir. Before I manage to open my eyes I try to raise my hand to rub my eyes, only to find it unable to move. This sudden realization startles me awake. At that very instant you take my semi hard dick all the way into your mouth. This makes me gasp and then I notice a sweet tight pussy slightly gaping at me and instantly recognize it. Now the situation makes sense I lean my head forward and instantly attach my lips to your clit. This new, unexpected, sensation causes you to moan on my rock hard cock. You quickly bob your head up and down on my member as I continue sucking and licking your clit. My nose now in your pussy can smell and feel your arousal. I can tell you are getting close, as am I. But before either of us can reach out relief you raise up leaving my dick standing straight up.

You slowly run your soaking cunt down my chest, and over my abbs, leaving a wett trail as you go. Still facing away from me you raise you body and grab my cock, holding it straight up. In one swift motion you impale yourself on my hard dick, creating a load gasp from both of us. Grabbing hold of my ankles you begin rocking vigorously on me. In no time you are shaking through a hard orgasm. As you come down for the high you just used my body to achieve you begin raising and dropping you hips on my cock. This gives me a beautiful view of my entering and leaving your stretched cunt. I can also see your puckering asshole with each bounce. I tell you I'm about to cum but you continue said you didn't hear me. In no time I am squirting stream after stream of hot cum into your wanton pussy.

After a few seconds you raise your hips and move back dripping a mixture of both our juices on my abbs and chest.

Once you feel the last of your cum leave you, you lift your leg off of me. You plant a deep kiss on my lips, but as soon as I lean into it you move of my lips. Slowly you lower your head to my chest. Once you reach your target you begin licking up all the cum you can find. You begin making your way down my body.

Eventually you reach my flaccid cock. I can't help but squirm as you use your mouth to clean it.

Once your finished your meal you look up at me smiling. I tell you how amazing that was and ask I you can untie me now. You just smile at me and reply that your not done with me yet. It's only then I notice your fingers buried in your cunt.